Part A Listening 20%

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Part A Listening 20%


    範圍:南一Book4 Lesson4~ReviewII (答案填寫於答案欄,否則不予計分;題目共四)

    Part A Listening Section( 20%)



    ( ) 1. () baseball () means () meant

    ( ) 2. () pizza () possible () moment

    ( ) 3. () break () stomach () delicious

    ( ) 4. () eat () crackers () remember

    ( ) 5. () volunteered () map () housework



    1. 2. Sally


3. 4.


    John 5.



     根據聽到的對話內容與問題,選出正確的答案。 ( ) 1. () He’s going to take out the garbage.

    () He’s going to wash the dishes.

    () He’s going to study for the test.

    ( ) 2. () She has a cold.

    () She didn’t sleep well last night.

    () She watched too much TV.

    ( ) 3. () Yes, she will eat it because it is delicious.

    () No, she won’t. She’s full now.

    () No, she won’t. Her stomach isn’t very comfortable.

    ( ) 4. () He spent NT$20,000 dollars.

    () He spent NT$300 dollars.

    () He spent NT$1,000 dollars.

    ( ) 5. () He goes to work by bicycle now.

     () He goes to work by car now.

    () He goes to work by MRT now.

Part B Writing Section(80%)

    一、 單字:(10%)

    1. 2. 膝蓋 3. 虛弱的 4. 蕃茄 5. 一半 6. We like Mr. Wu’s class because he sometimes tells j es. 7. The old man put a bird on his s r.

    8. Your coat is very d y. You should wash it.

    9. My sister always puts lots of s r into the coffee. It’s too sweet. 10. Mary exercises every day because she wants to lose w t.

. 文法、會話選擇:(20%)

    1. My Mom lets me ______ TV after dinner.

    (A) watching (B) watches (C) to watch (D) watch

    2. Dad wanted me________ a teacher.

     (A) be (B) to be (C) am (D) being

    3. The new worker works _________.

     (A) very hard (B) very hardly (C) hard very much (D) hardly very much

    4. His bad grades made his parents______.

    (A)angry (B)angrily (C)anger (D) happily

    5.________ of the students ________ hard.

     (A) One; study (B) One studies (C) Much; study (D) Many; studies

    6. All of the money in the desk ______ my friend’s. (A) is (B) are (C) be (D) have

    7.I have two sons. _____ of them are going to the US.

    (A) One (B) Two (C) Both (D) All

    8. Look at these beautiful pictures. Most of _________ are my friend’s.

     (A) them (B) they (C) it (D) their

    9. _______ of the meat is not good for your health.

    (A) Many (B) Several (C) A few (D) Much

    10. You speak English_________.


(A) good (B) goodly (C) well (D) hardly

    11.We saw a _______ movie. After a movie, we walked home _________.

     (A) sad ; sad (B) sad ; sadly (C) sadly ; sad (D) sadly ; sadly

    12. Tom is a new student. All of his teachers __________.

    (A)very like him (B) like him very much (C) very much like him

     (D)like him very many

    13.I have three brothers and sisters. I’m the ______ _______ in my family.

     (A) oldest; child (B) oldest; children (C) older; child (D) oldest; childs

    14. The old man isn’t friendly. He gets angry ____________.

    (A) easier (B) easiest (C) easily (D) easy

    15 .We took turns __________ the clothes because our mother was sick.

    (A) wash (B) to wash (C) washing (D) washes

    16. Lisa is helping her father _______ the lamp in the dining room.

    (A) fix (B) fixes (C) fixing (D) to fixing

    17. Miss Green is a _______ worker. She always works _______.

    (A) carefulcareful (B) carefulcarefully (C)carefullycareful (D)carefully; carefully 18. ________ of the tea ________ from India. (印度).

    (A) Many ; is (B) All; are (C) Most; are (D) Most; is

    19. The girl asks her friends_______ her do her homework.

    (A) help (B) to help (C) helping (D) helps

    20. Melody had her students __________ early.

    (A) go home (B) going home (C) to go home (D) to going home

三、 克漏字選擇:(20%)

    (A) Dear Ann,

    I am really worried about my daughter, Monica. I don’t know why, but she always thinks 1 .

    She eats only a little rice and some vegetables. She refuses fish, beef and pork. “Cake” and “dessert” are

    taboo words to her.

    The problem is that she is NOT heavy at all. In fact, the doctor says she is skinny. But she still

    believes being thinner 2 __. I’m afraid 3 __ before she becomes any prettier.

    Worried mother ** refuse 拒絕 **taboo禁忌語 **skinny消瘦的 **whole全部的 1.(A) she is very smart (B) she is very thin (C) she is too heavy

    (D) she is too pretty

    2.(A) will make her prettier (B) can help her do homework (C) won’t make her be healthy (D) can lose her weight

    3.(A) she still do more exercise (B) she will get sick

    (C) she decided to eat less food (D) she were hungry

(B) Last week my team played the final game with the Tigers at 9:00 a.m. We arrived at the

    basketball court 4. . So we had to change our clothes very 5. .

    During the game, my team did not play hard enough. Harry didn’t pass the ball carefully, and I

    couldn’t catch the ball, 6. . But the other team tried all possible not to 7 mistakes. They ran very fast. At the last 8. , James hurt his arm and dropped the ball. The other team 9.

    our ball and won the game.

    After the game, we all felt very sad because this game 10 a lot to the whole class. 4. (A) first (B) last (C) early (D) late

    5. (A) sadly (B) slow (C) hard (D) quickly

    6. (A) too (B) also (C) either (D) more

    7. (A) stole (B) take (C) make (D) do

    8. (A) museum (B) moment (C) message (D) money

    9. (A) lost (B) stole (C) make (D) do

    10.(A) meant (B) rang (C) paid (D) cost


閱讀測驗:, (16%)

    . September 28(A)

    Dear Diary,

     I’m in the second year of junior high school now. However, Dad and Mom are not happy about

    my school work. They always ask me to study for good grades. They never think I work hard. Tonight they say again. How sad! the same thing

     But I enjoy school life. I have a new English teacher this year. Mr. Tsai is interesting because he

    often helps us. He is patient and never gets tired of answering our questions. And if we don’t

    understand him, he will repeat. Also, he often us, He tells us to have confidence. That’s encourages

    why we like his class so much.

    有耐心的重覆自信 patient repeat confidence **cheer 1. What does the same thing mean in the first paragraph?

    (A)To study hard. (B) To go to cram school. (C) To study English.

    (D) To write to Mr.Tsai.

    2. Which is true about the writer?

     (A) The writer often gets good grades.

    (B) Mr.Tsai taught the writer last year.

     (C) The writer will finish junior high school this year.

     (D) The writer likes Mr.Tsai very much.

    3. What does mean in the second paragraph? encourage

     (A) To feel angry

     (B) To cheer up someone.

     (C) To make someone cry.

     (D) To play with someone.

    Read the advice carefully and answer the questions. (B).

    Advice A: Stay in bed and wear enough clothes. Drink as much water as you can. You’ll feel better soon.

    Eat less food and never eat fast food. Exercise every day, and then you can keep in shape. Advice B:

    Take more care of your feet. Don’t play basketball these days. Stay home and get enough sleep.Advice C:

    4. John has a headache, and a fever. He should take________.

     (A) Advice A (B) Advice B (C) Advice C

    5. Dr. Lee gave Advice C to Harry. What was the matter with Harry?

     (A) He hurt his feet. (B) He has a cough. (C) He had a cold.

    6. Diana took Advice B. What should she do?

     (A) Keep quiet. (B) Go jogging (C) Eat chocolate.

(C). Debby is 160cm tall but weighs 72 kg. She decides to lose weight.

    Date Weight Note

    April 1 72kg **Start now! April 30 67kg **Good job! May 31 61kg **Keep it up! June 30 59kg **No more ice cream! July 31 55kg ** Must lose 2kg more!

    總計7. Debby wants to lose _________ in total. (total)

     (A) 13kg (B) 17kg (C) 19 kg (D) 23 kg

    8. Which of the following is NOT true?

     (A) Debby lost 4 kg in July.

     (B) Debby’s weight losing plan went well in April.

     (C) Debby lost weight for four months.

     (D) Debby lost less weight in June because she did not exercise much.

    五、寫出句中空缺的單字或片語:(14 %,每格0.5分,直接於答案卷填寫 )


1. 別試著找藉口。

     _________ try ________ ________ any __________.

    2. Jessie昨天感染感冒, 所以整天待在床上。

     Jessie ________ a _______ yesterday, so she ________ in bed _______ day.

    3. 現在我們很快樂地幫忙作家事而且期盼爸爸快點好起來。

     Now we all help do the housework _______ and ________ Father _____ _____ soon.

    4. 我沒頭痛。我沒流鼻水,沒有咳嗽。

     I don’t have a _________. I don’t have a ________ ________, and I’m not ________. 5.她決定要多運動來保持身材。

     She _________ to take more ___________ to keep ________ _________.


     It’s not ________ because _________ girls _________ ________. 7.Sam以前常拖浴室地板。

     Sam _________ ________ _________ the floor in the ___________.


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