Career Talk on Internet Marketing & Advertising

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Career Talk on Internet Marketing & Advertising

    Career Talk on Internet Marketing & Advertising

Date: 28 November 2005 (Monday)

    Time: 5:15pm - 7:15 pm

    Venue: Lee Wing Tat Lecture Theatre (LTD)

    Introduction: When we have over 90% of young consumers online, no one can say that internet is

    just a secondary media. It's affecting all of our life the way we communicate, the

    way we make friends, and the way we share our experience, etc. Brands are trying

    different ways to ride on this new medium. In this seminar, we will use real life cases

    to show how brands embrace this internet trend, and how marketers are doing their

    brand communications differently.

Unlike other industries, Internet Marketing and Advertising industry is very young

    and dynamic in its nature. It requires someone with passion and understanding of the

    internet culture. The speakers will also share the career prospects in this industry, the

    excitement of it, and the tremendous opportunities offered.


    Internet Media (by Mr. Ralph Szeto)

    Internet Marketing (by Miss Venus Lee)


Language: Cantonese


    Mr. Ralph Szeto

    Director, MindShare Hong Kong

Ralph started his media career in Hong Kong in 1993 as media executive 12 years ago.

    He joined O&M's "the network" in 1997, and has been with MindShare since the start

    of operation. He has been promoted to Business Director of MindShare in 2001

    leading regional, local and digital media teams based in Hong Kong. Since late 2004,

    he is made responsible for managing all digital media business of MindShare, leading

    blue chips accounts such as American Express, Hutchison 3G, HSBC, Hang Seng

    Bank, Nike and PCCW AOR, etc.

    In March 2003, Ralph and his team initiated and successfully consolidated the first online media agency of record assignment of the largest online media spender - PCCW in Hong Kong.

    Ralph has also been driving the accountability of digital advertising by investing his time and efforts in research for this particular medium, such as Office Internet Usage research (Aug 03) and Search Engine Usage Survey (Mar 05) which helps clients to understand the medium, and driving more new business leads

Miss Venus Lee

    Director & Founder, e-Crusade Marketing Co. Ltd.

    Venus has over 10 years experience in marketing and brand management for both Hong Kong and China market. Having a strong belief in the emerging internet media, she has established e-Crusade Marketing Co., Ltd. with her partner, Royce Lee, back in 1999. Leading projects for well-known brands including Nike, Coca-Cola, San Miguel, CLP etc., Venus has abundant experience in establishing brands online, and creating consumer experience through integration between internet and strategy.

    Before establishing her own company, Venus has worked in Nestle for a long time in both Hong Kong and China market and has stationed in Beijing for two years. She is the graduate of Executive MBA Program from CUHK.


Please register online at . The closing date for registration is 25

    November 2005 (Friday).

     All students are welcome!

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