MarketingPublic Relations Roundtable

By Stacy Hamilton,2014-01-20 22:25
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MarketingPublic Relations Roundtable

    Marketing/Public Relations Roundtable

    Marketing/Public Relations Learnings

    ? It is important to show value to your members by giving a price break on


    ? It is important to have good quality speakers identified in advance of your

    meetings so that you can do invitations at least 30 days in advance ? There is too much work for one person to do marketing and public

    relations - it really needs to be one person with a technical background

    (for website and newsletter) and one person with marketing

    background/interest for the public relations pieces. ? Newsletters are an important element and should be timed so they are

    "reminders" of chapter meetings and/or specific events you are promoting ? Getting promotional materials for your events FROM THE SOURCE is

    important and saves a tremendous amount time - if you have to come up

    with promotional materials yourself there is risk and a heavy time


    ? The VP of Publicity makes sure the logistics are in place for our monthly

    dinner meetings and publicizes the event in the Idaho Statesman Business


    ? You need an internal marketing approach and an external marketing


    ? Columbia River Basin wants to expand Project of the Year to provide a

    tiered approach: small, medium, large, and super projects

    Problems Needing Solutions

    ? Advertising doesn’t work. I have placed ads in the local weekly business newspaper

    and on Craigslist. I don’t believe anyone has ever seen them.

    ? Should we hire a PR firm?

    ? How to register people for events and automatically check their membership records ? How to easily setup members on the website without a lot of maintenance and decide

    who should be able to contribute to which sections

    ? How to more easily send e-mails to our members - right now we generate the text

    string from DEP, then compose several e-mails (BCC) because our e-mail provider

    has a limit of 100 e-mail recipients per message

    ? How to get DEP info updated more frequently

    ? How to get people who want to opt out of e-mails updated in the dep so we don't

    have to "weed" them out every time

    ? How to "crawl" jobsites for regional PM postings and automatically aggregate them at

    our website

    ? How to get better "prospect" e-mails to promote our chapter

    ? I'm interested to know where other chapters are marketing or publicizing their events.

    We are now co-hosting a couple seminars and have been asked to do the publicity

    but are not being told where or how to publicize. What has worked well and not well

    with other chapters?

    ? How to better market Chapter events

    Page 1 of 2 ? How to market to company executives?

    o What value for company executive or company as a whole?

    o Onsite presentation/recognition?

    Marketing/Public Relations Roundtable

    o Chapter meeting recognition

    Problem fixes developed by Chapters

    ? We use a sharepoint hosted server for our website which gave a consistent look and

    feel to our content

    ? A registration form that ties to Paypal so people can sign up for multiple offerings

    ? Advertising that works well:

    o Newsletter

    o Websites

    o Membership “word of mouth”

    o E-mail blasts

    o Partnering with universities

    o Advertising with other components

    o Business journals

    o Local media newspapers, TV, radio ? Project of the Year Campaign External Marketing

    o E-mail blasts

    o Personal contact with company executives

    o Sample letters are available from Columbia River Basin Chapter

    o Intercompany newsletter

    o Market to multiple industries

    o Ask membership to identify POY candidates

    o Winners Awards/Recognition/Potential PI GOC POY candidate ? Internal Marketing

    o Rolling PowerPoint at meetings to provide information

    o Recognition of volunteers

    o Recognition of sponsors

    o Yahoo and Google Groups

    o Welcome New Member letters

    o Recognition of new PMPs/CAPMs/PgMPs

    o Membership surveys get new ideas and find out what members think

    is working well and not working well

    o Sharing marketing plans


    ? Marketing/Outreach collaboration

    ? Providing PM services for non-profits

    ? Provide recognition for collaboration

    ? Build interest and excitement about PM with a media rep, e.g. newspaper

    ? The PM for the Vancouver Olympics is Rich Brodowski with the Canadian West

    Coast Chapter

    ? PMI GOC pamphlet “value of project management for executives”

    ? Advertising with other Components

    ? Advertising in PMI Today

    ? Capture “how did you hear about us” statistics

    Page 2 of 2 ? 360 survey with executives to find out where project management can help

    ? Monthly “status reports” to Region mentor – what’s working and best practices

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