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    Extension of the Doppler effect

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    We all do in life, common sense, when a whistle around your car when you will feel the sound will be very large, when it away from you, the sound will gradually weaken, in fact,the essence of this phenomenon is' more Doppler effect ', as we learned in the classroomthe same, the frequency of the sound source and the receiver will be as close to or away from the enhanced or reduced.

     Doppler effect is the relative motion wave source and the observer, the observer receivesthe frequency and wave frequency emitted wave source is not the same phenomenon. As long as there will be a fluctuation

    characteristics of this phenomenon. So I guess the lightas a wave also has a Doppler effect. This is just my own guess, in order to further identify, I find the relevant information in the Internet prove the existence of light and the Doppler effect. In reality, red shift and blue shift is reflected in the light of the Doppler effect, although the fast propagation of light, far more than we know the sound, and slow wave propagation velocity, but its essence is to change both the recipient the receive frequency. But as weknow, in high-speed movement we can not use a formula to describe the classical mechanics, special relativity, we need to add a long time to show effect. These equationsdescribe the observed frequency difference between the full and the requirements ofLorentz symmetry with the theory of relativity. \

    Doppler effect of light now in the industry, and aerospace industry has a pivotal role, as thebinary detection, maser radiation, the frequency shift mechanism, the laser Dopplervelocity measurements, Doppler radar, radar guns, etc. and so on. And the direct light of the Doppler effect can be proved that the universe is constantly expanding, the farther away from the planet directly, so that the frequency of light will be smaller, longerwavelength, and thus appear red. And can be directly observed Hubble redshift objects. In physics and astronomy, redshift (Redshift) is the object of the electromagnetic radiationwavelength increases for some reason the phenomenon, in the visible band, the performance of spectral lines toward the red end of the move for some distance, that is,longer wavelength, reduce the frequency. In contrast, shorter wavelength, higher frequency of the phenomenon is called blue shift. Redshift was initially found in the familiar visible light, with the various bands of the electromagnetic spectrum gradually in-depthunderstanding of any increase in the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation can be called a redshift. For the shorter wavelength γ-ray, X-ray and UV bands, longer wavelengthspectrum is

    indeed moving to the red, "red shift" is not naming the problem; and for longer-wavelength infrared, microwave and radio waves, etc. band, despite the increase is actually far from the red wavelength band, this phenomenon is

known as the "red shift."

    Short in the physical ocean, we always search for the footprints of their predecessorscontinue to move forward, the more the better they can find to explore the fun.

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