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Implement a Best Practice framework for IT Services, ITSS Senior staff EMC, D.Trewenack, ECU/EMC Press release, Completion, February 2004, Planned

Knowledge & IT Service Centre

     IT Services Operational Plan 2005

    ? Develop appropriate measures; ? KPI's identified Establish measures of the Susan McLennan ? Develop systems for recording data collected; ? Costs of support identified. services (including costs) of Enhancing Teaching, Learning and Responsibility Milestones Measurement Target Status providing Teaching Computer Research Laboratory Support

    ? Meet with other faculties in addition to ? Regular meetings with faculties to Work in partnership with Susan McLennan Business to understand their needs and be established academic staff to ensure all issues; problems in teaching computers

    laboratories are reported and


    ECU Advantage Student Laptop Mark Ridge ? Laptops for Semester 1 rolled out ? Laptops for Semester 1 delivered Trial Sem 1 to students

    ? Support for laptops in place

    ? Collection of laptops at end of


    ECU Advantage A Sustainable Mark Ridge ? Work with Executive in defining the ? Support processes agreed Advantage sustainable advantage ? Roles and responsibilities agreed

    ? Define support process ? Software issues resolved

    ? Resolve software licensing issues

Engaging with the Professions and Responsibility Milestones Measurement Target Status Professional Life

    Implement a "Best Practice" ITSS Senior staff ? Ensure ITSS staff have ? ITIL Framework implemented On-going ? All ITSS staff attended framework for IT Services training/understanding in ITIL; throughout IT overview or attended

    ? Encourage other IT areas to participate; Foundations course;

    ? Provide the opportunity for an additional six ? Other managers have

    (min) to undertake the Service Management attended Foundations

    Foundations course and exam. course; Membership to appropriate Mark Ridge ? Help Desk Institute; On-going Professional bodies ? IT Service Management Foundation;

    ? ACS

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Knowledge & IT Service Centre

     IT Services Operational Plan 2005

Develop partnerships with key ITSS Management Team ? Leverage partnership for industry leaders to ? Presentations from partner suppliers ie. IBM, HP, organisations on new present and share knowledge with ITSS staff. Managesoft, Moncrieff etc.) technologies Building Partnerships, Pathways Responsibility Milestones Measurement Target Status and Precincts Investigate delivery of services by ITSS Management Team ? Identify what services could be provided by ? Use of students for support students students (ie Student Help Desk, Laptop

    programme, student orientation)

    Investigate Shared Services - On-going ? Utilise appropriate CAUDIT licensing ? Best value purchasing of Joint negotiation for products and agreements; technology and services. services

    Improving Outcomes for Students Responsibility Milestones Measurement Target Status and Staff

    Plan for Apple Mac SOE MKIII Mark Ridge ? Identify Rollout Team and Responsibilities ? Team Established Rollout ? Work with Faculties to establish Customer ? Customer Working Party

    Working Party Established

    ? Plan Rollout ? Rollout plan in place and

    ? Place Orders communicated

    ? Orders placed for delivery in 2006

    Provide Services catalog for Susan McLennan ? Service details collected; ? Service Catalog published students

    Provide Services catalog for staff Yvonne Wallwork ? Service details collected; ? Service Catalog published

    ? Develop appropriate measures; ? Publish data. Establish measures of the usage Susan McLennan ? Collect data and its profiles in the Megalabs

    ? Work with relevant departments to coordinate ? Student orientation schedules Investigate setting up an Susan McLennan orientation; scheduled orientation for students

    Investigate setting up an Yvonne Wallwork ? Work with relevant departments (PDC) to ? Successful staff orientations; orientation for staff coordinate orientation;

    Develop seamless IT Service IT Managers ? Change Help Desk name to Service Desk;

    ? Ensure all IT service requests are logged

    through Service Desk;

    ? Work with other IT groups to resolve issues at

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    Knowledge & IT Service Centre

     IT Services Operational Plan 2005


    ? Remote support for staff computers;

    ? Develop OLA's with ITI, IDS and IS;

    ? Re-initiate Senior IT staff meetings

    Extending support hours Mark Ridge ? Apply for budget ? Funding provided

    ? Align the Megalab support hours

    to the same as the Library Investigate IT Media Services Mark Ridge ? Work with other managers (ITI and KAS) to

    integrated services evaluate options;

    Help Desk System Mark Ridge/Ven Boujos/ David Service Requests, Incident ? Implementation of Change Management ? Complete installation of Help Sizer Management and Problem Desk system modules ? Implementation of Configuration Management management modules Installed ? Implementation of Web Based incident


    Enhance Service Level Mark Ridge Newly drafted SLA's developed ? Work with the other IT Managers to refine ? Bi-annual meetings with Agreements SLA's relating to Service Centres and Faculties/Centres

    corporate applications

    ? Seek funding for IT Liaisons

    ? Set timelines for SLA review

    ? Align staff profiles with services provided to ? Review staff rotation ITSS staff/resource allocation ITSS Managers customers ? Move of all ITSS staff from 2005 and beyond ? Review staff numbers per campus for Churchlands campus;

    projected student/staff numbers for 2005 ? Greater use and understanding of onwards Managesoft environment by CSO

    staff; ? Review the impact of “ManageSoft” to the staff

    desktop, are our resources where they need to ? Transition of Coordinator roles to be(do we have the right skilled people) align with processes;

    ? Review work-load shifts for coordinators

    Strengthening Enterprise and Responsibility Milestones Measurement Target Status Resource Base

    Be involved in the design of the Mark Ridge/Sue McLennan ? Signed-off design of new buildig new Resources Building at JO

    and in particular the Megalab

    IT Documentation ITSS Managers ? Ensure an appropriate level of documentation

    is available for all ITSS staff;

    ? Strategies to keep documentation up-to-date;

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Knowledge & IT Service Centre

     IT Services Operational Plan 2005

Enhancing Teaching, Responsibility Milestones Measurement Target Status Comments Learning and Research

    Multimedia Projector ? Existing locations at ML, ? Faculty satisfaction with Charlie King ? Faculty sign-off. ? Mount Lawley complete; ? This project needs to be documented and closed. Installations JO and CH (upgrade); new multimedia ? Churchlands complete. ? The Media Services Brief needs to be completed urgently. and hardware; ? Building 8A (JO) ? New locations complete; (CampusWest JO, ? Stagehouse II (ML) Stagehouse II ML, complete; Building 8 JO). ? CampusWest (Building 2) complete;

    ? CampusWest (Building 1) underway;

    ? Joondalup underway. Priority C

    SNAP Wired Network Points Chris Blanksby New item. ? Wired network points within MegaLabs.

    Priority B

    ? Bunbury satisfaction with ? A redundant connection to Bunbury needs to be Bunbury WAN enhancement Steve Johnston ? Authority to purchase ? Bunbury sign-off. New item. new network service. established in 2004. There is a greater reliance on the ? Placement of purchase data network within the University. order ? The National Communications Fund (NCF) tender can be ? Installation used for selection of this network service. ? Commissioning Priority C

    ? Wireless coverage for all Wireless Campus Project Chris Blanksby ? Tender ? Wireless coverage. New item. ? Subject to funding (SIF bid). meeting areas, teaching ? Selection areas and 90% of the ? Implementation campus. ? Commissioning Priority A

    Library SunRay Installation ? Replacement of ? Replacement of all ? The future of SunRays within the library needs to be Paul Midgley / Keith Lambert ? Library sign-off. ? Installation complete; and Upgrade JavaStations in the JavaStations; considered between IT (IT Infrastructure and IT Support ? Initial upgrade complete; library with SunRay Services in particular) and Library. ? Library satisfaction with ? Second upgrade hardware; new installation. underway. ? Upgrade of software, etc. to cover Library requirements Priority C

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    Knowledge & IT Service Centre

     IT Services Operational Plan 2005

Engaging with the Responsibility Milestones Measurement Target Status Comments Professions and Professional Life

    ? Identify appropriate ? Relevance of ? Enhance our IT Infrastructure is currently involved in the following collegial Collegial Groups Steve Johnston New item. collegial groups which membership against IT effectiveness by the groups: may be of value to IT Infrastructure activities. gaining of expert ? AARNet (Australian Academic and Research Network) Infrastructure. knowledge from collegial ? Meeting attendance, ? ATUG (Australian Telecommunications Users Group) groups. conference attendance, ? TUG (Tivoli Users Group) reports, etc. ? CAUDIT (Council of Australian Directors of Information ? Appropriate activities Technology) coverage. ? ACS (Australian Computer Society)

    ? OUG (Oracle Users Group)

    ? Other Perth Universities Priority C

    Implement a best practice IT Management Team New item. ? IT Infrastructure Library for delivery of IT Services (ITIL)

    Priority A

    Building Partnerships, Responsibility Milestones Measurement Target Status Comments Pathways and Precincts

    WALAP authentication ? Tender process ? Shared authentication ? Project completion sign-? ECU and UWA are effectively in production with the Peter Austin ? Tender complete; project (including selection); information between off (by all Universities); WALAP system; ? Hardware installation Universities and shared ? Installation and complete; ? Other Universities are working towards production services; commissioning of systems. ? Provisioning complete (in hardware; and production); ? The ECU system needs to be networked behind the ? Production connection Alteon WSM. ? Documentation to be between Universities. completed. ? Installation behind Alteon WSM. Priority B

    Telecommunications Chris Blanksby / Brian ? Modification of existing ? Reduction in ? Direct ? Waiting completion of ? Microwave decommissioning scheduled for completion in Restructure Lambert networks to terminate telecommunications telecommunications prerequisite works. December 2003; voice services in the services; savings to Faculties (with ? The tender for telecommunications services is expected to

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    Knowledge & IT Service Centre

     IT Services Operational Plan 2005

    Perth CBD; no service degradation). be operated in January 2004;

    ? Tender for provision of telecommunications services (as per new termination point). Priority B

    Develop Partnerships with New item. ? Cabling vendor to be selected Key Suppliers ? Media vendor to be selected

    ? Servers IBM

    ? Network Nortel Networks

    ? Telecommunications AAPT / Telstra Priority B

    Improving Outcomes for Responsibility Milestones Measurement Target Status Comments Students and Staff

    Benchmarking and Key ? Selection of appropriate ? A set of KPI‟s per ? An agreed set of KPI‟s ? Sub-projects may be required to implement certain KPI‟s, Steve Johnston New item. Performance Indicators KPI‟s for each functional section; defined, and in place; and to ensure that appropriate measures are taken. area; ? Procedures established ? CAUDIT benchmarks will need to be reported, and should ? Selection of appropriate for provision and be taken into consideration when establishing the KPI‟s. KPI‟s for IT maintenance of data, etc. KPI‟s to be considered: Infrastructure. ? Uptime (e-mail, network, directory services, etc) ? Provision of data, etc. for ? Responsiveness; IT KPI‟s ? Throughput; ? Provision of data, etc. for ? Systems measures (CPU utilisation, disk usage, etc). KITSC KPI”s. Priority A

    ? Connection of ? E-trust being used as an ? Connection of ? E-trust is to be used as the authentication source for web-E-Trust Peter Austin New item. Blackboard; authentication source. appropriate systems. based applications.

    ? Connection of Innopac; ? E-trust is currently being established as the source of Blackboard user authentication via LDAP; ? Connection of other internal web applications requiring web authentication as required; Priority B 1? This project is being consumed by the “Student Portal . Project”; ? Purchase, installation ? Student e-mail ? Improved feedback by Student E-mail Upgrade Peter Austin ? Project completeand commissioning of satisfaction; students, as measured ? There are concerns that e-mail may not be appropriately new hardware and by survey.

     1 New works on the student e-mail system have been commissioned by the Student Services Centre this work is underway, but is separate to the 2002/2003 e-mail upgrade.

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    Knowledge & IT Service Centre

     IT Services Operational Plan 2005

    software; addressed;

    ? Decommissioning of ? The existing student e-mail hardware is not appropriate, is „echidna‟ old student e-aging, and requires urgent replacement. mail system. Priority C

    Messaging and ? Purchase, installation ? Migration of all staff to ? Purchase, installation ? Decommissioning of the GroupWise servers will Peter Austin ? 100% migration. Collaboration and commissioning of exchange server and commissioning of commence in December, 2003. new hardware and hardware for e-mail; new hardware and ? Completion of this project is expected by the end of 2003. software; software complete; ? Non-GroupWise users are being targeted as part of the ? Migration of all ? Migration of GroupWise Intel SOE roll-out (November 2003 March 2004). GroupWise users to is effectively complete. exchange; ? Clean-up stage has ? Migration of all commenced. POP/IMAP users to exchange; and

    ? Decommissioning of old GroupWise hardware. Priority B

    Peter Austin / Chris ? Purchase, installation ? Decommissioning of ? Nil reliance of use of ? Purchase, installation ? Removal of staff NDS tree will be completed as part of the ADS Directory Introduction Blanksby and commissioning of NDS (and IPX) within the NDS/IPX and full and commissioning of Intel SOE roll-out (November 2003 March 2004). new hardware and entire University network. decommissioning. ADS domain controllers ? An ADS upgrade is currently in progress (Windows 2003 software; complete; ADS). ? Migration of directory ? Migration of student queries to make use of networks to ADS ADS database; complete;

    ? Decommissioning of NDS directory; Priority B

    ? Purchase, installation ? Improved server ? Approved server ? Purchase, installation ? Additional tasks as raised by the Server Consolidation Server Consolidation Keith Lambert and commissioning of management within the replacement policy; and commissioning of Steering Committee. new hardware and University; SAN hardware complete; ? Approved server software; ? Improved server security; documentation; ? Purchase, installation ? Development of Server and commissioning of ? Staffing levels for ? Confirmed staffing levels. Replacement Policy; hardware (other than Enterprise Systems ERP systems) complete; ? Confirmation of staffing Support. levels within the ? Purchase of Backup Enterprise Systems hardware and software Group; complete;

    ? Commissioning of backup hardware and software underway. Priority A

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    Knowledge & IT Service Centre

     IT Services Operational Plan 2005

    Brian Lambert / Chris ? Purchase, installation ? Provision of network ? Waiting completion of ? Microwave decommissioning scheduled for December Voicemail Upgrade ? Service improvement. Blanksby and commissioning of FAX; prerequisite works. 2003. new hardware and ? Provision of voicemail/e-software; mail integration. ? Decommissioning of existing Voicemail hardware; Priority B

    ? Accessibility of archived ? Optimum performance ? Tender process ? The issue of „archiving‟ v „journaling‟ has been raised, and Exchange Archiving Project Peter Austin ? Publication of tender e-mail and the ability and availability of the complete. needs to be addressed by IT Infrastructure along with ? Selection retain e-mail as required exchange server; Information Security and Records Management. ? Procurement underway. ? Implementation (without the limitation of ? Backup of exchange data ? Implementation planning ? Commissioning disk space). store in 4 hours or less. started. ? Time taken to backup exchange data store. Priority B

    Steve Johnston / Chris ? The Modempool service needs to be decommissioned (or Modempool Services New item. Blanksby substantially changed);

    In conjunction with IT ? Measure dissatisfaction; Support Services ? Working party: Ven Boujos, Steve Johnston, Chris Blanksby, etc. Priority A

    Strengthening Enterprise Responsibility Milestones Measurement Target Status Comments and Resource Base

    ? Introduction of hardware ? Reduction and devolution ? Internet cost reduced to ? Introduction of hardware ? Tender for Internet Cost Accounting Software was Internet Cost Management Steve Johnston and software tools to of internet cost; beneath $600k; and software commenced in September 2003. There were no control, measure and commenced; responses to this tender document. ? 100% of Internet cost manage traffic; devolved to ? Tender/purchase for ? Tender for provision of Faculties/Centres by reporting software reporting software; usage. underway.

    ? Purchase, installation and commissioning of reporting software;

    ? Provision of Internet Accounting to Faculties and Centres; Priority A

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    Knowledge & IT Service Centre

     IT Services Operational Plan 2005

    ? Proxy use for all ? 100% of proxiable traffic Proxy Appliance Installation Chris Blanksby ? Product selection; ? Project complete. This item may be closed. purposes; presented via proxy. ? Purchase, installation and commissioning of ? Reliable proxy service. proxy appliance;

    ? Purchase, installation and commissioning of duplicate proxy appliance;

    AARNet PoP Network ? Relocation of AARNet Chris Blanksby ? Relocation of services; ? Relocation of services. ? Project complete. This item may be closed. Restructure PoP (Point of Presence);

    ? Provision of redundant connections to the Internet via Perth CBD;

    Brian Lambert / Chris ? Decommissioning of ? Proof of concept VoIP Project ? Proof of concept; ? Network usage; ? IP telephony for voice trunking has been put on hold. Blanksby 1993 Microwave Network underway. ? Product selection; ? Service provision (no ? A project for full VoIP will be conducted in 2004/2005 for (Metropolitan Area). degradation of service). installation of VoIP equipment into the Joondalup ? Purchase, installation Resources Building. and commissioning of VoIP hardware (for trunking only);

    ? Decommissioning of 1993 Microwave Network. Priority C

    ? 100% of network Alteon Firewall Installation Chris Blanksby ? Product selection; ? Firewall protection. ? Project complete. This item may be closed. protected by firewall ? Purchase, installation (between University and commissioning of network and Internet). Firewall;

    ? Purchase, installation and commissioning of duplicate firewall.

    Michael Grant / Keith ? Development of IT ? Documentation ? Reference of ? IT Backup and Disaster ? Final Backup and Disaster Recovery document as been Backup & Disaster Recovery Lambert Backup and Disaster completed, accepted and implementation plan to Recovery plan is approved. Recovery document (in implemented. SIMSC. complete and has been ? Planning is required for implementation of the consultation with all approved. recommendations of this document. University Stakeholders);

    ? Development of implementation strategy; Priority A

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    Knowledge & IT Service Centre

     IT Services Operational Plan 2005

    IT Infrastructure Steve Johnston, Chris ? Framework for ? Systems, network, New item. Documentation Project Blanksby, Keith Lambert, documentation (ITIL hardware, etc. and Brian Lambert, Peter Austin compatible); procedures documented in a secure, but ? Creation of accessible location. documentation repository;

    ? Creation of documentation framework and templates;

    ? Documentation procedures, etc. Priority A

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