Part I Vocabulary & Structure

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Part I Vocabulary & Structure



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Part I Vocabulary & Structure (20%)

    Section A

    1. If I ___________ you, I would not do it.

    A. was B. am C. were D. be

    2. Weve decided to ___________ 100 yuan each week so that we can buy a new computer next year.

    A. solve B. set aside C. produce D. add

    3. ___________ since I began to learn English.

    A. I have learned 3000 words C. I will learn 3000 words

    B. I learn 3000 words D. I will have learned 3000 words

    4. Prices have been __________ rapidly in many cities.

    A. went up B. gone up C. go up D. going up

    5. Usually, picking flowers in a public park is _____________.

     A. refused B. disturbed C. prevented D. prohibited

    6. The travelers _____________ 400 miles a day by car.

    A. passed B. took C. covered D. went 7. He walked ____________ fast, and I wasnt able to catch up with him in spite of my great efforts.

    A. efficiently B. successively C. sufficiently D. excessively 8. If you dont mind, I __________ do my homework than play cards with you.

    A. had better B. would rather C. prefer D. would like 9. The traffic accident ____________ their lack of carefulness in driving.

    A. resulted from B. lay on C. resulted in D. led to

    10. I remember ____________ you once in Nanjing.

    A. to see B. seeing C. to have seen D. having seen

Section B

    11. If he had taken the teachers advice, he (pass) ____________ the exam.

    12. The child told the (true) ______________ when he said he hadnt broken the window.

    13. Regular review leads to improved (perform) ____________ on tests.

    14. When (heat) ______________, ice changes in water.

    15. The basic (necessary) ________________ of life are food, shelter and clothing.

    16. Students in our college are (courage) ______________ to join clubs and societies.

    17. My suggestion is that the experiments (do) _______________ in another way.

    18. The doctor waited for the (die) _____________ man to speak.

    19. (child) ____________ is usually a happy time of life.

    20. I wish I (go) ____________ Beijing yesterday.

Part II Reading Comprehension (40%)

    Task 1

    Every morning, two people come to the park. They like to feed the pigeons. John and Margaret used to work in the city. Five years ago, john got very sick. He needed to find something to help him relax. His wife looked for something they both

    enjoy doing.

    Margaret learned to love birds when she was living in England. She knew the pigeons needed to be fed. It was a way to be kind to them. It was a way to be kind to herself and John. John says it is very relaxing when he is feeding the birds. It

    takes his mind off everything else.

    John and Margaret feed the pigeons about 40 loaves of bread, 20 pounds of corn and 125 pounds of birdseed every month. They spend about $ 100 a month on the birds. They do not mind it a bit. Margaret says the birds know the couple will

    never hurt them. They known they will always get help from the couple.

    Feeding the pigeons has become important to both John and Margaret. John says feeding the birds has taught him to relax. Margaret says they love it so much because everyone wants to be useful. She says that makes people feel better all day.

    21. Every morning the couple feed the pigeons ___________________.

    A. At their home



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    B. In their own garden

    C. In their working place

    D. In the public park

    22. They think feeding the birds can make them _____________________.

    A. Relaxed

    B. Sick

    C. Exhausted

    D. upset

    23. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

    A. They mind spending too much on the birds.

    B. They dont mind the money spent on the birds at all.

    C. They can get much help from the birds.

    D. They can sell the birds so as to earn money. 24. It seems that both John and Margaret are __________________.

    A. Very generous and kind

    B. Really idle and lazy

    C. Rather selfish and foolish

    D. Quite strange and funny

    25. Both John and Margaret are supposed to have worked _____________________.

    A. In the city

    B. In the town

    C. In the village

    D. nowhere

Task 2

     Reading is one kind of entertainment. Newspapers and magazines are often called the print media, But the print media

    do not operate just to entertain people with interesting news and beautiful pictures. They exist to make money.

     Big, thick newspapers and magazines are sold in America very cheaply because most publishers make their money from selling advertising space to business. And on Sundays most newspapers include their own kind of bright colored magazine, with lots of expensive advertising. They must sell advertising space to survive.

     By the way, the United States Government is one of the largest publishers in the united States, but it is not allowed to produce any newspaper or news magazine to be sold or given to the general American public. However, various government departments provide free materials to help in completing tax forms, advice on how to buy a used car, reports of scientific research done by government scientists, and so on. Each state prints many things to promote their state as a good place to visit, to live, and to do business, etc.

    26. What can we learn from print media?

    A. it is one of the ways to entertain people.

    B. It is one of the ways to advertise products.

    C. It is one of the ways to carry information.

    D. It is one of the ways to print newspapers and so on. 27. Newspapers and magazines are very cheap mainly because __________________.

    A. The price of paper in the United States is very low

    B. The selling is not the only means of earning money

    C. The printing process in the United States is advanced

    D. Most American people prefer playing to reading 28. According to the passage, the media most probably exist on _______________.

    A. Advertisement

    B. Amusement

    C. Management

    D. competition

    29. Which of the following statements is not mentioned in the passage?

    重庆电力高等专科学校英语期末考试试卷(B卷) 供使用班级名:

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    A. The information from the government departments if free.

    B. There are different kinds of entertainments, apart from reading.

    C. Most American publishers make money by selling advertising space.

    D. The only purpose of the print media is to amuse people with interesting things.

    30. Each state prints many things to promote their state as a good place. to promote here means ________________.

    A. To present a ideal place

    B. To help build a good place

    C. To rise to a more important place

    D. To introduce their state to the public

Task 3

    A. Black Coffee

    B. White Coffee

    C. Milk Powder

    D. Condensed Milk

    E. Bean Milk

    F. Black Tea

    G. Squash

    H. Strong Tea

    I. Sparkling Water

    J. Green Tea

    K. Orange Squash

    L. Special Fine Brandy

    M. Vodka

    N. Cocktail

    O. Instant Coffee

    Examples: ( M ) 伏特加酒 ( L ) 金奖白兰地 31.( )豆奶 )鲜榨果汁 32.( )橙汁 )清咖啡 33.( )牛奶咖啡 )红茶 34.( )速溶咖啡 )奶粉 35.( )浓茶 )鸡尾酒

Task 4

    Girls are interested these days in the question of paying for outings when with a boy. Often girls today earn as much or

    more than the boy they go out with. There is no reason why a girl earning money should not either pay a share of expenses or

    take a turn at paying the bill. We are moving towards equal pay for equal work, and it seems unreasonable to expect the boy

    always to pay for two. People have a fear of appearing ungenerous (吝啬), and often the less money they have, the more they fell in that way. A boy finds it difficult to invite a girl to a show or a dance and then ask her to pay, but there is no reason why

    a girl should not offer to pay her share. Or she could pay for the fact that a girl may refuse an invitation from a boy, I think

    her pride might suffer more than a boy’s if a boy refused an invitation from her. And a boy might find it hard to refuse a girl’s

    invitation even if he wished to do so. Anyhow, I think we have to get used to the idea of equality in spending if we have

    equality in earning.

    36. What’s the question that interests girls these days?

     They are interested in ___________________________________________.

    37. What does the author mean by “pay a share”?

     The author means that ___________________________________________.

    38. How will a boy feel if he invites a girl out?

     He will find it difficult to invite a girl out and then ____________________.

    39. What’s the author’s viewpoint to this question?

     It seems unreasonable to __________________________.

    重庆电力高等专科学校英语期末考试试卷(B卷) 供使用班级名:

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40. Why does the author think so?

     The author thinks girls have equality in spending since they have__________.

    Part III Translation (20%) Section A English to Chinese

    41. Therefore, the British people usually have a big breakfast before they go to work.

    42. They don’t look to other people to solve their problems but try to work them out themselves. 43. The daily affairs of the secretary are to receive guests or phone calls and treat them properly.

    44.Many Chinese think it is polite to look at the other person’s eyes when speaking to him/her, especially to a senior.

    Americans keep eye contact also when speaking. But the contact should not be too strong.

    Section B Chinese to English

    45. 15岁就走上了唱歌之路。(on the road of

    46. 一般而言,经理最主要的职责是管理好公司。(generally speaking)

    47. 计算机在人们的日常生活中起着越来越重要的作用。( play an important role in)

Part IV Writing (20%)

    Directions: This part is to test your ability to do practical writing. You are required to write a Note according to the

    information given in Chinese below.

    要求:以齐新的名义于2002527日给工商系主任办公室写一张请假条。 请假事由:由于患重感冒须卧床休息,不能前来上班,请假一周。附上校医院出具的证明。 说明:按请假条的格式和要求。

    Reference words: 校医院 school clinic

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