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By Angela Bradley,2014-05-17 00:28
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Prepare a SWOT analysis for your business using the following template.The SWOT and PEST analysis can then be cut and paste into the body.


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    The material in this document has been prepared for guidance only. It has been based on a

    variety of published material. It should not be considered a professional advice.

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Every business should have an up to date plan to use as the road map to drive the business forward. The

    Business Plan should be a useful management tool assisting management to stay on track and keep

    focussed on future goals. This should be a working document, reviewed and updated regularly.

    Many business owners carry the business plan around in their heads without writing a formal document. This

    often leads to confusion and lack of focus in the business. Even spending a few hours writing down your

    thoughts and goals for the next 12 months can clarify your thoughts.

    Discussing an investment opportunity in person usually brings out much more of the passion and excitement

    that is driving this business forward. Without going “over the top” your Business Plan needs to convey this

    commitment. You should use simple graphics, diagrams and charts to convey information and concepts. Try

    not to use to many photographs, as they can be very slow on the Internet.

    The Plan Needs to Have Good Structure

    You need to quickly build a compelling case

    Professional investors know that business plans rarely improve as you read on. So if they are not at least

    interested after page one, they are unlikely to proceed. Try to start your plan so that the reader gets very

    interested on page one, and gets more and more interested as the plan progresses. Good structure will help

    to achieve this.

    Investor Must Quickly Understand Why this Opportunity Should not be


    How it will make money?

    What is your unique selling proposition (USP)?

    You should, within the first page show why the reader shouldn‟t miss this opportunity. To do this you must

    quickly show how it will make money within a realistic period of time. The investor isn‟t interested in finding

    out that you, a university, a group of employees or a merchant bank are going to make a lot of money. The

    investor wants to know how he or she is going to make money.

    Set out on the following pages is a simple template to prepare a basic business plan for your business. There

    is no need to go into great depth and detail in the first instance, just jot down bullet points to expand on at a

    future date.

    SWOT Analysis

A starting point to preparing a business plan is to conduct a SWOT and PEST analysis.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

As part of the Business Planning process an analysis and assessment of the organisations Strengths, Weaknesses,

    Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) should be undertaken. This can assist management in identifying the

    organisation‟s distinctive competence, skills, culture and resources.


    ? Australian Business Ltd 2003

Example: A possible SWOT analysis for a retail furniture shop.

    STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Excellent high exposure main road city No other complimentary location businesses close by. Established in same location 10 years Limited parking

    Good cash flow business Accessible from one side of street only Specialist expertise in small, limited product Building looks tired range