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Career Sheet

    Career Sheet

    REAL ESTATE: Home Inspector

    Coordinator: Wayne Paprocki, DREI, (847) 635-1776, Rm. 2709 DP


    Outlook and Trends

    Employment of home inspectors is expected to grow as fast as the average for all occupations through 2010.

    Growing concern for safety and improvements in the quality of construction should continue to stimulate

    demand for inspections and home inspectors. In addition to the expected employment growth, some job

    openings will arise from the need to replace inspectors who transfer to other occupations or leave the labor

    force. Well-trained workers will have especially favorable opportunities.


     WILL BE ABLE TO: As of January 1, 2003, all Home Inspectors must be licensed in the state of Illinois. Home inspectors RES 135 satisfies the 60 classroom hour course generally conduct inspections of newly built or requirement to be eligible to sit for the Home Inspector previously owned homes. Increasingly, prospective State Examination. home buyers hire home inspectors to inspect and report the condition of a home's systems, components, As of January 1, 2003, all home inspectors must be and structure. They typically are hired either licensed in Illinois. immediately prior to a purchase offer on a home, or as a contingency to a sales contract. In addition to structural quality, home inspectors must be able to SKILLS USED: inspect all home systems and features, from plumbing, electrical, and heating or cooling systems to roofing. Measurement accuracy Analyzing Testing Equipment SALARY RANGE Attention to details

     Thoroughness of Visual Inspection The chair reports the average starting salary for a Knowledge of Electrical, Heating, HVAC systems home inspector in the Chicagoland area is $36,000. Report Writing Salaries in large metropolitan areas are substantially higher than those in small local jurisdictions. It is suggested that individuals do their own surveys of the employers in the local area in which they are

     interested for more localized, up-to-date information

    on salaries in this field.

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RES 135 Home Inspection is a 60-hour (4 cr.) course Additional career information on this industry and

    that satisfies the educational requirement necessary to others is available in the Career Services and Student be eligible to sit for the state home inspector Services Centers, Room 1125 or 1130 in Des Plaines, examination. or A105 at the Ray Hartstein Campus.

Upon passing the state exam, a person can work for a Printed material, videos, and databases (DISCOVER,

    licensed home inspection company or open their own HORIZONS, and SIGI+) can be utilized on a business and hire other home inspectors. Franchise walk-in basis. Career Counselors are also available by opportunities are also available. appointment to help you research occupations. These

    Centers are open 8:30am-8:00pm Monday-Thursday

    and Fridays 8:30am-5:00pm POSSIBLE OCCUPATIONAL TITLES: This information was collected from the Occupational Home Inspector Outlook Handbook, DISCOVER, SIGI+ and HORIZONS databases, as well as other career



     American Society of Home Inspectors Compiled by Student Services and Career Services (ASHI) Oakton Community College 1600 E. Golf Road

     Des Plaines, IL 60016-1268 (847) 635-1741


    7701 North Lincoln Avenue (847) 635-1417 Skokie, IL 60077

5/04 RES-inspec-sheet04/LG/

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