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    More About You

This section has been designed to help us evaluate you as an individual and

    differentiate you from other candidates. Please answer each of the following questions

    in no more than 1000 characters.

1) Why are you applying for this position?

    1.Career preference.As a student majoring in accounting, to work as a professional

    accountant has been my dream through all these years .

2.PwC’s attraction.

    ?PwC’s heritage,size and market share,and mission.Everything of PwC seems to be

fantastic to me.I believe that I will gain experience that I will value throughout my life;

    ?the way PwC develops and looks after its people,and the way it rewards

    excellence.All makes me believe that I am going to learn so much and become a real professional in the near future.

    ?PwC’s emphasis on work and life balance.

    ?PwC’s people.They are smart,professional,talentedand aspiring.I am sure it will be

    wonderful to work in such a team ;

    ?PwC’s slogan“connected thinking”.I agree a lot that the best advice comes from making connections with related things.

3.My identification with PwC’s culture and code of conduct.PwC’s emphasis on

    teamwork,training,and work and life balance makes me believe that this is the company

    that I want to work for.

2) Please explain how your personal qualities, skills, knowledge and working

    experience will help you to be successful in the position for which you are applying. 1.General qualification to be part of PwC.

    ?like to challenge convention;?bring new insights and perspectives;?critical and logical thinking;?strive to accomplish tasks accepted;?smart enough to apply my expertise into the work;?eager to develop my talents and knowledge;?value ethics and code of conduct;?enjoy teamwork.

2.Special qualifications to be an auditor.

    ?Commercial orientation.I have very strong business sense and strong command of

    accounting knowledge;?excellent communication skills;?fast-learning ability which my academic excellence indicates;?influencing skills and great leadership. I have led

    teams of various sizes to accomplish great tasks successfully;?problem solving and decision making skills. All the awards I got proved this;?drive and the initiative.

3. My distinguished capabilities:internship & part-time experiences in MNCS(such as

    Colgate),conscientiousness,meticulosity,maturity,good memory,numerical acumen,and

    willingness to travel frequently.

3) What community or students' clubs do you belong to and to what extent are you


    1. Students’ Union of School of Management.?Role: Member of the Social

    Relationship Dept.;?Accomplishments: Participating constructing the foundation of

    Communication System for 5 famous universities’ student work; establishing good

    relationship with social organizations and other schools;Seeking the financial

assistance for activities(10000RMB collected by myself).

    2. Students’ Union of School of Management.?Role: Vice-Chairman of the Union;?Accomplishments: Organizing and taking charge of more than 10 large-scale activities successfully, such as the 4th "Simulation Trade Fair", the Social Practice of " Going to

    Zhuhai ", the Western Knowledge Contest and so on; Duty for the recruitment of the

    committee and taking charge three main departments..

As a group leader, I communicated with different people, managed various activities

    and face many problems. All these work had tested my leadership, communicated

    skills, as well as problems solving skills.

4) Any additional information?

    1. My academic excellence. My total GPA in the past three years is 3.48/4. Specifically, I was honored the scholarship of our university for 3 years. This can be a strong

    evidence that I can be an excellent professional accountant.

2. My excellent internship experiences.I have financial work experiences in MNCS,

    such as Colgate China. All these help broaden my knowledge and let me know how

    fantastic it will be to work in a MNC like PwC.

3.My conscientiousness and meticulosity. In the past three years, I've received a lot of

    recognition and praise for my willingness to take responsibility and my carefulness when doing things.

4. My good numerical acumen.

5. Willingness to travel frequently. I love to travel, so I cam crazy about being an


    6. I like to work hard and play hard and PwC supports this.

7. I enjoy sports and have a strong body. I will become an excellent member of PwC's

    badminton team or other sports teams to contribute PwC's success in sports events

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