Oregon Scientific Platinum Beauty Roller

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Oregon Scientific Platinum Beauty Roller

    Oregon Scientific Platinum Beauty Roller

    For that Young & Glamorous Look

Facelift in 10 minutes, Rejuvenate your skin contour every day

    Originated from Japan, the Platinum Beauty Roller is a popular facial massage tool comprises two rollers

    made of Platinum and Ceramic Alloy that allow you to give your face skin a lift any time. The platinum roller

    with “Badgastein” mineral, when used in a unique massage sequence rejuvenates and tightens the inner

    layers of your skin. The coolant roller massages and smoothen the skins outer layers. The Platinum Beauty Roller is elegantly designed, light and easy to carry. No batteries are required. Add facial

    massage to your daily routine for that young and radiant look!

    The Best Facial Exercise - Dual rhythmic massage strokes” The all-new Platinum Beauty Roller offers a unique rhythmic massage strokes. The rolling action resembles

    fingers tapping gently and rhythmically on your face the most ideal way to massage and contour your face. In addition, the force is spread evenly across your face and neck in a constant rolling motion. It stimulates lymph

    flow, encourages blood circulation and discharges excess water and waste for a firmer, smoother and

    younger-looking skin!

? The flexible shaft design prevents too much pressure on your face.

Situations to Use

    After cleansing in the morning During work breaks Before going out

    Before or after makeup Before Bed

Dual action facial treatment

    Step 1 Platinum Roller

    ? Badgastein” mineral i.) The rhythmic massage technique resembles

    fingers playing on a piano, stimulates the inner layers

    of the skin

    ii.) The platinum in the metallic wiring and the rolling

    action generates negative ion effects that benefit the

    human body.

    The platinum roller helps boost your metabolism,

    promote blood circulation and lymph flow, improving

    skin elasticity, enhancing facial contours, reducing

    puffiness and preventing sagging skin.

Step 2 - Coolant Roller

    ? Aluminum Ceramic Alloy

    Once revitalization of the inner skin layer is completed, use the coolant roller to gently smooth the skin. The

    rolling action cools and relaxes skin cells, tightens facial muscles, refines and irons out wrinkles, rejuvenates

    and makes the skin look more radiant.

    Roll our a Younger You


    Step 1: Use the platinum roller to enhance the face and neck contours

    Step 2: Use the coolant roller to relax muscles and smooth wrinkles of your face and neck

* Total massage time should not exceed 10 minutes

Helpful Tips

     Use daily for quicker refinement results

     Massage for 5-minutes before bed to achieve the best results

     Apply water-soluble skin care products before and after the massage to maximize absorption

     If you wear contact lens, please take them off before massage.

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