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Please describe your career objective and what you have done to date to

    achieve it.

     (1)Career goal: to work as a professional in a multinational

    accounting firm like EY that offers a great mix of diversity, support,

    intelligence, passion and respect. (2)What I did:?Enhanced academic performance to grasp professional knowledge;?Took part in associations and activities to train my leadership,

    communication skills, teamwork and problem solving;?Gained related work experiences;?Got fully prepared for job hunting;?prepared and participated necessary professional qualification

    exams(CICPA) for 2 years.

Please include any other information which you may consider relevant to

    your application.

    I can prove that I am fully qualified for this position:?I have very good command of accounting and auditing knowledge, English and

    communication skills;?I have outstanding leadership, team spirit

    and problem solving ability, which can be proved by the awards and

    recognition I gained from my rich social activities and work

    experience ;?My personal values(achievement, responsibility and

    enthusiasm) make me suitable to the position;?My good academic

performance(I have participated CICPA and believed I can pass it in

3 years)indicates that I am a good thinker and fast-learner.

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