Recommendation Instructions For Reference

By Bryan Greene,2014-10-29 19:54
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Recommendation Instructions For Reference

    Recommendation Instructions For Reference

    Master of Chicana and Chicano Studies Program

    California State University, Northridge

The applicant has given your name as a reference. Please provide us with information

    as to the applicant’s qualifications and capabilities. We are requesting your assessment

    of the applicant’s academic skills, concern for social and political issues, motivation and potential for graduate work.

Please provide us with information that would enhance our understanding and

    assessment of this individual’s ability to handle the overall high demands of a graduate program and the demands of being a professional in the field. Please attach a letter on letterhead that further elaborates the areas that you feel might warrant more detail or those not addressed in the attached questionnaire.

Recommendation Packet Checklist:

    ? Complete bottom portion of Recommendation Form.

    ? Complete one page Recommendation Questionnaire and sign.

    ? Write a letter of recommendation on letterhead.

    ? Place the (1) Recommendation Form (top part filled out by applicant),

     (2) Recommendation Questionnaire and

     (3) Recommendation letter in an envelope together.

    ? Sign over the seal of the envelope and mail to:

     Dr. Christina Ayala-Alcantar

     California State University, Northridge

     Chicana and Chicano Studies Department

     18111 Nordhoff Street

     Northridge, CA 91330-8246

    Should you have any questions or concerns, please call Dr. Christina Ayala-Alcantar at (818) 677-2737 or e-mail at


    Recommendation Form

    Master of Chicana and Chicano Studies Program

    Fall 2009

    Applicant Information First Name: Middle Name: Last Name:

Permanent Address:

    Home Phone Number: Cell Phone: Work Phone:

E-mail address:

    Reference Information First Name: Middle Name: Last Name:

Work Address:

    Work Phone Number: E-mail address: Title/Credentials:


    Recommendation Questionnaire

    Master of Chicana and Chicano Studies Program

    Fall 2009

    Applicant Name: Reference Name:

    Directions: Please rate the applicant relative to other students. Mark the box that best describes the applicant. Thank you.

     Above Below

    Category Very Good Average Average Average Not

    (Top 10%) (Top 25%) (Top 50%) (Below 50%) observed

    Ability to work with others

    Ability to work independently

    Academic preparation

    Critical thinking

    Leadership skills


    Oral communication skills

    Promise as a graduate students

    Promise as a professional in the field

    Quality of work

    Time management skills

    Written skills

    1. How long have you known the applicant? ________________________________

    2. In what capacity do you know the applicant? _____________________________

    3. Please indicate your overall recommendation for this applicant (Select only one):

     ? highly recommended

     ? recommended

     ? recommended with reservations

     ? do not recommend


    I agree that all statements made on this questionnaire and in the enclosed letter of recommendation are true and accurate descriptions of the applicant.

____________________________ ___________________________

    Reference’s Signature Date


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