International Marketing(8)

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International Marketing(8)

    Principles of Marketing


Professor: Dr. Scott Anderson

Office: School of Business; 749-2411

Course Description:

This course views marketing from a manager’s perspective. Topics covered include the

    external marketing environment, consumer buying behavior, and marketing communications.

    Attention will be focused on understanding the role of marketing in business and in society,

    strategic marketing planning, and applying strategic marketing to the real world. Students will

    better understand topics by examining textbook material, case discussions, videos and current

    marketing issues from publications including the Wall Street Journal. Students will develop a

    complete marketing communications plan to enhance their understanding of the subject matter.

    Course Requirements:

Integrated Marketing Communications Project

    The culmination of good marketing is long-term profit. And, this profit comes from on-

    going sales to satisfied customers. One of the most important strategic ingredients for

    capturing sales and long-term profit is an effective marketing communication program. As

    you will see from chapter 18 of your text, an understanding of marketing communications

    includes many facets. Successful firms today communicate effectively to customers using

    something called Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). A separate sheet will be

    provided showing the details of this project.


    There will be three multiple-choice exams worth 100 points each. Permission to miss or

    delay an exam must be gained at least 24 hours beforehand. If permission is not gained

    before the day of the exam, your test score will be dropped two letter grades.


    Attendance is required. If a student is to be absent from class, the student must notify the

    professor prior to class. Students may call ext. 2411 anytime to leave a message for the


    Participation is essential and will contribute to your final grade.

    Homework will consist of three article reviews from the Wall Street Journal, Sales and

    Marketing Management Review, and Advertising Age. These assignments are geared to

    give students a better understanding of “real world” corporate marketing. The assignments

    will be discussed at greater length during the semester. Late homework assignments will

    be penalized 30% and must be handed in the following class period, otherwise a zero will

    be given.

Grading Procedure:

    Final grades will be based upon the following schedule:

    Exams (3 * 100) = 300

    IMC project (150) = 150

    Homework (3 * 50) = 150

    Attendance/Participation (2 * 50) = 100

    Total 700 points possible

    Grading, based on percentage of total points, will be as follows:

    A (H) 90%+ (NC) 60%+ D

    B F (P) 80%+ (NC) Below 60%

    C (P) 70%+


    Cheating of any type will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic F for the course.

In-Class Computer Use: You are expected to participate fully in the class discussion, actively listening at all

    times and speaking as appropriate. For this reason, in-class use of personal computers is discouraged. When necessary,

    you may refer to notes taken for this course or you may make brief notations to a computer file. Other uses, especially

    work on other projects, e-mail, MSN, etc., are considered to be a violation of your responsibility to the class. Computer

    screens should remain closed except for brief reference to class notes.

Accommodations: Buena Vista University provides reasonable appropriate accommodations through an organized

    process. Students are responsible to advocate for themselves and to provide adequate documentation. Students desiring

    accommodations must follow this process. You may contact Donna Musel, Chairperson of the Student Accommodation

    Committee (SAC) or go to to download

    appropriate forms.

Academic services: Buena Vista University provides academic services through the Center for Academic

    Excellence which serves as the university's academic support unit. Students may access tutors by logging on to and making an appointment with the appropriate tutor.

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