Ravi Varma Uppalapati

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Worked with a Team in setting up EMC / Failover-Failback / BCV Software :Oracle 73,Cache 51,PSoft 6/7,HPUX(10x),Framework,MCoding (Mumps), and NT 40

Ravi Varma Uppalapati (Ravi) website:

    11056 Oak Spur Court, Apt. A , St. Louis, Mo 63146 email:

    (314) 692 4232? (314) 324 7454(cell) (314) 955 8218 (work)

    A Senior ORACLE/PEOPLESOFT DBA with 10+ years of working experience in design, implementation and maintenance of challenging & efficient RDBMS/ERP systems.

    ; Well versed in architectural issues and experienced in Business Analysis, Systems Study, Data Modeling

    Process Modeling & Application Tuning.

    ; Possesses excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills and a corporate appearance.


    RDBMS Oracle 9i/8i/7.3x, Cache` 5.x , 4D

    Utilities / TeamPlay, RFP Machine, DB Tuner, Log Miner, Documentum, OEM, Veritas, Data Model Tools SQL*Loader, Sqllab, DBArtisan , Erwin etc.

    OS HP Unix 11x/10.20, Solaris 2.6/2.5, AUX 3.0(Apple Unix), SCO-Unix,

    Windows NT/2000, Exchange 5.5, Mac.Sys 7

    Erp / Peoplesoft 8x (HRMS/FIN/Student Admin modules),Bea Tuxedo, Sqr, Message

    Middleware Agents , Netscape/Jolt etc.

    Languages C, MF/RM Cobol, Prolog, SQL, PL/SQL, Perl Scripting, awk,Shell Scripts etc.

    Tools VB, Super Card 2.5, Marionette 2.0, Symantec C, M Coding (Mumps)

    Web Weblogic, Apache, Xml, Html/Dhtml,VB Script/JavaScript, ASP, IIS etc.

    Backup RMAN, SQL*BACKTRACK, Autosys, Primewara, Crystal Reports,

    Tools/Others Export/Import Utilities, Tar, Crontab etc.


AG Edwards, St.Louis, MO 4/00 Present

    Title: Oracle/PeopleSoft DBA

    ; Worked with a Team in setting up EMC / Failover-Failback / BCV environment for the Peoplesoft

    Financial Production database with a regular db & failover setup on RAW spaces ( SAN servers).

    ; Migration DBA Support of Tools & Application (PS Financials).

    ; Migration DBA Support of Tools & Application (PS HRMS).

    ; Oracle Software Installation & Upgrade work.

    ; Oracle upgrade from 7.3.4. to 8.1.6, 8.1.6 to 8.1.7 and later from 817 to 9i ( , also worked in the

    preparation of a common build for Net*8/ODBC on the NT side (CAPI/eNT/CWNT builds) and a common

    network TNS connectivity enterprise wide for all the Oracle Applications at AGE. ; Supported the RAW to File Systems conversion Project.

    ; Application servers adminisatration (Bea/PS/Message agent/Jolt/web/apache). Implementation of Tuxedo

    (app. Server) on separate sun servers.

    ; Load Balancing of the App. Servers .

    ; Applying work arounds/patches for communication of Oracle multi versions and tools upgrade, patches

    application for Peoplesoft on HP/Sun Unix boxes.

    ; Uploading of the Oracle latest (universal ) and Peoplesoft (global customer support) information and

    implementing the same time and again.

    ; Maintain Separate environments for Production and Development (both on HP 11 and Sun Solaris 2.6/6.5) ; ITO Alarms / Threshold maintenance from the DBA point with BMC Patrol Team.

    ; Worked with the Unix Admin / DBA group in replacement of Jamaica disk to FC 60 Disk Array. ; Tuning the application/sqr’s/app.Engine/nVision/Crystal jobs time and again and assisting the

    users/developers on migration of their codes/customizations/queries etc.

    ; Creation and maintenance of Security,Authentication, Grants and roles time and again for all the users and

    their schema objects in a DBA Team Work.

    ; Refreshment of various database copies as per the customer requirements.

    ; Supported Production Triggers and Pin Keep tasks.

    ; Supported the Implementation of hot and Cold backups using SQL*Backtrack, Autosys and currently

    with RMAN.

    RAVI Page 1 10/12/2014

    ; Production support DBA on a rotating Pager (3 DBA’s) for Remedy Tickets, ABS, Autosys, Change

    Calendar Requests and RMAN.

    ; Mainstay with database recovery/restoration techniques either point-in-time, roll-forward or Tape to Disk

    and many other such scenerios as per requirement.

    ; Helping developers/ users in creating stored procedures, admin job requests, coding sqls’, tuning requests,

    documentation, performance monitoring(application,os) etc etc.

Los Rios Community College District, Sacramento CA 7/99 4/00

    Title: Lead Oracle/PeopleSoft DBA

    ; Oracle Software Installation and Upgrade work.

    ; Oracle upgradation from 7.3.4 to 8.0.5, Apply and test patches in a multi database environment. ; Installation and maintenance of Bea Tuxedo, Sqr Server, Jolt Relay, Apache in a Logical 3 Tier


    ; Create and Maintain Separate environments for Production and Development (N class 9000 HPUX Servers) ; Tools & Application installation / upgrade / patches etc.(PS Financials, HRMS & Student Admin Modules). ; Tuning the application,app engine,sqrs, nvision requests time and again and assisting the users/developers

    on migration of their codes/customizations.

    ; Oracle reconfiguration, optimization, monitoring, tuning and auditing to reduce overhead, improve

    throughput and promote security.

    ; Performed database normalization and de-fragmentation.

    ; Implemented hot backups.

    ; Cold Backups (tar / sql*backtrack via autosys) and migration from disk to Tape. ; Helped programmers in creating stored procedures, database triggers and maintaining integrity constraints. ; Applied patches and fixes to the existing application in accordance with the requirements. ; Supported the People Soft application on Oracle database, Installation,Configuration etc. ; Worked in a 24x7 environment with pager option for adhoc and regular batch.

    ; Supporting different PeopleSoft environments during their testing and development phases and successfully

    moved them to production. The modules implemented were HRMS / FINANCIALS /STUDENT ADMIN. ; Database refreshment works on all the 3 modules.

    ; Documentation of all the tasks and turnover training to employee DBAs when my contract was completed as

    the 3 modules have been moved to Production.

Shared Medical Systems, Basingstoke, London( U.K.) 10/98-4/99

    Title: DBA

    Software :Oracle 7.3,Cache 5.1,P.Soft 6/7,HPUX(10x),Framework,MCoding (Mumps), and NT 4.0

; Implement the Phase I module of DOHMS Project .

    ; Installation of Oracle 7.3 Server , Cache’ 5 Server and PeopleSoft 6/7 (HRMS)

    ; Creation and Configuration of all the DB Instances.

    ; Size Estimation with know-how from other analysts

    ; Tuning SQL, Database Buffer Cache, Shared Pool, Rollback Segments as per the client requirements. ; Design the appropriate Backup and Recover Strategies and the regular batch.

    ; Administration of Database and Security profiles

    ; Successfully implemented the Phase-I module of the DOHMS Project , Documentation and training the in-

    house employees when the contract completed after the Phase-I module Implementation (Dubai Health

    and Medical Sciences Department.)

NITCO S.P.A, Italimpianti Group, Italy 3/97-9/98

    Title: DBA

    Client: Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

    Hardware : Sun Sparc, Pentium PCs.

    Software :Oracle 7.3x server, SUN OS 5.5.1, VB5.0, Symantec C, Project5x, Primewara, SQR

     3x, PS Query, Pcode, Import Manager.

; Installation and Upgrade of Oracle Server/Client Software.

    RAVI Page 2 10/12/2014

; Author functional requirements, documentation and implementation.

    ; Investigate new technology; develop better strategies for software development and provide client support. ; Installing and setting up the database, fine-tuning the database design for optimal performance, Rollback

    Segments, Backups, Issuing User Logins and replicating the database.

    ; Massive move of data from legacy system into Oracle db instances using many third party tools. ; Allocation of Tablespaces, buffer cache, planning and designing of Local Area Networks. ; Assisting users on diagnosing performance problems with their SQL queries, sqrs, app engine jobs, stored

    procedures and packages.

    ; Project Analyst for the System Study Team on the MOPA-2 Project i.e. Contabilizzato(budget) application

    developed exclusively for the ESBI and WED requirements which is integrated with the five major power

    stations in Abu Dhabi (Umm Al Nar east, west, Taweelah, Baniyas and Ensaldo power stations) ; Conversion of the all the power stations Databases from Sybase to Oracle Database and replicating the

    same to the Head Office in Italy.

Apple Macintosh Center, Sharjah, U.A.E. 06/94 - 03/97

    Title: Lead Programmer DBA/Analyst

    Hardware: Apple Power Server, Performa Series

    Software : AUX , Oracle 7.x, Supercard 2.5, Marionette 2.0, Mac OS, 4 D

; Incharge Database Design /development for various clients projects.

    ; Incharge user training and support

    ; Author functional requirements documentation for various projects

Database Design / analysis / Implementation / Training works for:

    ; Finance cum Bank Impreset Software for Dubai Commerce and Tourism Promotion Board, Dubai. ; MIS cum Payroll System for Al Nassar Group, Jordan.

    ; Billing System, daily invoicing cum membership control system for Internet Cafe, Dubai. ; Accounting cum budgeting Software for American International School, Abu Dhabi.

    ; Budgeting, Passenger cum Cargo Maintenance Software for Ethiopian Airlines, Dubai.

    ; Automation Package (in-house), designed to make any corporate office paperless. Some of the tasks

    accomplished by the package were Time Scheduling, Personal & General Information Management, Task

    Assignment and Follow up, Conferencing, Document Processing, E-mail. For the development of this

    project, I was assigned the role of project leader. My responsibilities were Case Study, Database Design,

    and selection of front-end tool, distribution and assignment of application development to the team, tuning

    the database and operating system for optimal performance, tuning SQL statements, debugging and testing

    of various modules of the application software.

    ; Accounting Package (in-house). The package is used for Personal and Payroll Management, Purchase and

    Stock Control (Inventory), Posting Facilities at different levels, Budget forecast with actuals etc. This

    software is designed to work efficiently under Wide Area Network using either dedicated telephone lines or

    standard telephone lines, with databases distributed in remote machines. The advanced data replication

    facility provided by ORACLE-7 Server is utilized to make the data consistent on each of the remote

    databases. This project is developed using ORACLE-7 Server running on A/UX 3.0(Apple Unix) and

    Supercard for Mac. 2.5 as the front end tool. The beta version of the software was put to display at GITEX

    95, which evoked good response from Macintosh users, resulting in winning many orders from prestigious


IEC Ltd., New Delhi / Vizag, INDIA. 03/93 - 06/94

    Title: Sr. Analyst Programmer (South Operations)

    Hardware: IBM PC, Digital Unix Server

    Software: Unix SCO, Oracle 6, SQL Forms, C, C++, COBOL, FOXPRO

    ; Developing Software Projects of the Company (Southern Region), Corporate Training, R & D.

Projects done during my work period:

    ; Financial Accounting System ( Oracle 6 + Forms)

    ; Invoice-Inventory cum Payroll Control System ( Oracle 6 + Forms)

    ; Question Bank cum Speed Test Application ( Oracle 6 + C )

RAVI Page 3 10/12/2014

    Compat Inc.,(CAT), Bangalore / Vizag, INDIA. 09/91 - 03/93 Title: Systems Programmer

    Hardware: IBM PC, Digital Unix Server

    Software: Unix SCO, Oracle 6, SQL Forms, C, C++, COBOL, FOXPRO

; Development work of Software Projects for the company in a Team of 6 Programmers and a Lead Analyst.


; Financial Accounting System ( Oracle 6 + forms)

    ; Material Inventory Control System (Fox Pro 2.5)

    ; Patient Maintenance cum Billing System (Oracle 6 + C) ; School Maintenance Application (Oracle 6 + SQL forms)


     thDate of Birth Aug 15, 1969

Highest Level of Education Masters Degree in Computer Applications (1991)

     Training & Others

    ; PG Diploma in Software Tech. (1 year)

    ; Certified Oracle DBA.

    ; Trained by Apple Macintosh Center UAE,

    on Mac. DTP Products,4D,Sym.C++

    ; Trained by Framework Corporation ,UK on

    Frame Work 5.x

    ; Trained by Peoplesoft Corporation,

    Pleasanton, CA on Tools Admin,

    Application Server & PRCS.

    ; Intercollegiate Painting Grade 1 Holder.

    (Water Colors/Shades)

    ; Employee of the Month award from

    Los Rios Community College District,

    Sacramento,CA for March 2000.

Words to Live By "Face any situation Fearlessly…

     and soon…

     There will be no situation to face !!”


    ; On request.

RAVI Page 4 10/12/2014

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