Young People Strategic Review Project Team Meeting

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A copy of the draft SWOT analysis, giving information about services'Additions and amendments were noted and the amended SWOT Analysis would be

    Homelessness Strategic Review Project Team Meeting th16 April 2008, WHABAC


    Sarah Rothwell, Supporting People (Chair) Chris Ashcroft, St Paul’s Hostel

    Michelle Coates, Stonham HA Matthew Bough, Redditch Borough Council Louise Dawson, West Mercia Probation Service Kate Gallant, Rooftop

    Bernard Kelly, Worcester YMCA Claire Garner, Bromsgrove District Housing Trust Sue Leach, Maggs Day Centre Melissa Kelly, Bromsgrove District Housing Trust Kate Leaning, Bromsgrove District Housing Trust Martin Leader, WCC Mental Health

    Claire Lomas, Stonham HA

    Owen Raybould, Worcester City Council

    Kate Rowbury, WCC SMAT Team

    Martyn Saunders, WHABAC

    Agenda Item Action By Welcome Sarah welcomed everyone to the meeting and introductions were made around the table. Sarah gave a brief summary of progress over the last 12 months with the aim to complete the review and report with recommendations by Summer 2008. Minutes of previous meetings ththThe minutes of the meetings held 12 February and 13 March 2008 had been circulated. Sarah led the Team through the actions identified in the March minutes.

    Update on Actions Brief Probation Management Louise Louise Dawson leading on work to produce an offender specific ‘housing & support good practice on strategic review findings & Dawson guide’. Louise to brief Probation management regarding findings of strategic review and best likely recommendations practice visit and likely review recommendations (e.g. Offender protocol). This will include setting up offender task group to take recommendations forward.

    Housing & Substance Misuse Consultation notes circulated Contact WCC data protection Sarah Sarah had raised the issues re choice based lettings with the CBL Team as requested team re sharing info Rothwell Sarah would contact Worcester agencies re issue with Avon/Teme Roads once ok with WCC data Once resolved contact

    protection team (i.e. checking what level of detail/personal info can be shared) agencies re Avon & Teme

    English not spoken as a first language Mandarin was identified as a potential need. Rds

    The ‘Young People Strategic Review Update’ report had been circulated to the Project Team.



Task Groups 1. Backpacks further positive ideas for inclusion were suggested: e.g. to provide personal waste disposal bags (like nappy bags), information pack including an accommodation list, doctors’ Kate Leaning surgeries, etc, telephone pre-payment cards, toilet rolls, ladies’ toiletries, backpack refills, Advise Sue with the waterproof cover for sleeping bags. Ian Oxerton (Bromsgrove) had ideas for sourcing goods. name/details of the Each backpack would be made up individually with items chosen from a list by the client. The waterproof cover. cost of the pack would be capped. The list would be run past rough sleepers and a business Sue Leach case drawn up to include estimates and an exit strategy for when the Supporting People grant Produce business case for had been spent, ie. sponsorship. Sarah Rothwell

    Draft elegibility criteria Martyn 2. Home Starter Grants Martyn Saunders/Chris Ashcroft had met and agreed a list of items,

     Saunders & which would be flexible and take cultural needs into account. They would draft up an eligibility

     Chris Ashcroft criteria concentrating on Worcester City before rolling out across the county. 3. Promoting Positive Participation Bernard Kelly said one person was being employed to look Advise Sarah of any WCC Bernard Kelly

    at existing leisure activities in Worcester City, including Olympic involvement & aspirations, facilities that give discounts.

    before rolling out across the county. Looking for other sources of income to enable groups of people interested in a particular activity to run their own projects, also looking for organisations that would donate sports kit to enable people to participate in sport activities. Submission of business case 4. Catering In Sauce - Chris Ashcroft (absent) had recruited a catering person and been in Chris Ashcroft contact with the College re health and safety courses for food preparation; he had also contacted Top Barn for fruit and vegetable supplies and Worcester City Council re working on allotments. Report back to Project Team Kate Substance Misuse Model/Eligibility Sarah Rothwell & Kate Rowberry meeting with CDT & Rowberry Turning Point to discuss the advantages/disadvantages of mixing clients in treatment with those continuing to use chaotically or not in treatment. The finding of Cardiff & Kings Cross models was not to mix the four types of substance misuse clients. The more chaotic people were accommodated in a separate hostel and there was also an abstinence model. Once model agreed as Kate A discussion took place on the importance of providing accommodation for people on substance above, set up meeting with Rowberry & misuse programmes to prevent failure, making accommodation more specific to the four levels of CHOG+ and subsequently Sarah substance misuse and look at acquiring further properties. Once eligibility & model agreed meet with HA & LA Rothwell with Housing Associations to discuss the direct match/allocation of properties for people who have completed treatment or stabilised their substance misuse (i.e. very clear eligibility for this end of the model with minimised risk). References would be provided by current landlord and support provider regarding conduct of tenancy & reassurance of floating support package if still required by service user. The same applies for the SM rent deposit guarantees.



    Further discussion took place around remodelling existing properties, talking to clients about their Discuss final report at the Project Team long-term needs, providing properties for people to move back into their previous areas, providing next meeting. emergency accommodation. Sarah said the content of the final report would be discussed at the next meeting.

    Housing Corporation Bid The Housing Corporation not supportive of bids for shared housing & licences, so further bid to be Claire to report back to group Claire Lomas submitted including self contained units & smaller groups of properties. Funds from Iris House once bid re-submitted & would provide 18 beds, ten of which would be ring-fenced for Worcester City. Claire was talking to outcome known Spa about dispersed units in Droitwich.

    Rent deposit scheme for offenders Looking at housing and support options and clarity on eligibility for services (more in line with Devise model similar to SM Louise Probation risk assessment & targets). Sarah Rothwell and Louise Dawson would develop this Housing & Support model Dawson & further & consult with management at Probation. Sarah

     Rothwell Nottingham Visit Contact Chris Ashcroft for the date in May and if interested in attending. Martyn Saunders Contact Chris Ashcroft for Project Team expressed interest in attending. date & if interested in


    Types of Housing and Support Analysis - SWOT A copy of the draft SWOT analysis, giving information about services’ strengths, weaknesses/gaps, Circulate amended SWOT Jenny Purser opportunities for development (i.e. to narrow the gaps) and threats to current or proposed services, analysis to the Project Team. was circulated and discussed as far as the ‘Life Skills Training, Peer Mentoring & Tenancy Training item. Additions and amendments were noted and the amended SWOT Analysis would be circulated Read through remaining Project Team to Project Team members. Sarah asked the Project Team to read the remaining items so that they items for the May meeting could be discussed at the May meeting. Add to agenda.

    Actions Sue Leach to talk to Nial, WCH about WCH involvement in utilise unwanted goods when people Contact Nial, WCH Sue Leach vacate their properties. This would involve paying for storage being able to deliver at short notice and linking up with the ‘Armchair Project’ for delivery and storage. Look at storage and driver capacity (Armchair). Also to discuss PAT testing needed for white goods and cooker installation could link into a Housing

    Learning Power Award - Bernard to contact Claire and set up a meeting to discuss future and how to Set up meeting Bernard Kelly ensure it is a sustainable project.



Pre tenancy training can ‘Broadway’ model be used for non-priority clients and in prisons. Contact ‘Broadway’ Owen Raybould Louise to check what pre-tenancy training is available in prisons Contact resettlement team in Louise prisons in Worcestershire Dawson Date of next meeting

    thTuesday 20 May 2008, 9.45am 11.45am, WHABAC, Lowesmoor, Worcester



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