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Random House Press Release


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    All About Us Kids expands outreach to brighten the day of children suffering from illness

PHOENIX (July 17, 2009) All About Us Kids, a local nonprofit organization, has expanded their services

    to Arizona Children’s Center, a hospital within a hospital, at Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix.

    Volunteers will visit pediatric patients receiving various levels of treatment in their pediatric and burn and

    trauma units by offering manicures and makeovers, providing books, games, and toys to children in need

    of an emotional lift. All About Us Kids promotes the outer well-being of children through pampering and


All About Us Kids volunteers visit the most critically ill children. For many, chemotherapy, radiation

    treatments and continual pain affect the appearance and energy of patients resulting in hair and weight

    loss, fatigue and overall discomfort. Volunteers use a special botanical lotion to give moisture to dry skin.

    They also apply makeup, offer manicures, and bring toys, books, signature hats and t-shirts for the

    children to enjoy. A relaxing facial or makeover is also offered to the mother or caregiver who often

    remains solely at the bedside for the majority of the child’s stay.

“Our goal is to pamper these children and their caregivers and temporarily distract them from the pain and

    discomfort they feel,” said Barbara MacLean, founder, All About Us Kids. “We want the children to smile

    and forget for a moment that they are in a hospital bed.”

Maricopa Medical Center is the third Valley hospital staffed with All About Us Kids volunteers.

    Lori Lesueur, Child Life Specialist at the Arizona Children’s Center at Maricopa Medical Center notes, “We are very pleased to be working with the All About Us Kids Program which will bring additional smiles to our youngest patients by making their days brighter with this unique support program. We also know

    that moms and caregivers of pediatric patients will greatly appreciate the added pick-me-up they will

    receive through All About Us Kid’s services. The program is a special addition for us and we are happy to have them onboard!

    Other hospitals benefiting from All About Us Kids are Phoenix Children’s Hospital and St. Joseph’s Children’s Health Center. The organization plans to grow to several other pediatric units and children’s

    hospitals in the Valley and throughout the country.

All About Us Kids

    All About Us Kids reaches out to critically ill and injured children in hospitals, clinics, care facilities, or in

    the privacy and comfort of a home environment. We believe that when we look better we feel better, and

    when we feel better the healing process begins. All About Us Kids provides complimentary facials,


    All About Us Kids Expands to Arizona Children’s Center_2

makeovers, manicures, books, toys, games, hats and t-shirts to children of all ages battling an illness or

    injury. The 501c3 nonprofit organization was founded by Barbara MacLean in loving memory of her sister

    Charlotte Mae McCracken who lost her battle to breast cancer in 2001. For more information about All

    About Us Kids, visit or call (480) 443-1344.

About MIHS:

    Maricopa Integrated Health System is headquartered in the heart of Phoenix. The cornerstone of the

    system is Maricopa Medical Center (MMC), a major teaching hospital with a history dating back more

    than 100 years. Best known for its critical care services, the hospital offers Level One trauma and

    intensive care for adults, babies and children. Two in-patient psychiatric care centers with nearly 200

    beds provide services in behavioral medicine. MIHS is also home to the nation’s second largest burn

    treatment facility, the Arizona Burn Center and the Arizona Children’s Center at Maricopa Medical Center.


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