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    DATE SHEET FILLED OUT: 24 OCT 2008 District 5

    UNIT NAME: U.S. COAST GUARD YARD Personal Mailing Address: (YOUR NAME)

     U.S. Coast Guard Yard

     2401 Hawkins Point Road

    Baltimore, MD 21226-1797

    Commercial Phone #: (443) 250-9473 Fax: (410) 636-7785

    Web site:


Unit’s Mission(s): In continuous operation since 1899, the Coast Guard Yard has built,

    repaired and renovated ships for the U.S. Coast Guard for 109 years. We are the

    Service’s only shipbuilding and major repair facility and we are an essential part of the

    Coast Guard’s core logistics capability. The Yard’s current primary mission is the Mission Effectiveness Project (MEP), which is keeping the Coast Guard’s legacy fleet of

    110’, 210’ and 270’ cutters capable and reliable for the duration of their service lives. Without the benefit of a MEP, the legacy fleet would continue to operate with excessive

    engineering casualties and reduced operational mission hours. The Yard is also the

    host command for Sector Baltimore, the Surface Forces Logistics Center, CGC JAMES

    RANKIN, CGC SLEDGE, Station Curtis Bay, ANT Curtis Bay, ESD Baltimore and LSSU


    Typical SA/SN & FA/FN Job Assignment: Security/Police Officer or Watchstander at

    Columbus Recreation Center. Many non-rates become important members of the Color

    Guard, performing at military funerals, Baltimore Orioles and Ravens games, and other

    high profile events.

    Special procedures for reporting after hours: Check-in at Main Gate and ask for the


    How much personal storage space: Closet and dresser space inside each 2 or 3-

    person UPH room; limited storage capacity in passageways of UPH; MWR storage.

    Uniform normally worn during the workday: Operational Dress Uniform (ODU)

    Recommended uniform items in addition to seabag issue: None

    Average Temperature: Summer: 70-90’s Winter: 20-50’s

    Unit Mutual Assistance Representative / Phone #: Chief, Military Personnel Branch;

    (410) 636-4078.

What type of continuing education is available within immediate area? The Baltimore

    metropolitan area is rich with educational opportunities, offering fine community colleges

    (Anne Arundel County CC and Baltimore County CC in Essex and Catonsville) and

    nationally renowned universities such as Johns Hopkins, the University of Maryland,

    and the University of Baltimore, just to name a few.


Is messing available: Yes, the Yard has a superb Galley.

Quarters and/or barracks available: Yes, the Yard’s Fleet Hall offers 34 rooms with 76

    beds, includes state-of-the-art television lounges with satellite TV and 60-inch screens,

    and a recreation area with video games, ping pong, billiards, air hockey and shuffle


    Rate of auto insurance for the typical 18-20 year old:

    Single male: Approx. $300/mo.

    Single female: Approx. $275 /mo.

Is Unaccompanied Personnel Leased Housing available: No

Where will a single non-rate more than likely live: Onboard the unit in Unaccompanied

    Personnel Housing (UPH).

Should member submit Housing application to housing office: Yes, it’s a requirement.

Where do most people bank: The Baltimore metropolitan area is home to numerous

    banking institutions. Many military members bank through USAA (via Internet), local

    credit unions or large commercial banks.

Is there a credit union in the area: Yes. The Coast Guard Yard Credit Union is located

    just outside the Main Gate.

Is there a mall in the area: Yes, there are several malls within a short drive of the Yard.

    How many stores? Varies, depending on the mall, but the Baltimore metropolitan area

    offers an abundance of shopping opportunities.


Cost of average two bedroom apartment in the area: Approx. $800/mo w/o utilities

BAH rate for: E-2: $1,505 per mo w/ depns E-3: $1,505 per mo w/ depns

    $1,135 per mo w/o depns $1,135 per mo w/o depns

    What is the average wait for a two-bedroom house/apartment: 30 days or less

    Housing office phone number: (410) 576-2557/52/62; Fax: (410) 576-2559

    Where do most dependents receive medical care: Tricare Prime; member chooses primary care provider that accepts Tricare Prime.

What level of TRICARE is available in the area: Prime

Is DELTA Dental available: Yes

Is it advisable to bring dependents when first reporting aboard: It’s the member’s choice;

    temporary quarters are available for dependents (Guest Housing).

Ratings present at the unit: BM, DC, FS, GM, HS, MK, SK, YN

    Name of nearest city and distance: Baltimore, MD; downtown is approximately 8 miles from the Yard.

    Name of nearest military facility and distance: U.S. Army Fort George G. Meade; 25 miles.

    Location of nearest exchange and commissary: Small Coast Guard Exchange on base; no commissary on base; nearest commissary is on U.S. Army Fort George G. Meade, about 25 miles away.

    Religious denominations in the area: Most all denominations available in local area. A Protestant Chaplain is assigned to the Yard on a full-time basis.

Area of responsibility if not a cutter: The Coast Guard’s only major ship building and

    repair facility servicing cutters from Atlantic to Pacific. In addition, the Yard provides support services such as medical, administrative and MWR to visiting ships and tenant commands.

Uniform to report in: Service Dress Blue or Tropical Blue Long

    If sponsor is not available, member should ask for: Officer-Of-the-Day (443) 250-9473.

    Any other info a newly arriving apprentice needs to know: There is a USO facility available at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport and the average taxi fare to the Yard is $30.00.

    Job descriptions here at the Yard vary from working at the Columbus Recreation Center, where you help maintain a large facility that includes a full gymnasium, weight room, cardio area, outdoor pool, racquetball court and locker rooms. Additionally, the watch stander will manage a morale gear rental inventory, as well as collect funds for pool admissions on a seasonal basis in addition to resale items offered at the gym. The watch stander’s missions are vital to ensure this

    first-class health and fitness facility is readily available to provide eligible patrons with a means to keep physically fit and healthy, which ensures operational readiness standards remain high. Watch standers also provide logistical support in the set-up and breakdown of numerous types of ceremonies, which include changes of command, retirements, and special observances. The watch stander also helps manage a host of annual athletic tournaments, such as basketball, softball, tennis, Sports Day.

    Members assigned to the Security/Police Branch receive extensive training with attendance at resident courses held at either the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) or Aberdeen Proving Grounds Police Academy. The Yard Security/Police Force also undergoes rigorous Use of Force Training, including Pepper Spray qualification, as well as frequent visits to the Firing Range. The Yard Security/Police is comprised solely of active duty Coast Guard members who are responsible for the safety and security of the 113- acre industrial base that employs over 1,500 military and civilian personnel.

SEE ATTACHED HOUSING LETTER or contact Janet L. Bonds (410) 576-2562.

    2401 Hawkins Point Rd. Commanding Officer Baltimore, MD 21226-1797 United States Coast Guard Yard Staff Symbol: Phone: (410) 576-2562 Fax: (410) 576-2559



    From: J. L. BONDS Reply to C-11

    Local Housing Officer Attn of: Janet L. Bonds




    Ref: (a) CG Housing Manual, COMDTINST M11101.13(series)

1. Let us first congratulate you on your orders to the Baltimore Metropolitan area and outlying

    units. Once you’ve settled in, you should find this area has much to offer in every way. There

    are excellent schools for children, an abundance of entertainment and activities for any age group

    or lifestyle, a multitude of educational institutions for those pursuing higher learning, some of the

    nation’s best medical facilities, a culturally diverse population like nowhere else, and too many

    culinary and shopping delights to number. The purpose of this letter, however, is to inform you

    as thoroughly as possible regarding the current housing situation for those personnel assigned to

    units serviced by our Local Housing Office.

    2. As you may have heard, the Coast Guard is reducing its Leased Housing Program drastically,

    and the U.S. Congress has mandated that your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) be brought

    up to meet 89% of the average cost of housing. The remaining 11% is what is called “out-of-pocket” costs that the U.S. Congress has determined is the portion you are responsible for.

    Enclosure (1) identifies what your BAH will be upon your arrival to your new unit. Our office

    has compared these figures to the averages for a Coast Guard lease, and overall, the figures come

    very close to matching 89% of what we pay for rent and utilities on the leased housing we

    currently have under contract. What all this means is that there are less personnel eligible for

    Coast Guard Leased Housing than ever before. In our area, where we have no owned quarters, this mandate requires us to deny quarters to many of you who may have been eligible at their old


    3. If you are currently single and have orders to the Baltimore area, you MUST contact the

    Yard CMAA regardless of your pay grade to determine whether you will be mandatorily

    assigned to reside in the CG Yard Barracks. Do not commit yourself to a private lease

    agreement until you have received a release from assignment to the barracks. The CMAA can be

    reached at (410) 636-4166. Once released from the barracks, give us a call to have your name

    put on a referral list for single personnel looking for roommates, or email us at


    4. If you are married, but plan on coming to our area without your family, you should know that there is no military housing, barracks or otherwise, for voluntary geographic bachelors. You will

    have to bear the expense of finding a place to stay on the economy. We can, however, place

    your name in the referral program mentioned above for single personnel.

    5. If you are accompanied by your family to the Baltimore area, the likelihood of your being ineligible for leased quarters during your tour here is very high, so we at the Local Housing

    Office have prepared ourselves to assist you as much as we possibly can. The housing nearby at

    Fort George G. Meade in Odenton, MD, has been taken over by a private contractor (Picerne

    Military Housing, Inc.) who is remodeling the units and charging members the exact amount of

    BAH you receive for rent. They may have a waiting list, but you are eligible to reside in their

    quarters if you desire. They will not accept an application prior to your reporting in, so if you

    plan on living in their quarters, you should also plan on finding a temporary arrangement until

    your name comes up on their waiting list. It is also recommended that you preview the type of

    housing unit you would be assigned to before deciding to apply for their quarters. Their office

    can be reached at (410) 672-4570. We have also negotiated an Inter-Service Support Agreement

    (ISSA) with the Army at Aberdeen Proving Grounds to the northeast of us, and you are eligible

    to reside in their quarters if you don’t mind the commute. They can be reached at (410) 316-


    6. If you are being transferred to USCG Station St. Inigoes or ANT Potomac, we have negotiated an ISSA with Naval Air Station Patuxent River to allow our personnel to live in Navy

    Family Housing. They usually have a waiting list during the height of transfer season, so you

    should contact them in advance. They can be reached at (301) 342-3846.

    7. If you are being transferred to the USCG Station Annapolis or the new Boat Forces Washington, DC, you may want to take advantage of the ISSA existing with Andrews AFB

    Summerfield Housing. This ISSA is negotiated through the CG Headquarters Housing Office,

    but all Coast Guard personnel stationed within a 50-mile radius are authorized to live in these quarters. Their office can be reached at (301) 808-7300.

    8. Please ensure that if you are assigned quarters under any of the ISSAs described above, you must contact the applicable Coast Guard Housing Office to ensure your BAH is stopped and redirected to the host command to pay for your quarters. The quarters at Aberdeen Proving

    Grounds, Naval Air Station Patuxent River and Andrews AFB are monitored for payment by this


    9. In an effort to offer you as many alternatives as possible, we have expanded our “Set-Aside”

    program, in which certain apartment communities offer military personnel priority and certain

    discounts. We have adjusted our mission to proactively search for reputable lessors and “weed

    out” those who would not have your best interests in mind. We are very familiar with all

    neighborhoods and their pros/cons, and have developed relationships with local agencies and

    complexes that you may find very helpful in locating an affordable and acceptable place to live.

    Finally, another new service we are offering is our “Private Home Inspection Program”. We will

    make ourselves and/or our forms available to anyone who would like to have a thorough,

    documented walk-through of their new residence on the day they move in. In order to coordinate

    such an inspection, please contact our office as far in advance as possible so we can work you

    into our schedule.


10. Finally, to assist us in determining whether you are eligible for Coast Guard Housing and to

    assist us in placing and/or helping you, please complete enclosures (2) and (3). If you are not

    eligible for quarters, you will require a “release” from our office to receive your PCS Dislocation

    Allowance. We cannot provide that release to you without a completed Application for

    Government Housing (CG-5267). We understand that you may have many questions you would

    like to ask, or information you would like to have, so please don’t wait too long before

    contacting us. We can help you best if we know what you need before you arrive. We know how stressful moving can be and how important it is to have peace of mind. Our knowledge and

    experience in such a large metropolitan area can provide you with as much information as

    possible to make an educated decision in choosing your new residence. This will hopefully

    make your transfer to our area a positive move for you and your family. We can be reached at

    (410) 576-2562 or on email on the Coast Guard Intranet or at


Encl: (1) 2008 BAH Rates

    (2) Application For Assignment To Military Housing (CG-5267)

    (3) Housing Information Worksheet

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