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    MARKETING 1 (MK100)

    First Year B. Comm. Degree

    Semester II, 2007-2008,

    Monday 6-7pm; Friday 9-10am; O’Flaherty Theatre


    Ireland has produced numerous world leaders in many fields as diverse as music (U2), and literature

    (Seamus Heaney), and entertainment (Colin Farrell, Pierce Brosnan). In business too, many Irish

    companies are world leaders - Baileys (cream liquer), Kerry (food ingredients), Waterford Crystal,

    Glen Dimplex (electrical appliances), and Ryanair (low fares European carrier). Ireland has

    internationally established brand names in Jameson, Guinness, and Riverdance among others. In

    lesser known industries Irish firms have also dominated or attained significant market positions. For

    example, Moffett Engineering for its Moffett Mounty, Lowe refrigeration for Trade Fair Refigeration

    equipment, Bantry Bay Seafoods for mussels, and Dubarry for high performance sailing shoes.

     These firms know that to be this successful, a business must gear all its efforts to giving

    customers what they want, while still earning a profit. The critical factor to attainment of such

    market dominance is the extensive use of Marketing”. (Domegan & Fleming, 2007).


    This new course aims to introduce the fundamental concepts and principles of marketing. Among the

    topics addressed in this course are buyer behaviour, research methods, and the various elements of

    the marketing mix. This course uses real life examples to illustrate specific Marketing activities, and

    examines their application in international and Irish business situations.

    CORE TEXT rdBlythe, Jim (2005) Essentials of Marketing, 3 Edition. New Jersey, USA, Pearson-Prentice Hall. The textbook is required for each tutorial session.


    Marketing 1 provides an opportunity for candidates to develop knowledge and skills in the following


    A. Knowledge Based Outcomes

    After this course, you will be able to: st? Explain the marketing concept, and the role of marketing in business in the 21 Century.

    ? Recognise aspects of the internal and external environment, which affect marketing activities.

    ? Understand consumer decision-making.

    ? Appreciate the need for market research, and understand the research process. ? Discuss, displaying an in-depth knowledge, the key components of the marketing mix, including

    pricing, distribution, promotion, and product strategies. ? Understand the fundamental requirements for marketing planning. ? Identify the challenges for marketing internationally.

    B. Skills Outcomes

    You will have developed the ability to:

    ? Evaluate print marketing communications and understand marketing messages. ? Prepare professional assignments.

    ? Manage time schedules and meet deadlines.

    ? Discuss issues in a group.



    Each student will be assigned to a weekly tutorial session of approx. 20 students. Details of tutorial

    groups will be provided on Blackboard. Candidates wishing to change from one tutorial group to

    another must have the agreement of course lecturers. Assigned chapters should be read in advance of

    each tutorial session, as they will form the basis for assignments and discussions. Attendance at the

    tutorial sessions is considered to be an essential part of the course. Assignments will be allocated and

    discussed in tutorials. Candidates must submit each assignment in their assigned tutorial session.


    Dr. Christine Domegan Ms. Elaine Wallace

    Acting Head, Marketing Department, NUI Galway Marketing Department, NUI Galway

    (091) 492730 (091) 492603


    The overall mark for Marketing 1 is based on tutorial assignments and a written examination.

Examination = 60%

    The summer examination will be two hours in duration. The structure of the exam is as follows:

    ? Part 1: Compulsory Section. Ten short-answer questions.

    ? Part 2: Sections A & B. Two questions in each section. Candidates are required to answer one

    question from each section.

Candidates must pass the written exam to be awarded marks for assignments.

Tutorial Assignments = 40%

    Three tutorial assignments provide insight into the designated topic and are completed on an

    individual basis. It is sufficient to staple the assignment together; no plastic covers please.

    ? All assignments must be submitted in person, in the student’s assigned tutorial.

    ? Assignments will not be accepted in lectures, or by course lecturers or by email.

    ? A 50% penalty applies for each late assignment.

     ththAssignment 1: Allocated w/c 28 January, Due w/c 4 February. Marks allocated: 10%

Analyse the advertisements from some magazines of your choice (no internet advertisements please).

    Select four advertisements, one for each of the following categories; a) one which addresses a

    consumer need; b) one which is concerned with the features of the product itself; c) one which

    emphasises a service and d) one emphasising a customer relationship. Explain the reasons for your


Required: Two pages, typed Times New Roman, 12cpi, 1.5 line spacing. The four advertisements

    selected should be stapled to the assignment, and their source should be referenced.

     ththAssignment 2: Allocated w/c 11 February. Due w/c 18 February. Marks allocated: 10%

Select two local places of entertainment in Galway. Identify the following:

    What segments they are aimed at?

    How each place targets the segment? and

    What position they adopt to satisfy the chosen segment?

Required: Two pages, typed Times New Roman, 12cpi, 1.5 line spacing. Supporting materials can

    be stapled to the main assignment and their source should be referenced.


    thAssignment 3: Allocated w/c 10 March, Due w/c 31st March. Marks allocated 20%

Select one of the following product categories:

    1) Deodorant

    2) Breakfast Cereals

    3) Chocolate Bars

    Identify two competitors in the category you have selected, and compare:

    a) their target market

    b) their packaging

    c) their brand image

    d) their marketing communications activities

Required: Five pages, typed Times New Roman, 12cpi, 1.5 line spacing. If you wish to attach

    packaging or print advertising, ensure it is stapled to the main assignment and their source should be



Week 1 Jan. 14 Introduction to the Course

     Ch.1 What do Marketers do?

Week 2 Jan. 21 Ch. 2 The Marketing Environment

Week 3 Jan. 28 Ch. 3 Consumer and Buyer Behaviour

Week 4 Feb. 4 Ch. 4 Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

     Assignment 1 Due in Tutorials

Week 5 Feb. 11 Ch. 5 Market Research

Week 6 Feb. 18 Ch. 7 Pricing Strategies

     Assignment 2 Due in Tutorials

Week 7 Feb. 25 Ch. 8 Distribution

Week 8 Mar. 3 Ch. 6 Products, Packaging and Branding

    Week 9 Mar. 10 Ch. 9 Marketing Communications and Promotional Tools

    thth Easter Break, 17 to 28 March

Week 10 Mar. 31 Ch. 10 Marketing Planning, Implementation and Control

     Assignment 3 Due in Tutorials

    Week 11 Apr. 7 Ch. 11 International Marketing

     stWeek 12 Apr. 14 Ch. 12 21 Century Marketing & Course Review


    Core slides will be available on Blackboard after each lecture.

    Please note that Blackboard slides do not contain sufficient material for examination purposes.



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