Overview of Marketing Services

By Shannon Bailey,2014-01-20 22:18
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Overview of Marketing Services

    Overview of Marketing Services

The Rabjohns Financial Group / New England Financial Marketing Department provides

    a wide range of services to enhance the firm’s identity and to help Representatives

    market themselves and their talents to prospective and existing clients.

    ? We help new Representatives identify markets and develop plans to reach those


    ? We support the target marketing goals of the firm by conducting research,

    disseminating information, and providing marketing tools and consultation to

    target market team members.

    ? We have access to a great deal of information about various companies,

    consumers and industries to help Representatives build their knowledge of

    markets and their members.

    ? We serve as a resource for obtaining qualified leads utilizing mailings, New

    England Financial sources, campaigns, databases, and marketing events to

    help Representatives build their client base.

    ? We help build a positive image for Representatives and the company by getting

    Representatives’ names and faces, as well as the Rabjohns name, into the


    Mission Statement Our mission is to continue the development of our firm, so that it is recognized by our

    clients, our peers in the industry, related professional advisors and product-providing

    partners as a consummate professional group, highly successful in sales and an efficient, ethical provider of caring service to our clients.

Research Representatives benefit from a significant amount of information obtained through

    marketing research. We have databases to help Representatives obtain information

    about companies and individuals, based on industries, names, and geographic location.

    For example, we can generate a list of all printers, with sales greater than $5 million,

    located in Palatine. We can access information about a particular company such as its

    number of employees, officers’ names, and sales numbers. We can also provide lists of

    individuals or businesses located within a certain radius of a client or prospect’s home,

    so Representatives can ask for referrals while on an appointment.

We can access New England’s corporate library for additional information on industries

    and markets, including market profiles, association lists, industry articles, etc.

The Marketing Department assists Representatives in researching target markets for

    prospecting, obtaining contacts, learning about trade shows and seminars all of which

    may help a Representative ―get his or her foot in the door‖ with a new prospect.


    The Marketing Department helps Representatives build their image along with that of the

    firm by providing Representatives with the following tools:

    ? Firm brochures are informative marketing pieces that many Representatives

    give to their clients or prospects.

    ? Personalized Profiles are one-page Representative biographies that provide

    information about Rabjohns Financial Group and the Representative, including

    education, professional experience, awards, etc.

    ? Business Quarterly and Financial Advisor Newsletters are quarterly

    publications produced by New England Financial that provide useful financial

    information to a Representative’s business and individual clients. Each issue is

    personalized with a picture of the Representative and his or her contact


    ? Bylined Articles are ghost-written articles available to Representatives for use in

    publications. The articles are pre-written and their subjects range from

    retirement and estate planning to college funding to business strategies.


    All new Representatives meet with a Managing Associate and the Marketing Department

    to create their personal marketing plan. The Representative’s natural markets are

    identified and methods to reach those markets are analyzed. Natural markets may

    include associates from past jobs, social or civic organizations, and alumni clubs.

Once the natural markets are identified, the Marketing Department provides assistance

    with formalizing a strategic action plan for the Representative.

Target Marketing

    Target marketing plays a large role in the business philosophy of Rabjohns Financial

    Group. We define a target market as an industry that has individuals with common

    needs that we can serve, common characteristics that we can identify, and common

    communication vehicles that we can use to reach them. Target markets we focus on are

    Manufacturing, Construction and Landscaping. Representatives are assigned to a team

    of associates working to penetrate each of these markets.

Support is provided Representatives in researching the markets, targeting specific

    business owners, supporting industry trade groups, identifying networking opportunities,

    generating mailings, participating in trade shows, and developing seminars.

Lead Generation

    The Marketing Department can be a great resource to Representatives in the area of

    lead generation.

    ? New England’s National Annual Marketing campaigns are designed to generate

    leads for Representatives and Rabjohns Financial Group participates in several

    campaigns each year.

    ? Unassigned Policy Holders are clients who already have accounts with our firm

    but whose Representatives are deceased or retired. The Marketing Department

    assigns these clients to new Representatives so they can contact the clients and

    service their accounts, as well as take advantage of new sales opportunities.

    ? Wave mailings and other forms of direct mail are utilized to help Representatives

    acquire leads. The Marketing Department assists with developing databases,

    writing letters, and managing the mailing process.

    ? Seminars and networking events are also important ways to generate leads.

    Prospective clients are invited to learn about our products and services in a

    personal, individualized manner. The Marketing Department has access to the

    Emerald Seminar Series, a tool used for conducting seminars that provides

    instructions and handouts for Representatives to use and distribute.

Sales Training

    Sales training occurs on an ongoing basis, through group training at firm meetings, computer-based training, and one-on-one training conducted by the Marketing staff. A wide range of informational material is made available through a monthly employee newsletter, memos and handouts, and various MetLife and New England Financial resources.

Public Relations

    The Marketing Department manages the writing and distribution of press releases to promote Representatives and publicize note-worthy events such as hirings, promotions, and designations earned. Other public relations opportunities and special events are evaluated as opportunities arise.


    Rabjohns Financial Group is a strong, highly trusted financial planning firm, with a commitment to excellence and attention to detail. Our logo is the symbol of that identity. The Marketing Department oversees the maintenance of our image and assures proper use of the RFG logo, as well as the New England Financial and MetLife logos, in all media.


    The Rabjohns Financial Group website positions the firm as a leader in the financial services field and provides educational and useful information to clients and prospects. It also features a photo and biography of each Representative.

Trade Shows

    Through our affiliation with various community organizations and trade groups, Rabjohns Financial Group Representatives participate in various trade shows and other programs. To support these efforts, the Marketing Department works with Representatives to maximize exposure and results. We have an easy-to-transport and easy-to-assemble trade show booth and can provide a variety of collateral materials.

Printed Materials

    A Resource Center is stocked with a supply of current sales literature and prospectuses for use by Representatives.

Personalized Assistance

    The Marketing Department is always available as a resource for strategic planning; the development of customized ads, flyers, or direct mail; assistance with guiding items through the compliance-approval process; or individualized training.

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