My Favorite Reasons to Exercise! We know that exercise has amazing

By Jason Miller,2014-01-10 23:03
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My Favorite Reasons to Exercise! We know that exercise has amazing

    My Favorite Reasons to Exercise!

We know that exercise has amazing benefits for our body. Exercise helps us lose or

    manage our weight, build strong bones, tone and firm muscles, and provides numerous

    other benefits to our body. But not only does exercise affect our body in the obvious

    ways, exercise greatly improves our quality of life. The benefits exercise has on our

    overall wellbeing are countless, but I want to share with you SIT AND BE FIT’s top ten

    favorite ways exercise impacts the quality of our lives.

1) Exercise helps prevent chronic diseases. The benefits exercise has on helping us to

    fight chronic diseases gives us another list of reasons to exercise! Regular exercise

    helps prevent conditions like high blood pressure or hypertension, heart disease, type

    2 diabetes, osteoporosis, stroke, colon cancer, heart attack, arthritis and even certain

    types of cancer, including breast cancer.

2) Exercise improves our sleep. A good night’s sleep is important because it can

    improve your concentration, productivity and mood. Exercise is often the key to better

    sleep. Regular exercise helps you fall and stay asleep more easily and increases the

    amount of time you spend in the deepest stage of sleep.

    1 It also improves the quality

    of your sleep by making the transitions between its cycles smoother and more

    2regular. What time of the day you should exercise is debatable, but what matters

    most is that you exercise the same time everyday, because a regular routine is

    important to improving your sleep. Just be sure to not workout too close to bedtime,

    because the exercise may give you too much energy to fall asleep.

3) Exercise increases our energy and endurance. We often skip out on exercising

    because we are too tired to workout. But people who exercise regularly have more

    energy, strength and endurance to get through their daily activities compared to those

    who are inactive.2 Even if it is just for 15 minutes a day, start exercising so that you will feel stronger and more energetic to get you through the day. Pretty soon, you will

    be able to exercise longer and your increased energy will help you do things like play

    with your grandchildren longer, run more errands in one afternoon, or stay out later

    visiting with your friends.

    2 Regular exercise also reduces stress hormones in the body,

    4) Exercise helps to reduce stress and improve your mood. Exercise helps to relieve 3resulting in a slower heart rate, relaxed blood vessels, and lower blood pressure. stress and anxiety by reducing electrical activity in tense muscles, making you less While reducing stress hormones, exercise increases the chemicals that you make you

    hyperactive and jittery.feel good, called endorphins. Your body continues to release more endorphins for an

    hour and a half to two hours after your workout, boosting your mood and helping you

    relax. You’ll also look better and feel better when you exercise regularly, which will

    boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem. There is even evidence that

    regular exercise can help ease the symptoms of mild to moderate depression. So after

    a busy, stressful day or when you start to feel the blues come on, make yourself feel

    better the healthy and effective way- exercise!

    5) Exercise helps us fight colds. Regular exercise helps jump-start your immune system,

    helping to fight colds, the flu, and other viruses.3 And if you have a mild cold, a little

    bit of exercise can help speed your recovery. An apple-a-day is not the only thing to

    help keep the doctor away!

    6) Exercise can improve our digestion. Aerobic exercise (exercise that increases your

    breathing and heart rate) and deep breathing exercises stimulate the natural

    contraction of intestinal muscles, helping to move food through your intestines more

    rhythmically.4 Just be sure not to exercise right after a large meal because digestion

    will be delayed, leading to heartburn, bloating and constipation.

    7) Exercise makes our skin healthier. Exercise boosts circulation which improves the delivery of important nutrients to skin cells, flushing out potentially damaging toxins.

    As exercise increases oxygen to the skin, it also creates optimum conditions for

    collagen production, the supportive fiber that plumps your skin and helps prevent

    wrinkles and lines. Your skin color is also improved after exercise because of the

    increase in blood flow.3

8) Exercise improves our balance, which prolongs our independence. Exercise can

    strengthen leg muscles and improve sense of balance, helping to prevent falls. Every

    year, over 300,000 people are admitted to the hospital for broken hips, most often due

    to falling.5 Balance exercises can help you stay independent longer by helping you

    avoid disabling conditions that may result from falling.

    9) Exercise gives us brain power. Keeping mentally fit is an important part of healthy aging and exercise is one way to train your cognitive fitness. Many studies have proven

    that people who exercise on a regular basis have better memory, reaction time and

    concentration than those who are sedentary.2 One reason exercise improves our brain

    power is that physical activity requires a lot of participation from our brain. Exercise

    also boosts blood flow to the brain and helps it receive oxygen and nutrients. The

    better shape you’re in, the faster you fire brain waves that are responsible for quick

    3 Studies also show that people who remain physically active as they age have

    5a reduced risk of dementia and cognitive decline. So while memory games, crossword

    puzzles, Soduku, and other cognitive fitness activities can help keep your mind sharp, can going on a bike ride, taking a walk, or working out with SIT AND BE FIT.

    10) Exercise is proven to help us become better drivers. One more way exercise helps

    us to stay independent longer is that it improves our driving skills. Seniors who started

    a regular routine of exercise developed by researchers at Yale School of Medicine were

    able to maintain or enhance their driving performance, potentially leading to a safer

    and more independent quality of life.5 Flexibility, coordination and speed of

    movement have been associated with older drivers’ on their ability to drive safely. The

    exercise program developed by this study focused on hips, ankles, knees, shoulders,

    hands and feet. Two exercise routines that effectively workout these areas are walking

    and exercising with SIT AND BE FIT workouts.

    I hope that you will start or continue a daily exercise routine, so that you can receive

    all these benefits of exercise!

    Best wishes for your health and happiness,

    Mary Ann










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