Luck and succeed

By Erin Stephens,2014-03-25 10:43
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Luck and succeed

Luck and succeed

    Good moning(afternoon) everyone ,it’my honour to be here to give the speech to all of you. As we know, when it comes to the question that which factor leads to success, we think it is because of hard work, but luck has a lot to do with it as well. Success without some luck is almost impossible. However, hard work can invite good luck.

    As a saying goes “no pains, no gains” . One is likely to succeed only when he has worked with whole-hearted devotion and perseverance. Those who are lazy and never concentrate on work will come to an end of failure. So hard-working is an important factor to success. What’ more , a good fortune is also a factor leading to success. almost all successful people have good luck and caught the important opportunities, a great fortune is a leading condition of the success. Chances and lucks play the most important role on the road to success. In my opinion ,I think hard work is to luck what fish is to water, We must work hard,and when opportunities

come,we must make best use of it and combine hard

work and luck wisely,then we can win the succeed!!!

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