Marketing Plan Guide

By David Carpenter,2014-01-20 22:24
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Marketing Plan Guide


Marketing Plan Guidelines

1. Core business and mission statement

    - Include values, purpose, an overview of service, provides direction

2. Marketing position statement

    - A positioning statement expresses how you wish to be perceived. It is the

    core message you want to deliver in every medium. It often is composed of

    what you do, who you do it for, and what makes you unique.

3. Current Situation Analysis

     a) Organisational Analysis

     - Who are we?

    - What do we do?

     b) Target Market (people)

     - Who are we marketing to?

     - Who are our key stakeholders?

     c) Products, services or resources (product)

     - What do we have to offer?

     d) How do we deliver our products, services, resources? (place)

    - How do out customers/key stakeholders access our


    e) What is the cost of delivering our products, services, resources?


     - Not just financial costs, could be time, lost opportunities


    f) How do we promote our products, services or resources? (promotion)

    - Promotional mix advertising, direct marketing, sales

    promotion, internet/electronic, personal selling, PR/publicity.

     g) Competitive Analysis.

     - Who are our competitors?

     h) SWOT Analysis.

     - Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats.

4. Marketing Mix 4 P’s of Marketing

    ? Product: Describe your product strategy consider what features

    and benefits do you offer, your unique selling point (what makes

    your service different from everyone else’s), potential future


    ? Place/Distribution: How do you deliver your service? e.g. Through

    traditional library branches, agencies, mobile libraries etc. Consider

    future distribution channels.


    ? Price: What is your pricing strategy? Consider what does it cost to

    provide the service, what income do you make, do you have

    strategies to increase income, do you charge for events, activities?

    ? Promotion: How do you currently promote your service? How do

    your competitors promote their product / service? What works and

    what doesn’t. Consider advertising (web, print, radio, tv etc), public

    relations, direct marketing, branding.

5. Research

    ? What research have you done to substantiate the plan and is it


    e.g. Library management system data, Australian Bureau of

    Statistics, Survey’s, Industry reports etc

6. Goals and Objectives

    ? Goals are broad statements.

    ? Objectives should be specific and measurable, and should have a

    time frame in which to achieve an outcome.

7. Strategies and Tactics

    ? Strategies explain how we are going to achieve the objectives.

    ? Tactics are the actual activities that fulfil our strategies and goals.

8. Evaluation

    ? What systems will be put in place to measure the effectiveness of

    your strategies and tactics? How will you know if your outcomes

    meet your objectives?

9. Budget

    ? How much is it going to cost?

    ? Do we have the resources to deliver?

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