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    This article through consumers to buy mobile phone, to study the consumer decision-making process. Three parts to write this article, the first part consumers create evaluation criteria, the second part the decision rule when consumers purchase the mobile phone, the third part consumers’ conclusions and evaluations about mobile phone features. Through these three parts from the consumers buy mobile phone will have to do is prepare to specific buy process are introduced clearly.

Consumers create evaluation criteria

    Consumers purchase Mobile Phone Problem recognition the first stage in the consumer decision process; it is the result of a discrepancy between a desired state and an actual state that is sufficient to arouse and activate the decision process. Consumers purchase Mobile Phone often is habitual decision making, brand loyal decisions made by the consumer who displays a high degree of product involvement and emotional attachment to that bran; repeat purchase decisions a pattern of consumer behavior that involves the purchase of the same product or service over time, with or without loyalty to that product or service; the nature of problem recognition, but and most people is brand loyalty buyers, because from the buyer's attitude to analysis. First, if brand in the consumers' mind position is very high, in the similar competitive products, this brand in main product features more to consumers, and can produce lenovo the brand superiority, say the brand personality, so such purchaser must be brand loyalty buyers, Secondly, from consumers use the brand's time to identify and satisfaction. If a certain brand buyers always use the brand product, and high degree of satisfaction, even a preference for the brand, is the brand loyalty buyers. Third, to other consumer introduces or recommends a brand, and with persuading tone, realize that other consumers purchase targets. And in other consumer

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    after purchase can produce a good brand resonance with the consumer, can be called brand loyalty buyers. Then from the buyer's behavior for analysis. Firstly, from consumers purchase of a particular brand products accounted for similar products of the total percentage look, if this percentage numerical obviously higher than similar products, so that consumers could be brand loyalty buyers. Secondly, from consumers to buy this brand product rate at if consumers to the brand product or service repeat purchase number, then he's loyalty is high, if repeated purchase frequency low, explain this brand value more and more small, this is consumer happen brand of the signal, enterprises should transfer timely and investigate the cause, and take effective measures to prevent the customer drains. People are often based on the two purchase to choose to purchase goods. Buy mobile phone when some people always USES is the Sony, people will no longer want to buy other brands of mobile phones, some people buy mobile phones can choose the brand, buy a mobile phone before should consider the right several brand good in mobile phone and then to purchase. For today's consumers is a challenging job. In many consumers gather information and active hope and advertising happen interactive relationship at the same time, some other consumers but hope before buy effortlessly by a relevant product or brand information. Consumer constantly knowing and opportunity, hence aims to solve these problems of the internal and external information search is a continuous process. However, information search is must pay the price; consumer should not only give strength to give, the brain. In addition to spend time, energy, and they often will give up some more the things you want to do. Nonetheless, information search earnings often exceeded the cost. In some cases, information search process physical and mental pay itself is a kind of return or reward. The nature of information search: Internal search Use of information from memory; External search The method used if a resolution to a problem is not reached through internal search; the search process is focused on external stimuli relevant to solving the problem. Consumers the type of information sought: The appropriate evaluative criteria for the solution of a problem; the existence of various alternative solutions; the performance level or characteristic of each alternative solution on each evaluative criterion. Consumers’ evaluative

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    criteria the features or desired characteristics of a product required to meet the consumer's needs; the features the consumer believes a product should have, such as suitable price, brand or ingredients.

The decision rule when consumers purchase the mobile phone

    "Consumer purchase decisions" means consumers carefully evaluate a product, the brand or service's properties and selection; purchase can satisfy a particular need products process. Broad consumer purchase decisions to meet some is to show consumer demand, in a certain purchasing motivation, under the control of the selection of two or more purchase scheme, after analysis, evaluation, select and implement the best purchase scheme and purchasing activities after evaluation process. It is a system of decision-making process, including needs determination, the purchasing motivation formation, purchase scheme choice and implementation, purchase such links evaluation. Consumers to buy mobile phone first to make sure there is warranty, airframe warranty for a year and a half, battery charger is guaranteed for one year guarantee half a year, and have these to buy. And businessman should be on the fuselage, battery, charger on adhesive labels, as the vouchers, secondly for guarantee valid receipt, warranty or other valid documents, and then purchase, login information industry website identify fuselage authenticity. For example: LG8188 should open the fuselage cover, check the number, finally when buying pay attention to recognize the battery of authenticity. Generally as a thin electricity, a thick electricity. Thin electricity standby typically 1 and half days, thick electricity in about three days. (general users).Consumers through brand loyalty type to purchase choose to buy a cell phone, and then based on the brand of mobile phone network search and information on collecting chose the good buying machine place, according to consumer demand for mobile phones, choose to buy as far as possible to buy HangHuo emporium buy, buy authority may see businessman strength. According to the evaluation of mobile phone handset function to compare, selected appearance,

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    compares the price. After buying mobile phone after inspection. Allocation: the battery, battery charger, mobile phone box headset check whether have labels in the Chinese language, whether exquisite printing, Whether there is original user manual in Chinese, original certificate, original battery; Quick charger, charging seat and other accessories type and quantity is ready, whether for manufacturers, original plug whether accord with Chinese pattern. The original electric worth hundreds of Yuan of above, and counterfeit batteries price less than 100 Yuan. With the false battery charging may cause explosive force, so must be carefully checked. Assume you have from price, battery life, after-sales service and display quality aspects of mobile phone to purchase made evaluation. But we still want to further assumption each brand in a certain attribute of performance especially outstanding in the other one or more attributes on expression is a bit poor, consumer can choose what brand? The answer lies in consumer adoption of decision rule. Consumers are often alone or simultaneous application five kinds of decision rules or pattern: connection, disjunctive, eliminate, compilation and compensating. Consumer decision-making is consumer in selection of several kinds of purchase scheme selected a reasonable solution process. Decision is the key link of consumers to buy activities; consumer is in fact the decision-making process of decision-making process. Consumers purchase decisions type: 1.the expandable decision is a complex decision-making. Features: interventional degree is high, Brand of big differences, A lot of information collection and extensive, thorough evaluation, Decision-making long 2.Finite type decisions: pursues diversification or others' influence of buy decision is finite type decision-making. Features: to product to a certain extent understanding; Brand little differences, Intervention with low levels, Decisions in a relatively short time 3.Nominal type decision itself does not include any decision. Type: loyalty type decision-making, habit type decision-making.

    Consumers’ conclusions and evaluations about mobile phone features

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    Mobile phones are the main invention of modern technology. They are completely part of our daily lives if we look at our society, we can see that all kinds of people are using mobile phones. Maybe they have many advantages, but they also experience drawbacks.

    The main advantage of mobile phones is that people can use them anytime and anywhere, so they can use one for an emergency. in addition, people can access the Internet whenever they use the mobile phones, so business people can use them at work to get information from Internet more conveniently Moreover, it is very easy to send messages to your friends. Mobile phones can make people keep intimacy in spite of long distance. Mobile phones are turning the world into a small visage where we can communicate with each other easily and simply. Finally, another point in favor of mobile phonetic that you can avoid disturbing anyone when he is sleeping reworking because in that case people often turn off their mobile phones. On the other hand, there are some drawbacks, too. Firstly, the most important disadvantage is the unknown effects on health in case of over-use. Scientists found that mobile phones can cause brain cancer. If you talk for so many hours, you are going to have headache and ear problems. Secondly, the mobile phone stimulate home for the high cost of communication. If you are in 3 measured families, you would spend a lot of money on mobile phone. Because tows to three of family have it, it cost about 150-200D in a month. Furthermore, the inappropriate use of mobile phones could be bothersome. For example, it is very appropriate to here a mobile phone ringing during a formal conversation, during a lesson, in a librarian in a cinema. Finally, mobile phones waste people too much time. An Amenity survey show that the teen-aged will spend average 2 hours to send mess age severe day. In conclusion, there are some benefits and drawbacks to mobile phones. Personally, I done like mobile phones very much, but i need use them. In my opining, mobile phones are good only if you use them correctly and politely, as in this case, all technology is beneficial.

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    This paper is when consumers decide to buy mobile phone; consumers usually consider what kind of problem as the research object. Through consumers evaluation standard and consumers through the decision rules to buy mobile phone to the advantages and disadvantages of etc to answer this question. Through this article will give consumer benefits, can make the consumer is buying a mobile phone attention to some problems, for example: pay attention to the brand, choose buyers mobile phone handset function than teach sites, such as mobile phone, appearance, pay attention to configure (battery, charger, headphones), ask after-sales maintenance services, etc. Actually, consumers to buy mobile phone a decision process, life a lot of moment we are virtually made decision-making process, it is good for the decision-making process can we buy ideal products to provide premise.

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