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EMC2: Assigned to administration project for EmailXtender? 50, NET Compact Framework 42 in Visual? C# Also architected a multi-tier support service

    S. Sean Stagner

    150 Heather Hill Lane

    Goffstown, NH 03045

    (603) 660-1267

    Technical Competencies

    Compilers/SDKs/Technologies Languages Databases Platforms ????; C/C++, Managed C++ ; Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2008 ; Oracle 11g Windows: ? ?; ATL, STL, C# ; MS SQL Server 2005 ; Server 2003 ; MicrosoftVisual Studio 6.0 Enterprise ?; .NET to COM Interop, XML Web Services ; .NET, ASP.NET ; XP/2000/NT/9x ; Microsoft Access ??; ASP/VBScript/VBA ; PocketPC ; Win32 API, SSPI, COM+, MFC ; IBM DB2 7.2 ? ??; WindowsWDM Kernel Mode ; Microsoft RPC/MIDL ; Sybase 10/11 UNIX:

    ; ADO, RDO, OLEDB, ActiveX ; HTML and XML ; General ODBC ; Solaris 5.8 ? ? ; AIX 5.1 ; MicrosoftIIS 7.0/ISAPI extensions/filters ; Oracle PL/SQL

    ; Apache Web Server and Tomcat App Server ; T-SQL, SQL-99 ; HP-UX B10.20

    Experience: 2/07 11/07 Principal Software Engineering Consultant, WinProSoft LLC.

    Investment Technology Group, Inc. (formerly Macgregor):

    Consulted at ITG in Boston, a specialized agency brokerage and technology firm and trading technology vendor. ?Performed C/C++ development on their flagship product, Macgregor XIP. Worked with the principal architect in

    creating a self-contained test environment by hosting the VB Script runtime via COM. Also assisted the same in ?creating a COM automation server that provided custom access to the Macgregor XIP product. Later was principal ? ? lead on creating a .NET bridge between Macgregor XIPand TritonExecution Management System, ITG’s primary

    order management server. Using MS Visual Studio 2005, developed interfaces and type assemblies in .NET and

    created CCW as proof-of-concept. Later further developed the same, and created a special runtime environment, ?? whereby the .NET assemblies were created in a manner specified by XIP and Triton product management. All

    design and coding followed ITG’s requirements for coding, unit testing, and documentation.

     10/06 12/06 Sr. Software Engineering Consultant, Optimal Engineering Partners Inc.

    DEKA Research & Development Corp: ?rdCreated several test harness programs for a medical diagnosis device using Visual C++ 6.0 and a 3 party unit and ?integration test suite API, Cantata++ ver. 3.3. Test programs were targeted for mobile devices running Microsoft

    Windows Embedded CE 5.0 for ARM processor, which performed aggressive “white box” tests and high stress

    scenarios to verify full compliance with FDA requirements for medical devices. Leveraging Cantata++, the test

    harness programs produced highly detailed metrics of code coverage, and contained stubs and wrappers to simulate

    host OS exception conditions to force execution of custom exception handler routines.

     6/05 4/06 Sr. Software Engineering Consultant, CI Software Associates 2EMC: ?Assigned to administration project for EmailXtender 5.0, an Enterprise email management and archival system

    product, which utilized a custom MMC COM server snap-in for product configuration and administration. ?Development included creating property dialogs and COM objects for configuring aspects of EmailXtender. ??? Implementation leveraged Visual C++, MFC, COM+, Win32 systems programming, Windowsauthentication and

    credentials management, and multi-threaded programming for performing asynchronous database API calls via

    OLEDB for SQL Server, enabling high performance data retrieval and highly increased UI responsiveness. Also ? ?designed and implemented a VisualC# ASP.NET web service and a Windows NT service for another project, Legal ??? Discovery Manager. Implementation leveraged Visual C# and C++, COM+, Win32systems programming, ? ?Windows NTService API, and Windows authentication handling in the web service. Created and maintained design

    and functional specification documentation for work performed on both projects. Also assisted on other projects as

    date for Beta release approached. All design and coding followed the Engineering Department’s requirements for

    coding, unit testing, and documentation.

10/04 6/05 Sr. Software Engineering Consultant, Sienna Technologies Inc.

    Sentillion, Inc.:

    Created a Health Level 7 (HL7) compliant medical client application for the Lahey Clinic hospital, which leveraged ??? Platform. The Application, MEDITECH, communicated with Vergence Vaults, a their flagship product Vergence?custom network appliance integrated with Vergence, with automation libraries in COM+ providing interface API. ? ??VisualStudio 6.0 was utilized in building all aspects of the MEDITECH application, including a Windows hook ??DLL, Windows security support provider API (SSPI) for authentication and credentials management, Win32systems

    programming, and a custom MMC COM server snap-in for application configuration administration. Designed COM ??interop library wrapper for Vergence COM+ interface API, implemented in Visual Studio 2002, for testing the ? feasibility of moving select projects to managed VisualC++. Additional duties and responsibilities included

    managing the delivery schedule and interfacing with the client’s internal IT department in support of final project deliverable, as well as being continually active in the organization, mentoring, and skill development of colleagues, and the interviewing of prospective new development staff members. All design and coding followed best practices of unit testing, team-oriented development, structured and copious code comments, and object oriented design.

1/04 4/04 Sr. Software Engineering Consultant, Kforce Inc. (formerly Hall Kinion)

    NTP Software:

    Created a wireless client system administration and monitoring application for the Dell Axim-X5 PocketPC PDA ? utilizing Microsoft’s .NET Compact Framework 4.2 in VisualC#. Also architected a multi-tier support service

    solution through a web service for ASP.NET which provided several services for bi-directional monitoring and ?management of a Windows domain, including password management, performance statistics, queuing and ?prioritization, and Windows NT user/physical disk quotas via NTP Software’s commercial enterprise product Quota ?? and File Sentinel. Latter was implemented via COM-interop to VisualStudio 6.0 native binaries. Client application

    was customized to render animated graphics for displaying aforementioned data, and beta version was completed on-time for a trade show (feedback and interest was both very positive and high).

6/03 1/04 Project Lead, CNSI, State of New Hampshire Health and Human Services Dept.

    Project lead, managed a team of seven people, on a Microsoft .NET web project (ASP.NET) for the State of NH, DHHS in Concord, NH. Project consisted of migrating legacy desktop application, which manages Vital Records information for several areas, to an ASP.NET solution. Duties and responsibilities included, but were not limited to, managing the schedule of deliverables, holding various meetings with the client, supervising and coordinating team development, and interfacing with the client’s internal departments in support of project delivery (e.g networking, Web ?Group, etc.). Created and managed on a daily basis several versioned WBS schedules using Microsoft Project 2000.

    Provided manpower requirement’s input on SCR’s and created technology assessment reports to the client as required. Sole re-designer of a replacement database schema schema re-written as a standalone set of PL/SQL scripts ?leveraging Oracle 9i release 2 ( Standalone PL/SQL program also migrates production data to the new schema, creating a complete solution with no loss of years of data capture. Also hosted weekly code reviews with the client’s in-house development staff for training and review purposes. Approximately 40% of my time was devoted to performing development work on the more critical components of the system (e.g. a Web Service for SSN verification) and the remaining time was spent managing the project. All development work performed using only managed code (primarily VB.NET) from .NET Framework version 1.1.

11/02 6/03 Independent Sr. Software Engineering Consultant

    New Hampshire Care Packages, LLC:

    Designed, developed, and deployed an Enterprise e-Commerce database-driven web site on IIS 5.1. Architectural features included a single secure (via SSL) gateway utilized by a configurable number of web stores, thus decreasing costs by only requiring a single SSL certificate. Maintenance and administration interface was written in ASP.NET ? with code-behind in VisualC# and provided many features including, but not limited to, database updates, reporting (both pre-designed and custom), and uploading of new images. Other features of the master/child infrastructure ???included a custom COM component for dynamic queries to shipping vendors (UPS, FedEx, USPS) for displaying

    costs, as well as credit card transaction processing via API. Also designed an extremely flexible custom order basket system that allowed for multiple items per package, and each package could be delivered to separate shipping destinations, all within the same transaction, thus creating a more satisfactory user experience. Entire design was written in a very customizable and generic manner, which made for an efficient system of code reuse; as few or as many web stores can be created as required by businesses wishing an affordable/configurable e-Commerce solution.

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4/02 11/02 Sr. Software Engineer, Chordiant Software, Inc.

    Designed, developed, and deployed a build system for the Chordiant Suite of J2EE applications using ANT 1.4. This resulted in a more efficient and much less complicated build procedure whereby all developers could do full builds locally. This also contributed to the elimination of build-related problems. Build system provided multi-??? with JBoss for Windows via JDK 1.3.1, IBM container/multi-platform targets upon request, either Tomcat??WebSphere 4.02 for Solaris via Sun JDK 1.3.1, or IBM WebSphere 4.02 for AIX via IBM JDK 1.2.2. Also was ?responsible for maintaining the Visual Source Safe repository; designed more efficient and logical branches of the

    suite of application for use by my automated build system. Was continually active in the organization, mentoring, and skill development of junior technical staff.

10/01 4/02 Independent Sr. Software Engineering Consultant

    The PIM Group: ? Designed and developed a multi-threaded VisualC++ MFC client for doing custom reports on the MRP product ?Syspro 6.0, which required a custom extension. Architected a flexible database abstraction layer for querying various vendor database RDBMS via OLEDB and ATL, utilizing STL for all abstract data type containers. Designed an ??updated solution for HTML using the Syspro SDK, which is their API written in ASP.NET and ADO.NET. ? Infrastructure included several web services written in VisualC#.

11/00 10/01 Sr. Software Engineer, Kana Software, Inc. ?Designed, developed, and deployed a build system for the J2EE product eService 7.1 using ANT 1.3. This resulted

    in a more efficient and much less complicated build procedure whereby all developers can do full builds locally, not just the build engineer. This also resulted in a major reduction of introduced coding errors and overall contributed to the elimination of build-related problems. Build system provided multi-container/multi-platform targets upon request, ???either WebLogic 5.1 for Solaris via Sun JDK 1.3.1 or IBM WebSphere 3.5 for AIX via IBM JDK 1.2.2. Designed ??and coded beta implementation of an EJB for BEA’s WebLogic 5.1 and IBM’s WebSphere 3.5 to provide

    scheduling capabilities. Design characteristics included quality of service, fault tolerance, and distributed business ?service request possessing via XML. Also contributed by providing code corrections to the previous BEA WebLogic

    4.5.1 eService product. Provided technical assistance to the department in all aspects of UNIX including, but not ??limited to: installing/correcting iPlanet and Apache web servers, streamlining IBM WebSphere 3.5 installs on AIX, ??Oracle 8i and IBM DB2 database installs and maintenance, and general problem solving. Was continually active in the organization, mentoring, and skill development of colleagues, and interviewed prospective new development staff members. Acted as manager of Platform Engineering during scheduled absences of my supervisor. All Java coding ?was performed via JBuilder 5 and ANT 1.3 against both Sun JDK 1.3.1 and IBM JDK 1.2.2.

8/99 11/00 Sr. Software Engineer, TransactionWorks, Inc. ??Designed and developed Win32 applications for the TransPro Product, an enterprise-level distributed (via DCOM ?and MSMQ) transaction system utilizing OFX. Involved in many aspects of the project, including specifications,

    design, architecture, implementation, performance analysis and deployment. This included, but was not limited to: extending COM interfaces, updating database scripts and install program, and design and implementation of an ?analysis tool. Assisted the senior architect in designing a distributed, fault-tolerant, and scalable solution for an OFX ?server version upgrade for Datek Online Brokerage Services. Continually active in the organization, mentoring, and skill development of junior technical staff, as well as interviewing prospective new development staff members. Contributed to the coding and COM design standards, and designed and implemented company-wide toolset C++ classes. ?; Designed and implemented a more logical, efficient master build project infrastructure for the entire WSAOFX

    System Project, significantly reduced build times, and corrected intra-project inconsistencies ??; Technical Project Lead for delivering an OFX server update for Datek Online Brokerage Services

    ; Assisted in SQL Server 7.0 performance analysis, and reviewed SQL Server 2000 beta

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2/98 6/99 Sr. Software Engineer, General Electric Co.

    Technical Manager for the Global Knowledge Network, a secure intranet database application hosted on an HP-??9000/K260 using Netscape Enterprise Server 3.5.1B and Oracle 7.3. Responsibilities included directing resources

    from vendors to ensure successful execution of projects. Also responsible for determining viability of new technology, verifying proof-of-concepts, and other related business for our department’s intranet/internet web sites. Specific highlights included:

    ; Established a fully-automatic heterogeneous backup infrastructure

    ; Developed interactive web application using IIS 4.0 ISAPI extension and ASP 3.0 for approximately 100 users ?which allowed for real-time reviewing of GE Six-Sigma initiatives

    ; Developed a CD-ROM application for 350 Sales personnel which performed automated installation of department

    software and optimized their hard-drive storage

    ; Negotiated a business contract to support a new e-commerce internet application initiative

3/97 - 2/98 Software Engineer, Wave Systems Corp. ? Project Lead in developing the Wave Publishing Server, a client-server application using VisualC++ 5.0, ODBC 2.0, ??Verity TDK 2.0, Verity SEARCH’97 Server, and the Wave Meter in-house hardware DLL. Sole systems integrator

    in creating all interface DLLs to the various SDKs and hardware/software modules, and lead architect in its GUI design and implementation. Beta release for the product was completed on time, and the supporting documentation, white paper, and help screens were completed a month early. Created several applications as part of continuing updates to ?the Wave Internet Back-Office publishing and purchasing software to increase its flexibility, speed, and efficiency ??using the Netscape NSAPI SDK. Assisted the Senior Software Engineer in porting applications written in Borland ? 4.2 to VisualC++ 5.0. Created several test applications to analyze the feasibility of a redesign of the Wave Internet ?back-office publishing product to run on MS IIS 3.0 in lieu of Netscape Enterprise Server 2.0. All were written using ? VisualC++ 5.0 and Microsoft’s ISAPI SDK with remote ODBC.

5/96 - 8/96 Software Engineering Consultant, Tripoli Associates Corp.

    SynQuest Inc.: ? ?; Created an application using VisualC++ 4.1 and a DLL using Borland Delphi 2.0 to test inter-process ?communication capabilities for their EnSync 5.0 product.

    PTI Inc.:

    ; Increased development cycle efficiency by 400% through designing and implementing an automated porting and ??build environment. Subsequently used this to port their PowerDB product to Windows 3.1/3.11/NT.

5/95 - 11/95 Software Engineer, Encotech PC Inc. ?? Created several DLLs as part of upgrading several commercial programs to run in Windows 95 using VisualC++

    1.52c and 2.0. Was technical lead on the project, and successfully designed an interface DLL between these programs ??and Microsoft Excel 5.0, as well as their Steam and Gas Properties Calculator program. Assisted the senior

    developer in a new project and was solely responsible for the OOP and GUI design as well as implementation. Also assisted in the debugging of legacy code written in Fortran-77 and upgrading the same to Fortran-90. All work fully documented and developed in full compliance with the applicable ISO-9000 quality control standards.

12/94 - 6/95 Programmer, part-time (student), Adventures By Mail Inc. ? ; Wrote database utility using VisualC++ 2.0 that allocated products to their customer service database. ?; Assisted in the installation of hardware/software for a Novell 3.2 server and performed various administrative and

    maintenance IT services, such as setting up user home environments, domain trusts, etc. as required.

5/86 - 5/92 Nuclear Mechanical Operator, United States Navy

    Received academic honors following completion of two years of extensive training in the design, operation, and maintenance of naval nuclear propulsion systems. Upon graduation, served as an instructor for three years. During last year of service was Assistant Lead Petty Officer on the U.S.S. Enterprise. Received an honorable discharge and final rank was E-5.

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Courses: BEA Educational Services

    “Developing Enterprise Applications with Enterprise JavaBeans Using WebLogic Server”

    Sun Educational Services

    “Java Programming Language Workshop (SL-285)”

Education: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

    Major: Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering

Awards: Received’s “Web site of the Week” award on August 17, 2001 for my work on

    (see work entry entitled “Software Consultant, New Hampshire Care Packages, LLC”)

Résumé - S. Sean Stagner - 5 -

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