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It also fails to pick up on the Strengths of the SWOT analysis, and in fact in some cases contradicts that analysis (e.g. here, planning knowledge and


In reflecting on my professional development, I consider that my skills and competencies have

    developed significantly and that my level of responsibility has developed to reflect this. Leading the

    production of the Neighbourhood Plan is a challenging task that has drawn on my skills across a very

    broad range of areas. It has also however been a very rewarding area of work and one that I feel has

    significantly developed my core spatial planning skills and will provide a robust basis to further my

    professional development. I also believe that my experience at RDA and (name removed) City Council

    has enabled me to start to develop the wider generic skill set required of built environment

    professionals, particularly in terms of multidisciplinary working, negotiation and mediation, and

    leadership. This will provide a strong basis from which to develop my future career within the sector

    and effectively respond to change.

    STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES ? Well developed analytical and research skills ? Limited knowledge of development control

    and ‘the mechanics of planning’ inquiries, ? Strong report writing/policy skills

    compulsory purchase powers etc. ? Breadth of experience in spatial planning

    ? No direct line-management experience and regeneration through roles at

    Development Agency & Council ? Need to develop skills in terms of managing

    conflict/difficult situations ? Strong interpersonal skills

    ? Wide range of professional contacts and

    networks through involvement in Regional

    Activities Committee and Young Planners


    OPPORTUNITIES THREATS ? Urban renaissance and current public policy ? Impact of Comprehensive Spending Review

    commitment to building skills amongst built on regeneration spending and growth within

    environment professionals e.g. Academy the sector

    for Sustainable Communities, Regional ? Impact of review of land use

    Centres of Excellence, CABE planning/potential change of political ? Emergence of City Regions and direction under new Labour leadership

    development of associated organisations ? Competition from recent increase in number

    and bodies of high calibre graduates completing ? Widening range of public sector special accelerated RTPI-accredited Masters

    delivery bodies and regeneration agencies degrees.

    e.g. URCs, UDCs, RDAs

    ? ‘Missing generation’ of planners could

    provide opportunities for more rapid career



Period: September 2004- September 2006

Name: Peter Licentiate


Current job title and employer details

    Planning Officer (Planning Regeneration) at (name removed) City Council.

Royal Town Planning Institute, 41 Botolph Lane, London EC3R 8DL 1 Registered Charity in England (262865) and Scotland (SC037841)

Current job / role

    Project management of the production of a Neighbourhood Plan. Role also includes work with:

    ? development briefs

    ? policy advice

    ? working with partners

    ? preparing report

    ? providing planning advice

Current strengths

    ? Planning knowledge

    ? Presentation skills

    ? Management

    ? Wide range of experience

Current areas for development

    ? Develop my planning knowledge

    ? Gain more experience

    ? Report writing, analysis & research

    ? Presentation skills

    ? Creative visioning

    ? Development control applications


    Long term goals

    ? Develop my career in the public sector, particularly in regeneration.

Short term goals

    ? Improve my community awareness skills

    ? Explore career opportunities in urban design

    ? Gain more experience

    ? Seek a promotion

    ? Improve my knowledge of GIS

Royal Town Planning Institute, 41 Botolph Lane, London EC3R 8DL 2 Registered Charity in England (262865) and Scotland (SC037841)


Objective 1: Gain more experience

How will I get there?

    ? Look for opportunities at work to take on more experience

    ? Continue excelling in my current role

    ? Mentoring

Objective 2: Seek a promotion

How will I get there?

    ? Find out what opportunities are available at work

    ? Look at other job adverts

    ? Work on my professional development

    Comments Summary

Overall this is PDP is consistently too brief and too vague. There is no sense of ownership of the

    PDP, as it doesn’t seem to relate to the candidate’s experience so far, as well as being sporadic,

    inconsistent and often contradictory. The SWOT hasn’t been used as a tool to think about career

    development, and what has been identified in the SWOT hasn’t been picked up in the PDP. There is

    no sense of the candidate having undertaken meaningful reflection on the past or thought about the

    future rather, the PDP almost seems to have been completed at random. Although it is perfectly

    acceptable to use the bullet point format, these should be expanded bullet points rather than brief,

    throw-away statements.

Royal Town Planning Institute, 41 Botolph Lane, London EC3R 8DL 3 Registered Charity in England (262865) and Scotland (SC037841)

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