PreK-12 Licensure Application

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PreK-12 Licensure Application

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Elementary and

    Secondary Education

Office of Educator Licensure

    Application Package

    April, 2010

    ? Application

    ? Charge Card Authorization Form

    ? Checklist

Massachusetts Board of Education Members

    Maura O. Banta, Chair, Waltham

    Harneen Chernow, Vice Chair, Boston

    Gerald Chertavian, Boston

    Michael D'Ortenzio Jr., Malden

    Thomas E. Fortmann, Lexington

    Beverly A. Holmes, Malden

    Jeff Howard, Waltham

    Ruth Kaplan, Boston

    Dana Mohler-Faria, Bridgewater

    Paul Reville, Boston

    Sandra L. Stotsky, Brookline

    Mitchell D. Chester, Commissioner, Malden

    The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, an affirmative action employer, is committed to ensuring that all of its programs and facilities are accessible to all members of the public. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation.

Inquiries regarding the Department’s compliance with Title IX and other civil rights laws may be directed

    to The Human Resources Director, 75 Pleasant Street, Malden, MA 02148, phone: 781-338-6105.

    Copyright ? 2010 Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Permission is hereby granted to copy any or all parts of this document for non-commercial educational purposes. Please credit the “Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.”

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Dear Applicant,

    Thank you for choosing to become an educator in Massachusetts. Our students routinely lead the nation in national assessments of educational progress, in large measure due to the commitment, dedication and high quality of our educators.

    Few professions offer the opportunities that educators have to make a difference in children's lives every day, and no other profession has a greater impact on our state or our nation's future. Whether you are applying for your first license, seeking to advance an existing license, or applying to add another license to your educational credentials, please be assured that your commitment to high quality instruction and our Commonwealth's students is both commendable and deeply appreciated.

    This is an exciting time for education in the Commonwealth. With the impetus of the federal Race to the Top program, Massachusetts is placing unprecedented resources and focus on educational improvement and strengthening teaching, learning, and educator development. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is committed to supporting and assisting you as you begin your teaching journey, and throughout your career as an educator in Massachusetts.

Best wishes for success in all your efforts.


Mitchell D. Chester, Ed.D.

    Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education

General Questions & Answers


1. Q: What is the cost to apply for a license?

     A: First time applicants must pay a $100 fee for the first license area/level applied for. Any additional license areas/levels will cost $25 each.

     Example 1: Applying for first time license in Mathematics (8-12) and English (8-12) = $100.00 +$25.00 = $125.00.

     Example 2: Applying to add an additional license in History (5-8), General Science (5-8), and History (8-12) = $25.00 + $25.00 + $25.00 = $75.00

2. Q: Will my fee be refunded if I do not yet qualify for the license?

     A: No. The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable once the evaluation service has been provided. If you do not qualify, you will receive a detailed evaluation letter from the Department that outlines any remaining requirements, and how they can be satisfied. Upon completion of these requirements, simply mail in the necessary documentation, labeled with your social security number, and the application will be re-evaluated. You will not need to pay another application fee to have an existing application re-evaluated. The application will remain on file until all requirements have been satisfied.

3. Q: May I pay the fee with cash or personal check?

     A: No. A bank check, money order, or credit card payment are the options available. We accept MasterCard and Visa.

4. Q: How should I make out my bank check/money order?

     A: You should make your bank check/money order payable to the Commonwealth of

    Massachusetts. Also, please write your Social Security Number on the check.


    5. Q: How can I get more information about the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) ?

     A: You can find current information on test registration, objectives for each test, and test preparation, including examples of types of items to expect, as well as other test-related information at

General Information

6. Q: Can I apply for a license if I haven’t completed all of the requirements yet?

     A: Yes. Candidates are encouraged to submit licensure applications as soon as they know that they would like to obtain a particular license. Since applications are reviewed in the order they are received, applying earlier means your application gets evaluated earlier. If you have not completely satisfied all requirements at the time of the evaluation, you will receive a detailed

    correspondence from the Department that outlines any remaining requirements, and how they can be satisfied.

7. Q: How long will it take for the Department to process my application?

     A: It is not possible to say exactly how long it will take. The answer depends on several factors, such as the type of license, the volume of applications being processed at the time, and whether the application was filled out correctly and completely. Applicants can call the Licensure Call Center at 781-338-6600 to hear a general progress report of which applications are currently being reviewed by the Department.

8. Q: How can I ensure my application will be processed as quickly as possible?

     A: Visit and click on ELAR to apply online. Applying and

    paying online does expedite processing. Make sure you have mailed all college transcripts and other required documentation to the Licensure Office to be added to your file, and be sure to write your Social Security Number or Massachusetts Educators License Number on each document you submit. Based on the large volume of documents received by the Licensure Office daily, it is usually a good idea to submit all supporting documentation (official transcripts, letters, other licenses, etc.) all together in one packet, rather than separately.

    9. Q: Is there a number I can call if I have any questions about the application process?

     A: Yes. You can call (781) 338-6600 to speak to a Licensure representative, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:45 pm.

10. Q: Can I use this application to renew my Professional level license?

     A: No, the application used to renew a Professional level license is different from this application. To learn more about License Renewal, Renewing Online, or downloading a mail-in application form, please visit

11. Q: How can I check on the status of my application once I have submitted it?

     A: The most convenient way to check on your licensure status is online. Visit and click on the ELAR icon to log in to your account. This information is accessible 24 hours a day.

Massachusetts educators must understand their responsibilities as

    "mandated reporters" as stipulated by law. Please read this



     Any physician, medical intern, hospital personnel engaged in the examination, care or treatment of persons, medical examiner, psychologist, emergency medical technician, dentist, nurse, chiropractor, podiatrist, osteopath, public or private school teacher, educational administrator, guidance or family counselor, day care worker or any person paid to care for or work with a child in any public or private facility, or home or program funded by the Commonwealth or licensed pursuant to the provisions of chapter twenty-eight A, which provides day care or residential services to children or which provides the services of child care resource and referral agencies, voucher management agencies, family day care systems and child care food programs, probation officer, clerk/magistrate of the district courts, parole officer, social worker, foster parent, fire-fighter or policeman, office for children licensor, school attendance officer, allied mental health and human services professional as licensed pursuant to the provisions of section one hundred and sixty-five of chapter one hundred and twelve, drug and alcoholism counselor, psychiatrist, and clinical social worker, who in his professional capacity shall have reasonable cause to believe that a child under the age of eighteen years is suffering physical or emotional injury resulting from abuse inflicted upon him which causes harm or substantial risk of harm to the child's health or welfare including sexual abuse, or from neglect, including malnutrition, or who is determined to be physically dependent upon an addictive drug at birth, shall immediately report such condition to the department by oral communication and by making a written report within forty-eight hours after such oral communication; provided, however, that whenever such person so required to report is a member of the staff of a medical or other public or private institution, school or facility, he shall immediately either notify the department or notify the person in charge of such institution, school or facility, or that person's designated agent, whereupon such person in charge or his said agent shall then become responsible to make the report in the manner required by this section. Any such hospital personnel preparing such report, may take or cause to be taken, photographs of the areas of trauma visible on a child who is the subject of such report without the consent of the child's parents or guardians. All such photographs or copies thereof shall be sent to the department together with such report. Any such person so required to make such oral and written reports who fails to do so shall be punished by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars. Any person who knowingly files a report of child abuse that is frivolous shall be punished by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars.

     Said reports shall contain the names and addresses of the child and his parents or other person responsible for his care, if known; the child's age; the child's sex; the nature and extent of the child's injuries, abuse, maltreatment, or neglect, including any evidence of prior injuries, or neglect; the circumstances under which the person required to report first became aware of the child's injuries, abuse, maltreatment or neglect; whatever action, if any, was taken to treat, shelter, or otherwise assist the child; the name of the person or persons making such report; and any other information which the person reporting believes might be helpful in establishing the cause of the injuries; the identity of the person or persons responsible thereof, and such other information as shall be required by the department.

     Any person required to report under this section who has reasonable cause to believe that a child has died as a result of any of the conditions listed in said paragraph shall report said death to the department and to the district attorney for the county in which such death occurred and to the medical examiners as required by section six of chapter thirty-eight. Any such person who fails to make such a report shall be punished by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars.

     In addition to those persons required to report pursuant to this section, any other person may make such a report if any such person has reasonable cause to believe that a child is suffering from or has died as a result of such abuse or neglect. No person so required to report shall be liable in any civil or criminal action by reason of such report. No other person making such report shall be liable in any civil or criminal action by reason of such report if it was made in good faith; provided, however, that such person did not perpetrate or inflict said abuse or cause said neglect. Any person making such report who, in the determination of the department or the district attorney may have perpetrated or inflicted said abuse or cause said neglect, may be liable in a civil or criminal action.

     No employer of those persons required to report pursuant to this section shall discharge, or in any manner discriminate or retaliate against, any person who in good faith makes such a report, testifies or is about to testify in any proceeding involving child abuse or neglect. Any such employer who discharges, discriminates or retaliates against such a person shall be liable to such person for treble damages, costs and attorney's fees.

     Within sixty days of the receipt of a report by the department from any person required to report, the department shall notify such person, in writing, of its determination of the nature, extent and cause or causes of the injuries to the child, and the social services that the department intends to provide to the child or his family.

     Any privilege established by sections one hundred and thirty-five A and one hundred and thirty-five B of chapter one hundred and twelve or by section twenty B of chapter two hundred and thirty-three, relating to confidential communications shall not prohibit the filing of a report pursuant to the provisions of this section or the provisions of section twenty-four.

Types of Licenses

Preliminary License:

    An educator license issued to a person who holds a bachelor's degree and has passed the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) and met other eligibility requirements established by the Board of Education. The Preliminary license is valid for five years of employment.

Initial License:

    An educator license issued to a person who holds a bachelor's degree, passed the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL), completed an educator preparation program approved by the Commissioner*, and met other eligibility requirements established by the Board. The Initial license is valid for five years of employment and may be extended at the discretion of the Commissioner for an additional five years.

Extension of an Initial License

    (a) An educator may extend an Initial license one time for an additional five years of employment.

    (b) In order to be eligible for such extension, upon application, a candidate must:

     1. Have been employed for five years under a valid Initial license.

     2. Submit a signed statement indicating how the candidate will fulfill the requirements

    for Professional licensure.

*See page 7 for more information about approved programs.


    An educator's license generally issued to a person who has worked under their Initial Massachusetts license for three full years, and met requirements established by the Board set forth in 603 CMR 7.04(c), 7.09, or 7.11. The Professional license is valid for five calendar years and renewable for additional five-year terms as set forth in 603 CMR 44.00.

License renewal information can be viewed at


    An educator license issued to a person who holds a valid educator's license or certificate of a type comparable to at least an Initial license in Massachusetts from another state or jurisdiction, and who has been employed under such license for a minimum of three years but has not satisfied the testing requirements set forth in 603 CMR 7.04 (2)(a) 2 and 3. It is valid for one year and is nonrenewable.

The Gateway for Educators of Massachusetts

The Gateway for Educators of Massachusetts (GEM) is a tool that all educators and prospective

    educators can benefit from. GEM can help you decide if education is the right career for you, it

    can help you learn about the requirements to become licensed as well as selecting a State

    Approved Preparation Program. Some of the more exciting aspects of GEM include being able to

    search for jobs, posting your resume and learning about the various incentives available to present

    and future educators.

    Be sure to check it out at

    Also check out our Massachusetts Educators Career Center (MECC)


Verifying Completion of An Approved Program

Completion of an Educator Preparation Program can be accepted to satisfy educational

    requirements for Initial licensure if it falls into one of the following categories:

A program located in the state of Massachusetts and is approved as an Initial licensure program

    by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. A directory of these

    programs can be viewed on-line at . Click “Find a Prep Program”.

The program is located in a state with which Massachusetts has signed the NASDTEC Interstate

    Contract, and is approved by that state’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as a

    program leading to comparable licensure/certification. A listing of participating states can be

    found at *

This educational requirement may also be satisfied by applicants who hold a comparable license

    issued by a state with which Massachusetts has signed the NASDTEC Interstate Contract, and

    have worked under that license for three out of the last seven years. These applicants must

    submit a copy of their out-of-state license, along with an employment verification letter from the

    school system, on official letterhead, signed by the superintendent or head administrator.

The program is located anywhere in the United States, and is accredited by NCATE as a program

    leading to comparable licensure/certification. For more information, visit

Regardless of which of the above types of Preparation Programs an applicant has participated in,

    the successful completion of such a program must be documented by the sponsoring organization.

    This is often referred to as an “endorsement”.

Endorsements can be printed on official transcripts, or they can be detailed in letterform, on

    official letterhead, and signed by a Registrar or Dean. Approved programs in Massachusetts

    generally have the ability to submit an endorsement to DOE electronically, via the ELAR system.

    All endorsements must indicate the subject area and grade level of the applicant’s preparation,

    and must specify which of the above three categories of approved program applies.

* * *

    Applicants who have not satisfied one of the above program options may want to consider applying for the Preliminary license.


    NCATE has partnerships with 50 states, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. In 17 partnership states, all public teacher education institutions are NCATE accredited. In 31 partnership states, a majority of all the teacher education institutions are NCATE accredited.

The NASDTEC Mission

    The National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification is dedicated to licensing well-prepared, safe and wholesome educators for our nation’s schools.

    NASDTEC represents professional standards boards, commissions and state departments of education in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, the Department of Defense Educational Activity, the U.S. Territories, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario, which are responsible for the preparation, licensure and discipline of educational personnel. Associate members include Canadian provinces and representatives of other constituent groups with an interest in the preparation and certification of educational personnel.

Academic Licenses & Levels

Biology 5-8; 8-12

    Business 5-12

    Chemistry 5-8; 8-12

    Dance All

    Early Childhood:Teachers of Students With and Without Disabilites PreK-2

    Earth Science 5-8; 8-12

    Elementary 1-6

    English 5-8; 8-12

    English Language Learners (ESL) PreK-6; 5-12

     TBL Endorsement (Level depends on ESL license)*

    Foreign Language* PreK-6; 5-12

    General Science 1-6; 5-8

    Health/Family and Consumer Sciences All

    History 1-6; 5-8; 8-12

    Instructional Technology All

    Latin and Classical Humanities 5-12

    Library All

    Mathematics 1-6; 5-8; 8-12

    Middle School: Humanities 5-8

    Middle School: Mathematics/Science 5-8

    Music: Vocal/Instrumental/General All

Physical Education PreK-8, 5-12

    Physics 5-8; 8-12

    Political Science/Political Philosophy 5-8; 8-12 Speech All

    Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities PreK-8; 5-12 Teacher of Students with Severe Disabilities All Teacher of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing All

    Teacher of the Visually Impaired All

    Technology/Engineering 5-12

    Theatre All

    Visual Art PreK-8; 5-12


    Academically Advanced PreK-8

    Reading All

    Speech, Language, and Hearing Disorders All


    Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent All

    School Principal/Assistant School Principal PreK-6; 5-8; 9-12 Supervisor/Director* Depends on Prerequisite License Special Education Administrator All

    School Business Administrator All


    School Nurse All

    School Psychologist All

    School Social Worker/School Adjustment Counselor All

*Foreign Language, TBL, and Supervisor/Director applications must specify a particular role.

    Please visit to view available roles for these licenses.

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