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MKT 480

    International Marketing

    Second Summer Session, 2009

    TTh 6:00-9:45pm, CBA-139a


    Taco Bell Grande in China Dr. Terrence H. Witkowski, CBA 350

    Office Hours: MW 10:00 5:00pm, TTh 5:15 6:00pm, and by appointment

    Telephone: 562-985-4766 E-mail: Website:

    Course Description:

Marketing 480 provides an introduction to the exciting, important, and sometimes controversial

    field of international marketing. The course has five broad learning goals:

(1) You will become acquainted with core concepts and best practices of international

    marketing management.

(2) You will become familiar with some of the historical, cultural, economic, political, and

    legal factors that affect marketing decision-making in different countries.

(3) You will understand why international marketing must address developing countries and

    begin to appreciate some of the difficulties in doing business with them.

(4) You will acquire some concepts useful for researching local and global markets.

(5) You will learn how the marketing mix is implemented in both local and global markets.

Lectures will elaborate upon some material from the text, but will mostly present supplemental

    information. Although class attendance is not mandatory, it is a crucial factor for achieving a

    high grade. The PowerPoint slides are not available online. Thus, if you miss a class, you must

    get the notes from someone else. Everyone should read the assigned material before we meet.

    Please feel free to ask questions at any time.

    Required Textbook:

     ththCateora, Philip R., Mary C. Gilly, and John L. Graham, International Marketing, 14 (or 13)

    Edition, New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2009 (2007).

MBA Student Special Project:

MBA students will form groups of 2 or 3 students and prepare approximately 30 minutes of

    instruction, as well as a 10 page annotated bibliography (i.e. a list of the references used and

    brief descriptions), on selected topics in global promotion and sales management.

    Bibliographies are due and PowerPoint presentations will be given the evening of July 28.

    Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following: cross-cultural differences in advertising


creative strategies (e.g. differences in the use of humor or sexual appeals), in the use of online

    media (e.g. social networking sites), in the regulation of sales promotions, and in the forms of

    sports and event promotions.

    Course Evaluation:

For undergraduates, your course grade will be based on your total points earned from the three

    examinations. For MBA students, 75% of your grade will be based on the exams and the

    remaining 25% on the special project. There are no opportunities for extra credit.

Each exam will consist of 60 multiple-choice and true-false questions. One-half of the questions

    will come from the lectures and one-half will come from the text. The first exam covers chapters

    1-7; the second exam covers chapters 8-13; and the third exam covers chapters 14-19. We will

    have 30 minute review sessions the class before each exam. Bring a Scantron form 882 and a

    #2 pencil for exams. If English is your second (or third) language, feel free to bring a print

    dictionary. No electronic devices are allowed during exams. If an electronic device is visible, you

    will receive an F on the exam. Results will be posted on Beachboard the day following the exam.

     Past experience indicates that there will be a few A's, a fair number of B's, mostly C's, and

    possibly some D's and F's.

Classroom Conduct:

The classroom is for learning. Arriving late, talking to nearby students, and leaving to answer

    phone calls distracts both other students and the instructor and is not permitted while class is in

    session. Please put all cell phones and other electronic devices (e.g. pagers, PDAs) on vibrate

    or turn them off. These devices should not be on desk tops during class. Use laptops for note-

    taking only. If you are surfing the web or playing games, students behind you may be distracted.

     Further information on the expectations the Department of Marketing has for student conduct,

    including ethical behavior regarding cheating and plagiarism, can be found at the departmental


Tentative Course Outline:

Date: Topic:


June 23 Course Introduction; International Business Concepts; Chs. 1, 2

     Anti-global Challenges to International Marketing

June 25 International Marketing History and Consumer Politics; Chs. 3, 4

     Cultural Environments

June 30 Cross-Cultural Marketing; Political & Legal Environments Chs. 5, 6

    Film: Illicit: The Dark Trade (2008, 54 min.)

July 2 Political and Legal Environments Ch. 7

     First Exam

July 7 Researching Local Markets; Marketing in Developing Chs. 8, 9



July 9 Market Groups; Market Segmentation; Market Entry Chs. 10, 11

     Film: Mardi Gras: Made in China (2008, 74 min.)

July 14 Global Consumer Product Decisions Chs. 12, 13

    July 16 Global Business and Services Marketing

     Second Exam

July 21 International Distribution Systems; Exporting Chs.

    14, 15

July 23 Global Promotion and Sales Management Chs. 16, 17

July 28 Global Promotion and Sales Management Chs. 18, 19

     MBA Presentations

July 30 Global Pricing; Negotiating Strategies

     Third Exam

    Product adaptations from


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