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Please describe an occasion where you met with real difficulties. How did you solve the


    1.Background: In April 2005, I, as well as another six members of the Students’ Union was selected to

    organize a big activity: A visit to SHENZHEN for practice.

2. Sudden change:

    The student and the teachers advised us to choose a new city which is different from where we visited the

    former years (SHENZHEN) after our preparation already began for half a month.

3. Why difficult:

    (1) To change a new city means to change everything, including the company what we plan to visit, the

    accommodation problem and the whole travel route.

    (2) We needed to give up all the sources that we accumulated for this event before. We must solve the

    entire detail problems from the beginning.

As the leader, under great pressure, I shouldered my responsible and organized a meeting to decide

    venue of this visit. After series of brainstorming, we decided to choose ZHUHAI as our target.

4. How to overcome:

    ?I made up a detailed plan including the goal, the process, the alarm terms and a reasonable budget,

    and then divided the project into small tasks; ?Every teammate was assigned with specific tasks by utilizing his or her strengths, including contacting new companies which we would like to visit and solving

    the accommodation problem for 100 participants, etc; ?I arranged meetings regularly except urgent situations. We communicated very well, sharing our experiences throughout the task and solving tough

    problems together. ? We thought out solutions to problems that might possibly happen; ?During the

    two-day’s visit, each one of us was in charge of different responsibility and we kept taking care of and

    motivating each other.

5. Results: ?With our efforts, the visit was very successful and receives a great number of praises from

    the school authority and the participants especially the freshmen.?We established a long turn

    relationship with the companies visited this time and the Students’ Union of SUN YAT-SEN UNIVERSITY.

    Please describe a situation that your idea was not immediately accepted by others? How did you try to convince them? What was the outcome?

    1. Situation; the students of our following grade were all study in the north campus. Thus it needed to set up a branch of the Students Union there. We decided to recruit

    the freshmen during their military training. However, as the leader of this project, how to advertise and promote this recruitment effectively really caused me a great

    headache due to the distance between two campuses.

    2. My unpopular decision: to send the roses to the drillmasters while the freshmen were training. And then advertise the recruitment to the students. It of course can give our target customers (freshmen) a perfect image.

3. Actions to sell my decision:

    ?I analyzed the situation and the possible problems to my teammates, especially the uselessness of traditional way of promotion.

    ?I promoted my decision to teammates and promised that I would shoulder the expense of buying roses if my decision did not work.

    ?we prepared a bundle of roses on the day we held the interviews. Before the beginning of the process, we went to the training field, gave each drillmaster a rose and encouraged our freshmen to attend our interviews.

4. Outcome: The results surpassed my expectation. The drillmasters leaded all the

    students to the venue where the interviews were hold. More than 1000 freshmen took part in our recruitment and we successfully found out the right persons finally.

    If you have ever worked at L'Oreal or participated in a L'Oreal business game, please describe your experience.

    Sorry, I have not worked at L'Oreal or participated in a L'Oreal business game. But I have great

     interest in this game. If I have chance I will participate it.

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