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    My most honorable act in University was to establish an excellent relationship with the Hong Kong Global Education Training Center Co., LTD, which provided great finance supports for activities of our students union mainly due

    to my effort.

    I never communicated with any businessman before I came into university. Contacting and asking for some finance supports from this company was my first task when I became a Member of the Public Relation Department in the Students Union of School of Management, GDUFS. Through

    my hard work, we cooperated very well and finally we succeed in forming a win-win situation.

    Why I considered it to be the most honorable was based on the following points:

    1. My efforts. As a freshman, I challenged myself and put my whole energy into this business. From contacting the

boss of the company to negotiating the terms of the

    contracts, I finished everything carefully. These all

    resulted in my successes of the task and an intern job

    provided by this company the next year.

2. My negotiation skills and implementing ability. I must

    try my best to persuade the company to sponsor us while I

    was thinking of the ways to publicize the company in my

    university. Thus I always stood at my partners side,

    providing them with chances of advertising as much as

    possible. And it worked. Now the company supports more than

    5000 RMB for our schools activities every year.

3. My recognition from both the colleague of the company

    and the Students Union which proved my communication and

    interpersonal skills. Since my excellent performance, the

    school authority appreciated my initiative and

    conscientiousness while the company offered me an intern


4. In the process, like a real businessman, I trusted my

    partner (the company) and offered the best service to it.

At the same time, we got what we want. This sense of

    achievement really satisfies me and I will cherish this

    honorable experience through my life.

    1. Background: In April 2005, I, as well as another six

    members of the Students Union was selected to organize a big activity: A visit to ZHUHAI for practice. As the

    leader, I was responsible for ?Designing the whole plan and do some prepare work. ?Motivating my teammates and supervise their work including organizing the audients and

    contacting the companies that we would like to visit. ?

    Solving the accommodation problems of the activity.

2. Goal: ?To provide our students with a good chance to

    get close to some famous companies and to help them to

    combine their knowledge and practices together; ?To

    ensure the whole activity process goes smoothly and safely;

    ?To control the cost to fit our budget effectively.

Because the visit was within a tight deadline, so it was

    actually a difficult task.

3. Actions: ?We had a meeting to decide venue of this visit.

    After series of brainstorming, we decided to challenge

    ourselves, choosing a new city which is different from

    where we visit the former year(SHENZHEN); ?We made up a

    detailed plan including the goal, the process, the alarm

    terms and a reasonable budget, and then divided the project

    into small tasks; ?Every one was assigned with specific tasks by utilizing his or her strengths;?I arranged

    meetings regularly except urgent situations. We

    communicated very well, sharing our experiences throughout

    the task and solving tough problems together. ?We thought

    out solutions to problems that might possibly happen;

    ?During the two-days visit, each one of us was in charge of different responsibility and we kept taking care of and

    motivating each other.

4. Results: ?With our efforts, the visit was very

    successful and receives a great number of praises from the

    school authority and the participants especially the

freshmen. ?Most of the audiences learned a lot from it

    which were reflected from their reports. ?We established a long turn relationship with the companies visited this

    time and the Students Union of SUN YAT-SEN UNIVERSITY.

    ?The expenditure was much lower than our budget, which

    benefited our audiences a lot.

    5. Personal guidelines to be a good team player: ?When others are expressing his ideas, I listen carefully and

    never interrupt abruptly;?I respect the differences

    between us including different values, concerns and

    emotions;?When I make comments, I would point out the

    positive aspects first and then negative aspects;?When conflict happens, I try to lead everyone to make a win-win

    choice;?To understand and then to be understood;?I build trust on everyone and never attack anyones defenses or speak ill of anyone;?Never show negative and discouraging

    attitude, but be supportive and motivate others; ?Accept feedback sincerely.

In June 2006, the election of members of the Students

    Union of our school is coming. According to my excellent performance as the vice-chairman of the union in the former year, I was promoted to be the first candidate of the position of chairman. However, I had my own plan when I entered this university. That was, in the first two years of my university life, I will devote myself to students

    work; but from the third year, I must try my best to concentrate on my major studies (Accounting studies). For me, different choice would lead me to different direction. I could not choose both due to the limit of my time and energy. So, it really a great dilemma at that time and I had to choose one. Finally, I stick to my plan, giving up the opportunity to take charge of the union.

    1. Firstly, I analyzed the job responsibilities, challenges and opportunities of position. As we all known, the chairman must focus on the development of the union.

He/She must be responsible both for the school and the

    students. If I take the job, it means that I must contribute

    more than half of my time and energy in it. The advantage

    for me was I can improve my management skills and get a

    better position to job seeking. But, at the same time, my

    study would become secondary.

And then, I analyzed my own situation. Own to my neglect

    of the study, my major skill and English skills were

    inferior to some top students. If I still did not pay enough

    attention to it, I would miss my main task in my university

    and became a useless person when I graduate.

So, balancing the two choices, I put my study in the first


2. Secondly, my personality and belief made me decide to

    give up the position. ?I am a person who will stick to my

    plan, which I believe will lead me to the success. ?Taking

    the position means taking the responsibility. If I can not

    promise I can do it well, I will pass the opportunity to

    others. ?In my mind, leadership mainly connects with NO.1.

    When I concentrate on the study, I believe it also can prove my leadership.

    I am very good at association. When I see something great, I will try to think of other occasions where I can apply it to. By association, I can always come up with creative ideas that can be turned into great success.

    The students of our following grade were all study in the north campus. Thus it needed to set up a branch of the Students Union there. We decided to recruit the freshmen

    during their military training. However, as the leader of this project, how to advertise and promote this recruitment effectively really caused me a great headache due to the distance between two campuses.

    One day before the recruitment, I passed a flower shop. The beautiful roses attract me a lot. It occurred to me

    immediately that it would be a fantastic idea for us to send the roses to the drillmasters while the freshmen were training. And then advertise the recruitment to the students. It of course can give our target customers (freshmen) a perfect image.

    So, we prepared a bundle of roses on the day we held the interviews. Before the beginning of the process, we went to the training field, gave each drillmaster a rose and encouraged our freshmen to attend our interviews.

    The results surpassed my expectation. The drillmasters leaded all the students to the venue where the interviews were hold. More than 1000 freshmen took part in our recruitment and we found out the right person successfully.

    In the second year of the university, I only got the award for the outstanding social worker and failed to get the award for excellent student.

    The award for excellent student means a lot to me. For one thing, it is a recognition of overall excellence in academic performance, extracurricular activities and virtuous conduct; more importantly, it indicated that I didn’t develop myself well.

    Facing a failure, I was never beaten down, but felt more motivated and passionate to work hard. Firstly, I analyzed the causes of the failure and sum up lessons learnt from this failure: I didnt get top in the field of sports; then

    I exerted my utmost effort to strive for more success.

    I set up the goal to develop myself extensively specially in the sports aspect, and then get the award for excellent student in the second year. In that way, I could develop myself in all aspects.


    1. Firstly, I continued to enhance my academic performance. I did not only spend more efforts on course studies, but also participated in academic contests to strengthen my

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