My 10 year old son is constantly using his asthma inhaler

By Christine Reynolds,2014-01-10 23:02
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My 10 year old son is constantly using his asthma inhaler

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    Pick-Up From MNL #14

    Ask the Doctor! If you have questions you want our doctors to answer, mail them to Ask the Doctor

    IEHP, 303 E. Vanderbilt Way, Suite 400, San Bernardino, CA 92408.

Q.(graphic) My 10 year old son is constantly using his asthma inhaler. It clears him up

    for a while but he is never clear for long. What should I do?

    A.(graphic) Your son's asthma problems are common. He’s probably using an albuterol

    or Ventolin inhaler, and these give excellent quick relief from asthma symptoms. BUT as

    you found out, albuterol or Ventolin cannot keep his lungs clear for more than a couple of

    hours, at the most.

    Talk to your son’s doctor about prescribing a steroid inhaler like Azmacort or Pulmicort.

    These inhalers keep the lungs clear longer by reducing inflammation. Your son will need

    to use this steroid inhaler EVERY DAY, usually twice per day.

    You’ll notice that his asthma will be better controlled and he’ll need to use his albuterol

    or Ventolin much less often. But he should still keep his albuterol or Ventolin with him in

    case he starts to get symptoms while playing or at school.

    Also ask your doctor to prescribe a "spacer," a little tube that attaches to either

    one of the inhalers. The spacer will send more medicine deep into your son’s

    lungs to help him feel better! And all this is covered by IEHP.

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    Does Your Child Have Asthma?

    Get it under control with the

    IEHP Family Asthma Program

    Call IEHP Member Services today at

    1-800-440-IEHP (4347)/TTY 1-800-718-4317

Back to School Already?!

    Whether your children are going back to school after a long lazy summer or after

    being off track for a month, the ringing of that school bell brings a mixture of


    This year, help your children adjust to the faster pace of the school year by

    preparing ahead. Here are some suggestions to help you get ready for back-to-

    school and tips to make the whole year a good one.

    Before school starts…

    Take your children for their Well-Child Checkups and make sure that all their

    immunizations are current. Talk to your children about the new school year. Give them a chance to tell

    you about their hopes and concerns.

    Shop for book bags. Many children develop back pain from wearing heavy

    backpacks. If your child carries a lot of books, consider a backpack with wheels.

    Start moving bedtime back a little earlier each day, until you’ve moved it to the

    time you want them to go to bed on school nights.

    When school starts…


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    Make sure your children have a healthy breakfast and lunch. They’ll be able to

    concentrate better in school. Check out some kid favorites in ―Eating Smart.‖

    (graphics will use a fun arrow here to point to the sidebar)

    Set an after-school schedule so children know what to expect. Make enough time

    for play, homework, family, dinner, a bath, and an early bedtime.

    Make sure the school knows about your children’s medical conditions and


    And throughout the school year…

    Talk with your children about their day …their teachers, their friends, what they’re

    learning at school, what they like and any problems they may have.

    Read with your children and offer to help with their homework.

    Do something to celebrate your children’s good efforts or good grades – make

    their favorite meal, rent their favorite movie, plan a day at the beach…

    Get to know your children’s friends and include them in family activities.

    Get to know the adults in your children’s lives – teachers, principals, coaches, bus drivers, and friends’ parents.

    Support your children in activities or hobbies that they love. Attend events they

    are a part of sports, concerts, fairs. Be your children’s greatest fans! Most of all, have fun with your children, and encourage them to experience all the

    opportunities open to them during their school years.

Beat the Heat!

    Keep your cool as temperatures rise…

If you’re planning to play or work outdoors, follow these simple tips to

    avoid overheating: (graphic treatment of this header) In very hot weather, drink cold water every 15 to 20 minutes. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty to drink it could be too late.

    Wear a brimmed hat to keep your head cool, and loose-fitting cotton clothes. Pace yourself so your body can get used to the heat. If you start feeling tired, stop and get out of the sun.

    Take breaks often, especially during the hottest part of the day.

    Avoid caffeine drinks such as tea, coffee, and sodas.

    Avoid alcoholic beverages.

    When things get too hot to handle… (graphic headline) Watch your children carefully when the weather heats up. They often don’t know when to stop. Also check on older family members…seniors are especially

    vulnerable to the heat!

    And never ever leave children or pets in a car on warm days. It can take only a few minutes for temperatures to rise to deadly levels.


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    Pick-Up From MNL #14

     Heat Exhaustion Heat Stroke

     o Rapid increase in body temperature (above 104)

     Fatigue/exhaustion Red, hot skin

    Symptoms Nausea Confusion

     Lightheadedness Argumentative

     Headache Hallucinations

     Muscle aches and cramps Seizure


     Drink cold water and rest. Go to the Emergency Room

     Get help if necessary. immediately or call 911. What to Do

     To feel better faster, add On the way, cool the person

    1 teaspoon of salt to 1 liter any way you can by:

    of cold water, plus 1 tablespoon ? Applying ice packs to the

     of sugar for energy. neck, armpits, and groin

     ? Loosening/ removing clothing

     ? Fanning and spraying with cool water

     If the person is conscious offer sips of cool water.


    Eating Smart

     Food for School

    Breakfast Fast and Easy Cut-up fruit in plain yogurt

    Hard-boiled eggs

    Whole wheat breads and bagels with peanut butter.

    Low-sugar cereals with milk

    Instant oatmeal

Lunch Vary it for fun and health!


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    Pick-Up From MNL #14

    Bagels, rolls, pita pockets, English muffins, raisin or multigrain bread with lean cuts of

    turkey, ham, or roast beef. Add lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and peppers.

    Corn tortillas with beans, potatoes, scrambled egg whites or eat beaters, low fat cheese,


    Chicken, tuna, or egg salad served in pita bread or in a small cup or container

    A peanut butter and jelly sandwich jazzed up with raisins and granola

    Surprise you kids with creative treats:

    Celery sticks cut into bite-size pieces filled with peanut butter

    A crunchy caterpillar made of alternating carrot and zucchini rounds on a toothpick. A

    radish can be used as the head and round cereal can be used for the eyes (a dab of

    cream cheese can be used for the "glue" to hold it together)

Snacks Simple, neat, and healthy!

    Pretzel sticks Mini rice cakes

    Graham crackers Air-popped popcornskip the butter Corn tortilla with low fat margarine Yogurt

    Popsicles Pudding

    Grilled corn on the cob Cucumbers sprinkled with red pepper

    Low-fat cheese sticks Peanut butter on celery sticks/apple slices

    Nachos with low fat cheese, salsa, black beans

    Whole-wheat crackers Sesame breadstick

    Naturally sweetened cereal Trail mix (dried fruit with nuts and seeds)

    Granola bars Applesauce

    Papaya and other fruits

    When was your last Well Woman Visit?

If you can’t remember or you are not sure what a Well Woman Visit means, then

    it’s time to call your Doctor or OB/GYN.

Like Well Child Visits, it’s a time for you to see your Doctor when you’re not sick.

    You can ask important questions about Family Planning and learn if IEHP

    Programs like Weight Management or Stop Smoking could be right for you.

At your Well Woman Visit, your Doctor may do a pelvic exam and Pap smeara

    simple, brief exam that can find or rule out serious health problems like cancer.

    It’s an exam every woman needs to stay healthy.

Depending on your age, your Doctor may also send you for a mammogram, an x-

    ray that can help find changes in your breast tissue. Wouldn’t you like to know

    that you’re cancer-free?

Be well. Stay well. And get your Well Woman Visit now!


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    Pick-Up From MNL #14

    Call IEHP Member Services at 1-800-440-IEHP (4347)/TTY (909) 890-0731 if

    you need help finding a Doctor or making your appointment.

Many guys (like me) take better care of our cars than we do of ourselves.

We rotate our tires on schedule. We get the oil changed on schedule. We flush

    the radiator system and add fresh antifreeze on schedule.

We know regular checkups and routine maintenance are the keys to preventing

    costly major repairs and possible damaging breakdowns.

Yet many guys fail to apply this to their bodies and health.

With a car, we eagerly check and service it to prevent most problems. We enjoy

    finding a little problem and taking care of it before it gets to be a BIG problem.

With our own body, however, it’s the exact opposite. We won’t get regular

    examinations by our doctor and we resist maintaining our health to prevent most

    problems. Worse yet, we actually fear finding a little problem early, which only increases the odds it will become a BIG problem.

HEY! A physical exam is a WIN-WIN-WIN.

    Think about it! If the doctor finds out you’re in good shape and all systems are fine, you WIN! You walk out of that office reassured and feeling ―good-to-go‖

    until the next scheduled exam.

If the doctor does find something that needs only a ―minor adjustment‖ of lifestyle

    or medication to get you ―tuned up,‖ you WIN! You walk out of that office feeling

    relieved and confident you will be fine in short order.

Even if the doctor finds something unsuspected, you WIN! You’ve found out

    about it early. You know what you’re dealing with. You can take your best shot

    at it.

You’ve got a FREE SERVICE WARRANTY on You – Parts and Labor


WOW!! You probably wouldn’t hesitate taking your car in for maintenance if you



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    Pick-Up From MNL #14

    If you have Medi-Cal, you have, in effect, a FREE SERVICE WARRANTY on

    your health. Why not use it?

Check the “Service Chart” to schedule your next routine physical exam.

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen your IEHP Doctor, check the chart (below or

    on page X) to see when you should call to schedule an appointment.

After all, you can’t take good care of your car… or your house… or your family….

    if you don’t take good care of yourself.

If you have any questions about your benefits or need help finding a doctor, call

    IEHP Member Services at 1-800-440-IEHP (4347)/TTY 1-800-718-4317.

Attending and Finishing Programs will Enhance Your Life

The feeling of winning is one of the best! And what a victory it is to revolutionize

    your life!! Through an IEHP Health Education Program, you can achieve


Signing up for an IEHP Health Education Program is an exciting first step to a

    better life! When you finish, it can mean a new, smarter, improved you, and this

    can give a feeling of energy and empowerment!

But it is easy to stumble in the race to a new you we all slip up, relax, or make

    excuses for quitting or not showing up at all the classes we sign up for. We’ve all

    been there. Not enough time. Too hard to get to class. Too tired. Too many

    things to do.

    IEHP’s possibly life-saving, self-help classes take only a few hours; with a little planning you can… Discover Healthier Eating Habits

    Learn How to Control Asthma

    Prevent Diabetes Complications

    Keep Your Child Safer While Riding in a Car

    Learn ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

    Master New Exercise Routines, and How to Fit them into Your Life

    Avoid Future Health Problems

    Better Deal with Health Problems After They’ve Started

    And You Will Feel Better About Yourself, Your Accomplishment, and Your New



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    Pick-Up From MNL #14

There is no excuse to miss out. Join IEHP’s low or no cost Health Education

    Program, and cross the finish line!!

    Help yourself and your family…call today to enroll at 1-800-440-IEHP (4347)/TTY 1-800-718-4347

    Free car seats save little lives…How you can receive a free car seat

Why should you attend your Program classes? A little about what you’re missing

    Back to School…A few little pointers for returning to the land-o-learning


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