Marketing Committee(1)

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Marketing Committee(1)

    Marketing Committee Minutes

    September 5, 2007

    1-2 PM, A-102 Conference Room

    Present: Sandi Trevisan, April Koch, Jenny Parsons, Joseph Hankinson, Joyce Allen, Carmen Martinez, Sadayoshi Okumoto

Absent: Ray Quon, Joseph Young, Greg Newhouse, Amy Fraher, Nick Mata

1. Chair’s Report

    A. Committee Representatives/reports to Senate

    Still awaiting notification of student representative(s).

    B. Co-chair Election

    April Koch agreed to serve as Marketing Committee co-chair with Sandi Trevisan and will serve as faculty liaison. Trevisan explained the Marketing Committee is somewhat unique in its responsibilities it acts primarily as a “brains trust” for ideas, feedback, and

    open dialogue with constituent groups and departments, and the District Marketing and Outreach Committee. Most activities are coordinated and implemented by the Public Information Office. Marketing Committee members are sought for their creativity and involvement/support at college events and community functions.

    B. District Marketing and Outreach Committee (DMOC) Report

    Next DMOC meeting scheduled 2-4 p.m., October 17, 2007.

2. Outreach

    A. Street Fairs

    Volunteer staffing schedules will be distributed via e-mail. The Poway street fairs do not provide tables or chairs for exhibitors, requiring the college to provide its own. Unless a volunteer has a truck and is willing to transport canopy, table and chairs, we will need to consider participation in the Poway events tentative. Joseph Hankinson will share college concerns with Chamber leadership; perhaps that policy will change to align with other communities that routinely provide table/chairs and canopy rental opportunities.

FALL 2007

    Mira Mesa Street Fair, 9/29/07

    Carmel Mountain Street Fair, 10/14/07

    4S Ranch Street Fair, 11/4?07

    Poway Fall Festival, 11/11/07


    SD North Chamber of Commerce Business/Career EXPO

    Poway Chamber Business EXPO (April)

    Poway Spring Festival (April)

    Rancho Peansquitos Street Fair (April)

    Scripps Ranch Community Fair (May)

    Rancho Bernardo Street Fair (June)

B. Parades

    Depending on vehicle and driver availability, July 4 Mira Mesa and Scripps Ranch parade participation remains tentative at this time.

C. Class Schedule Distribution

    It is anticipated that class schedules will be distributed through distribution companies effective Spring 2008, coordinated by SDCCD Public Affairs. If arrangements are not made in time for spring distribution, the Marketing Committee will need to continue to distribute schedules into the communities we serve one last time. Beginning Summer 2008 with the production of only a COMBO class schedule, distribution citywide via vendor will be certain.

    Trevisan shared a page structure proposal for the COMBO class schedule. With district wide distribution, Miramar’s unique programs stand to benefit from the increased

    exposure. Most students attend their neighborhood community college or the one most convenient for them for general education needs. Course listings and narrative information will be streamlined and designed to be user-friendly and attractive. Page count is an issue to consider. Class listings will appear by college sections, followed by an integrated online course listing. Rotation of colleges presented within the layout is under consideration. Common service and program areas will be combined into single pages that include all colleges. Hankinson asked about college-specific programs and how they would be featured in the COMBO. Course ads will continue. Trevisan reported that space has been allocated in each college section to promote college programs and services. Carmen Martinez-Coniglio asked if Student Services is represented on the Class Schedule Task Force. Lynn Neault attends.

D. Outreach Supervisor/Marketing Committee Proposal

    With a new Outreach Supervisor coming to Miramar, rather than creating a new Outreach Committee, Marketing members favor restructuring the existing Marketing Committee to replicate the District Marketing and Outreach Committee. Certain positions/departments by virtue of their outreach functions, should be represented on the new Miramar College Marketing and Outreach Committee (MOC). It was suggested that in addition to the Public Information Officer, representatives from Athletics, Outreach, Job Placement and Financial Aid be required members of the new Marketing and Outreach Committee. Department and constituent group representation would be achieved as it is currently with members assigned be the Academic, Classified and Student Senates. Benefits include sharing information, event staffing, resources and avoiding duplication of efforts. Hankinson reported attending an event as a Miramar representative only to learn that another department on campus was staffing an additional booth.

    With the new structure, the combined umbrella committee (MOC) could meet once per month (i.e., 1

    st Wed of each month 1-2 p.m.). Additionally, Outreach-specific and rdMarketing-specific sub-committees could meet once per month (i.e., 3 Wed. of each

    month 1-2 p.m.)

    Action: Trevisan will craft a proposal for the Marketing Committee to be shared with Peter White and the College Governance Committee.

3. Publications/Website Update

    Trevisan distributed new outreach rack cards and a final design draft of the new college tri-fold general brochure. She will send a PDF version of the brochure via e-mail for final input and asked that members share the publication with their constituent groups as an information item. These publications represent programs, content, color palette, and style of a series approved by the Marketing Committee and CEC last spring. Trevisan announced the timeline for a rollout of the coordinating redesigned website will occur on Feb. 1 with a transition of faculty/department pages to the new template during the fall. The major change in the website will be entry by user.

    Marketing Committee members suggested the following campus locations for brochure racks for the program rack cards: library, I-bldg (both upstairs and downstairs), counseling, career center, bookstore, and Hourglass complex. Jenny Parsons will check the existing library rack to determine feasibility of its use for rack cards. If a divider solution can be identified, using the existing library and I-bldg brochure racks would work. Counseling and Career Center should provide racks for cards in their offices as part of their office service. Trevisan will look into purchasing a floor stand for use at various events and campus locations. Table top racks are available this year for use at street fairs.

    Action: Trevisan will distribute cost of racks and inquire of placement interest with Dan Gutowski (Hourglass), Counseling, Career Center and bookstore.

    Action: Jenny Parsons will check with library staff regarding interest in a combination generic rack card for all student instructional support offices: Library/the PLACe/ILC. Detailed individual companion flyers could be developed for each.

4. 2008 Scholarship Event Recommendations

    Trevisan reported the Foundation board has requested the Scholarship Event be located in the Leave a Legacy Plaza. Joyce Allen and Carmen Martinez-Coniglio will serve on the Scholarship Event Committee. Carmen recommended a wristband might address the access/ticket issue. Trevisan will calendar a meeting to discuss logistics, ticket pricing and set-up. The activity has been confirmed for Thursday, May 1, 2008 at 4 p.m.

5. Marketing Priorities

    Trevisan reported that CalWORKs can continue to fund new vocational program rack cards. Other department funding requests are still pending.

6. Evening with the Experts

    Schedule of Fall Evening with the Experts was reviewed.

    Sept. 28: Atacama Poems (no interpreter requested)*

    Oct. 19: Filipino Americans

    Oct. 26: Presidential Trivia with Richard Lederer*

Nov. 2: Music and Dance of Ghana-West Africa*

    Nov. 16: Children’s Issues, co-sponsored by Amnesty International

    *Official monthly Evening with the Experts presentations committed to interpreter

    service funding, if requested. Since no request was made for the Sept. 28 event, funds are

    available for the 10/19 event, should they be requested.

Next meeting: Nov. 7, 2007

    Trevisan 10/3/07

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