2004 Football Marketing Campaign

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2004 Football Marketing Campaign

    2007-08 Lehigh Women’s Basketball

    Pack the House Challenge Marketing Plan

Saturday, February 9, 2008

    vs. American 7:00pm

    Stabler Arena

______________________________Table of Contents______________________________

     Page #

    1. Schedule 3

    2. Situational Analysis 4

    3. Marketing Objectives 4

    4. Ticket Prices 4

    5. Season/Individual Ticket Sales 5

    a. Renewals 5

    b. New Sales 5

    c. Advertising 6

    6. Constituents 6-7

    7. Imaging 8

    a. Overall 8

    b. Game Day Promotions 8

    c. In Game Promotions 9

    8. Media 9

    9. Cost Analysis 9

    a. Overall Imaging 9

    b. Women’s Basketball Advertising 9

    10. Time Line 10-11

    11. 2006-07 Results 11

    Promotional Aspects

? Girl Scout Night 140 in attendance pre-game activities to earn their badges. All women’s student-

    athletes were in attendance to assist with GSN

    ? All women’s student-athletes recognized for their accomplishments as part of National Girls & Women in

    Sports Day

    ? Think Pink initiative: donated check for $543 to Susan G Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research

    ($1 per ticket sold by Head Coach Sue Troyan)

    ? Check presentation on 2/20 prior to WBB game vs. Colgate ? Our team wore pink t-shirts during warm-ups. Staff, ball kids, etc. wore pink shirts. Fans encouraged to

    wear pink as well. Tossed pink tees into crowd at timeouts. ? Used pink paper for programs, media notes, etc.

    ? Association of Student Alumni (over 100 members) attended as a group. ? 20 free pizzas to most spirited sorority

    ? Collected kids’ sneakers for Soccer Without Borders. Tied-in with GSD as Girl Scouts symbolically

    placed sneakers in box during halftime parade on the court. ? Invited a girl’s youth basketball team to scrimmage at halftime on the court. ? Post-game autographs with our players.

    ? AT&T giveaways to registered students

    ? Students could also make their Relay for Life donations at the game (student-run fundraiser)

    ? Hosted Corporate Partner Night reception for potential new clients on courtside stage

    _____________________________Marketing Objectives______________________________

? Set all-time regular season attendance record (previous record 1,430)

    ? Be the Pack the House Patriot League Champion

    ? Be in the running for the NCAA Pack the House Championship

     _________________________________Ticket Prices_________________________________


    Reserved- Chairback (includes both women’s and men’s game tickets) $94


    Reserved- Chairback (In advance) $5

    Reserved- Chairback (At the door) $8


    Group of 15+ $5

    Group of 15+ Pizza or Hot Dog Package $9

    Season/Individual Ticket Sales

New Sales

    ? Production of 1,500 season ticket brochures to be mailed to:

    o 550 local addresses in database

    ? Production of season ticket brochure emailed to:

    o 8,000 local alumni


    ? Production of 1,500 schedule posters with an advertisement for tickets. Increasing our distribution

    throughout Bethlehem, Coopersburg, Hellertown, Saucon Valley, Salisbury, Allentown, Emmaus, and


    o Featuring all Women’s Basketball players with a ghosted image of Stabler Arena

    ? Production of 10,000 schedule cards with an advertisement for tickets.

    o Featuring Junior Melissa Rich

    ? Increasing our distribution throughout Bethlehem, Coopersburg, Hellertown, Saucon Valley, Salisbury,

    Allentown, Emmaus, Whitehall and Parkland.

    ? Inventory 10,000

     Alumni Reunion 1,000

     Football Ticket Holders 1,000

     On Campus 1,500

     Women’s Basketball Events 1,500

     Women’s Basketball Staff 500

     Corporate Partners 500

    Bethlehem 600

     Coopersburg 600

     Hellertown 600

     Saucon Valley 600

     Allentown 600

     Emmaus 400

     Whitehall 600



    o Production of ticket button advertisement for linking to downloadable ticket

    brochure and online purchases, as well as Pack the House Challenge release

    o Email to 1,700 ticket buyers in database linking to Pack the House Challenge release the week of

    the game


? Schedule Cards

    ? Ticket Brochures

    ? Schedule Posters

    ? Lehigh Sports Magazine (30-minute TV coaches show Sue Troyan promoted Pack the House on 2/4)


    ? Email Blasts

    ? Word of Mouth

    ? Flyers / Handouts (vouchers etc.)

    ? LU Athletic Events (cross promotion opportunities)

    ? Student Spirit (weekly meetings planning event)

    ? Facebook (event created for Pack the House)



    ? Reach through mailings, email blasts & phone calls

    ? Timeline for contacting groups may vary depending on targeted group

    ? Promote all games to youth, middle school & high school teams, businesses, & community groups

    ? Special Promotional dates include: Volunteer Night, Camper Night, Girl Scout Night, NGWSD, Pack-the-

    House, Think Pink, Kids Day, Community Nights, Christmas City Classic Clinic

    Lehigh Valley Basketball Fans

    ? Reach through schedule cards, posters, ticket brochures, Express-Times ads, radio ads, word of mouth

    ? Targeted for season tickets and single game tickets



    ? Reach through daily digest emails, schedule cards, posters,, word of mouth

    ? Target for Pack the House and Lafayette games


    ? Reach through email and word of mouth from Development office

    ? Volunteer Day: Sunday, January 19 vs. Army

    Football & Wrestling Fans

    ? Reach through schedule card distribution at events

    ? Women’s Basketball handout schedules at October 27 football game vs. Georgetown

    ? Pack the House flyers posted at the Lehigh-Hofstra wrestling match


    ? Reach through the Hawks Nest & Mountain Hawk mascot’s Facebook account

    o Event created by the Hawks Nest and/or Mountain Hawk and sent out to friends

    o Mountain Hawk promoted the event to 500+ friends in the “Friend of the Mountain Hawk” group

    ? Panhel to promote the Lehigh-Lafayette game and the Lehigh-American game as “BIG” games

    ? Daily announcements posted on the campus portal promoting up coming games


Game Day Promotions. th? Saturday, February 9 vs. American

    o Girl Scout & National Girls/Women in Sport Night. This day will be promoted by contacting Girl

    Scout leaders in the Lehigh Valley and Western New Jersey. Activities will be held prior to tip off so

    that participants can earn badges, activities and speeches will be given by Lehigh female student-

    athletes, a Q&A session with the student-athletes, and an autograph session will follow the game with

    Lehigh women’s basketball players.

    o “Think Pink.” Women’s team to wear pink t-shirts during warm-ups. Twenty additional shirts

    thrown into the crowd. Provided pink t-shirts for event staff. All fans in attendance also

    encouraged to wear pink. Tied in the Susan G. Komen Foundation and handed out pink ribbons to

    fans upon arrival. Bookstore had pink merchandise for sale. Many printed materials produced on

    pink paper (timelines, scripts, program inserts).

    o Pack-the-House Night. A big push for attendance will be made for this rivalry game. All alumni

    will be notified by direct email and by postings on the web. Lehigh students will be heavily

    targeted as well. Women’s athletics teams asked to be present so we can recognize them through

    NGWSD. Attendance contest for sororities, the house with the highest attendance wins 20 FREE

    pizzas from Domino’s.

In-game Promotions

    ? Domino’s Pizza Oversized Clothes Race

    ? Red Robin Shooting Contest

    ? The Goosey Gander Shootout

    ? Youth halftime games

    ? Post game autographs

    ? Dining Services T-shirt Toss - shirts will be thrown out into the audience at designated timeouts.


    o TBA



______________________________ Marketing Time Line________________ ________


    5 Email Girl Scout information to leader and Girl Scout Council contacts

    9 Ticket button placed on WBB page of

    9 Season and single game tickets go on sale

    15 Mail season ticket renewals

    15 Distribute ticket brochures & schedule cards to specific locations within local community

    19 Photo shoot for poster

    20 PA and Message Board announcements about basketball tickets on sale (Holy Cross FB game)

    24 First proof of poster

    26 Final proof of poster

    27 Distribution of schedule cards at the Georgetown football game

    27 Sideline interview on SE2 at the Oct. 27 Football game vs. Georgetown?

    27 PA and Message Board announcements about basketball tickets on sale (Georgetown FB game)

    27 Basketball ticket reader on TV & Radio broadcasts

    29 Distribute posters and schedule cards around campus

    29 Follow up calls to non-respondents of ticket brochure


    1 Mail season tickets

    1 High School & Jr. High mailing to 80 school districts within 50 miles of Bethlehem

    5 Express Times ad promoting season and single game tickets

    7 1,500 copies of poster arrive

    19 Email blast to all youth basketball contacts 19 Email blast to summer campers. Promoting early games, group sales, and Camper Night


    5 Flyer created and displayed at all basketball games promoting all up coming special events including Pack

    the House


    3 Email blast to summer campers, reminding them about Camper Night & Kids Night 4 Contacted all women’s sports programs asking they be present on Feb. 9as part of NGWSD

    6-7 WBB players visit to area youth basketball game to promote Patriot League games, PTH 8 Email reminder to Girl Scout leaders

    30 Message Board & PA announcements re: Pack the House / Think Pink

    Weekly: Student Spirit Committee meetings to discuss ways to draw students to Pack the House


    2 Message Board & PA announcements re: Pack the House / Think Pink

    4 Sue Troyan appears on Lehigh Sports Magazine to promote Pack the House and Think Pink 5 Hawks Nest email (all undergrads)

    5 Reminder to all women’s sports coaches regarding NGWSD Recognition at Pack the House

    9 Pack the House, NGWSD, Think Pink, & Girl Scout Night vs. American


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