Objective An upper level management position in Information

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Objective An upper level management position in Information

    John David Johnston

    San Jose, CA 95123 Objective: A full time permanent or contract position in Information Technology that requires my unique combination of

    extensive skills and experience.

    Availability: I am currently available for immediate employment.

     Brief List of Skills And Experience

    ? Information Security Fundamentals ? Documentation, Policy and Procedure Development ? Virtualization, VMware and Sun ? Network and Data Center Relocation ? UNIX/Linux System/Network Administration ? Customer Support ? Shell Scripting ? IT Department Management and Team Building ? Project and Budget Management ? Engineering Lab Management? San and NAS storage administration


    ? GIAC Security Essentials Re-Certification (GSEC) 2008 ? Sun Certified Network Administrator (SCNA) 2002 ? GIAC Security Essentials Certification (GSEC) 2003 ? Sun Certified System Administrator (SCSA) 2002 ? RedHat Certified Technician (RHCT) 2002 ? Sair Linux and GNU Certified Professional 2001 ? LPI Certified Level 1 (LPIC-1) 2002 ? Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 2000

     Operating Systems

    Linux, (RedHat, CentOS, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Fedora, Mandriva, Debian) UNIX (Solaris, OpenBSD, AIX) Windows

    2003, XP)

    Network Protocols, Applications and Utilities

    Apache, Autofs, Automounter, Bastille Linux, bind, Cheops, DHCP, DIG, Disksuite, EMC Networker, Ethereal, Ethernet,

    Firewalk, GPG, IOS, IPtables, IPsec, John the Ripper, JumpStart, Kickstart, MS Office, MS Project, MS Visio, Nessus,

    netstat, NFS, NIS, nmap, nslookup, Packet Filter, Perforce, PGP, Postfix, Samba, SELinux, Sendmail, Snort, SSH,

    Subversion, TCP/IP, tcpdump, Tripwire, wireshark

     Vendor Equipment

    Brocade 200E Fibre Channel Switches, Cisco switches, Dell servers and tape library, Dell/EMC Storage Array, IBM RS6000,

    Network Appliance Filers, Sun Microsystems Servers

     Projects Successfully Completed

    ? Set up a yum update server for Oracle Enterprise Linux 2009

    ? Implemented Sun Virtualization using Solaris Containers 2009

    ? Created a test infrastructure for virtual systems built on VMware Stage Manager 2009

    ? Created a fibre channel SAN for tape backup and data storage 2008

    ? Developed a shell script system forming a fail over cluster of servers for Perforce source control 2007

    ? Built and managed redundant DNS servers 2005

    ? Built a prototype SSO system using Kerberos and OpenLDAP


    ? Developed a complex backup system using shell scripts and Linux utilities 2005

    ? Implemented an incident tracking system using Request Tracker (RT) and MySQL 2006

    ? Built a development lab including networking and 50 systems running Linux and Windows 2004

    ? Created an SSH gateway using OpenBSD allowing secure access into the company for authenticated users 2004

    ? Set up a VPN between the USA and India office and implemented a secure mail service using the VPN 2004

    ? Researched and selected the Adaptec SnapAppliance NAS to use as the company’s centralized storage 2004

    ? Used Kickstart to build an installation system for the alpha product release 2004

    ? Set up a secure Wifi infrastructure 2004

    ? Created an automated Kickstart installation process for RedHat ES 2.1 on Dell 1750s 2003

    ? Architected, designed and built a secure information technology infrastructure 2003

    ? Designed and built a colocated web development site 2002

    ? Developed and implemented a backup system using Legato Networker 6.0.1


    ? Implement the Load Sharing Facility (LSF) 2000 ? Set up JumpStart to perform rapid, automated and standardize Solaris Installs 2002,2000,


    ? Directed a project to switch ISPs, upgrade to T1 and migrate to Cisco equipment 1998

    ? Managed a project to migrate from Clones to Sun equipment and from SunOS to Solaris 1998 ? Implemented PGP security for Internet Email 1998

    ? Coordinated multiple company moves and network infrastructure relocations 1997, 1993, 1991

    ? Evaluated, selected, implemented and administered a Nortel Meridian telephone switch


    ? Designed and implemented a Customer problem duplication lab and network 1995 ? Designed and Developed Software Release Tools using UNIX shell scripts and make 1993 ? Project Manager for the selection of the Clearcase software Configuration Management System 1993 ? Designed a network including cabling, hubs, packet switching and network management 1993

     Seminars/Classes/Vendor Training VMware Infrastructure 3: Install and Configure VMware 2009

    Auditing Networks, Perimeters and Systems Sans Institute 2003

    SANS Security Essentials with CISSP CBK Sans Institute 2003

    RHCE Training Course Red Hat Linux 8.0 RedHat 2002

    Network Administration for the Solaris 9 OE Sun Microsystems 2002

    Advanced System Administration for the Solaris 9 OE Sun Microsystems 2002

    Intermediate System Administration for the Solaris 9 OE Sun Microsystems 2002

    Security For The System Administrator I, II LinuxWorld 2002

    Securing Linux/UNIX systems I, II LinuxWorld 2001

    Enterprise System Performance Management Sun Microsystems 2001

    Successful Project Management for IT Professionals TechLink 2000

    Solaris TCP/IP Network Administration Sun Microsystems 2000

    Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Ascolta Training 2000

    Implementing a Network and Systems Management Interop 1998

    Center, and IS Organization for the Twenty-First Century

    Understanding Multimedia Technologies & Apps Interop 1995

    Solaris 2.X System Administration Sun Microsystems 1995

    NetBlazer Installation and Configuration Telebit Corporation 1994

    AR System Administration Remedy Corporation 1994

    Using and Understanding the Internet Interop 1994

    Executive Interop Interop 1993

    Managing a UNIX TCP/IP network U. C. Santa Cruz, Ext. 1993

    NFS and NIS U. C. Santa Cruz, Ext. 1993

    Ethernet Local Area Network U. C. Santa Cruz, Ext. 1993

    High Speed Networking U. C. Santa Cruz, Ext. 1993

    Building a TCP/IP Wide Area Network U. C. Santa Cruz, Ext. 1992

    Designing and Securing Enterprise Networks Interop 1992

    Application of Bridges and Routers, Interop 1991

    Network Design and Product Survey

    C Programming Language U. C. Santa Cruz, Ext. 1991

    SunOS System Administration Sun Microsystems, Inc. 1989

    Eclipse System Support Calma Corporation 1987

    Database Administration Advanced Data Management, Inc. 1987

    VAX/VMS System Management Digital Equipment Corporation 1984

    System Administrator Prime Computer Inc. 1983

     Academic Education

     U. C. Davis, 200+ Units towards a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology


     Summary of Recent Skills and Experience

    I have acquired extensive experience in startups having worked at eight. That experience has given me a solid

    understanding of the special IT requirements inherent in startups. I developed a broad base of IT knowledge that allows

    me to provide the breadth of support necessary for the success of an early startup. I enjoy and thrive in startup


    Arcsight is a rapid growth company and a market leader in Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM). At

    Arcsight I was responsible for a number of areas which drew on prior experience and required learning new technologies.

    Linux System Administration (RedHat, CentOS, Oracle Enterprise Linux); Unix System Administration (Solaris,

    AIX). Storage Administration for the corporate SAN, (DELL/EMC CX3-20C) and NAS, (NetApp 270). Architect and

    senior support person for the backup system (EMC Networker). Virtualization (VMware vCenter ESX cluster, ESXi,

    StageManager/Lab Manger) Sun Microsystems (Solaris Containers).Project Management (Perforce Virtual Cluster,

    Corporate SAN, Stage Manager Test Infrastructure, Sun Virtualization, Oracle Enterprise Linux yum/update server. As

    project manager I followed corporate project management procedures and used project planning tools to successfully

    complete projects on time and on budget. In addition to managing the project I was also the architect, designer, builder,

    tester implementer and primary technical support person . I have excellent verbal and written communication skills and

    have developed clear thorough Documentation including design specifications, how to articles and standard operating

    procedures. SOX, participated in the process to become SOX compliant by creating, documenting and managing various

    SOX controls.

    At Blue Lane Technologies as Senior IT Engineer I met the challenge of learning new and complex technologies while facing the pressure of aggressive deadlines. As the first IT employee I became a one person IT department, providing

    support for a fast paced Engineering department developing a state of the art network security appliance. To support the

    Engineering effort I quickly learned how to build complex combinations of VMware or standalone servers and clients

    running Microsoft, IIS, MSSQL, Exchange; Oracle, databases, Application servers and the Ebusiness Suite; UNIX/Linux,

    AIX, Solaris, RedHat, OpenBSD. I supported the Microsoft patch Tuesday and Oracle CPU patch release cycles, needed

    for Engineering development and testing, by installing security patches and building customized VMware hosts within

    the required short turn around times. The Engineers relied on me to provide them with all levels of support. I solved

    problems daily, which, if not resolved promptly, would have had adverse affects on product development schedules. I

    developed an automated installation process using Kickstart to build a complete product for the alpha release.

Additionally I supported Corporate IT. I Developed and implemented an interim data backup and recovery system that

    served as the replacement for a $25K backup system after it’s purchase was postponed. Implemented a networked UPS

    and power distribution system that provided battery backup, automatic system shutdown and remote power control of

    servers in the IT room. Provided Linux technical knowledge to the Windows corporate IT support personnel.

As an independent contractor, working through Park Computer Systems at Rambus, I created an automated installation

    process for RedHat ES 2.1 on Dell 1750s to migrate applications from Solaris to RedHat Linux. This included a Kickstart

    configuration coupled with a customized and consistent post-installation configuration process designed to overcome a

    combination of hardware and software problems that prevented some systems from performing a completely automated

    Kickstart installation. The project required the development of a Bourne shell scripting system that automated such

    requirements as email, security, NFS, NIS and remote printer configuration. I was also required to recompile certain

    tools, (GCC, PERL) to resolve library compatible issues. I completed the project by developing comprehensive training

    documentation for Solaris and Windows IT personnel unfamiliar with RedHat Linux System Administration.

Prior to the above engagement I spent a year of intense training acquiring a number of professionally recognized IT

    certifications. That quest culminated in the completion of a project titled, Architecting, Designing and Building a Secure

    Information Technology Infrastructure, A Case Study. It fulfilled the practical requirement for the GIAC Security Essentials

    Certification (GSEC). To complete the project I built an Information Technology Infrastructure with an integrated Security

    Architecture. It is a multi-platform environment with Solaris and OpenBSD UNIX, RedHat and Debian Linux, and

    Windows 98 and 2000 Professional and Server. Acting alone I performed all task including the preliminary research,

    planning and developing the architecture, and selecting all the tools used in the design. Those tools included firewalls and

    Network/Host Intrusion Detections systems. I configure the firewalls by creating rulesets for packet filtering and NATing. I installed and configuration DNS services securely. I set up a central logging server to securely store backups of system log files if needed for forensics. I used IPsec to provide secure data transfer over 802.11b wireless. This endeavor forced me to sharpen my previous skills and acquire new ones resulting in the successful completion of the project.

    I have considerable experience in the semi-conductor area supporting Engineering departments that designed EDA tools or used EDA to design semi-conductors that range from memory chips to microprocessors. I have mentored and trained junior System Administrators and I am comfortable learning new complex technologies. I will bring a vast amount of experience to any company and with it the ability to function on many levels. I have outstanding references that will be furnished upon request. Please consult my website,, for additional information.

     Professional History

     Owner/Consultant Johnston Enterprises San Jose, CA 08/94Present

I support my consulting company’s network infrastructure, which is a multi-platform environment consisting of a 486 PC,

    two Dell PCs, a SPARCstation 2, a Micron PC and an IBM ThinkPad T30. The operating systems support Solaris X86,

    Debian, OpenBSD, and Windows 2000 Professional and Server. The various tasks include IT infrastructure design,

    backups and recovery procedures, and information security. I also used the infrastructure for training, prototyping and testing. Additional task involve System and Network Administration and Linux kernel patching, configuration and


I contracted at Rambus to develop an automated installation process and documentation for RedHat ES 2.1.

    I Contracted at Empowertel Networks to provide all levels of Solaris System and Network Administration and support to Engineers in a lab and system development environment. Ran diagnostics and worked with Sun Field Engineers to resolve hardware problems. Used various tools to analyze Operating System and Network problems. Installed Solaris,

    added/removed users, modified NIS maps, DNS and DHCP configuration files. Performed backups and wrote scripts.

     I provided consulting services and support to HAL Computer systems for UNIX system administration and

    Network Architecture. Designed and implemented a lab network using state of the art multi-protocol switching technology.

     Senior UNIX/Linux System Administrator Arcsight, Cupertino, CA 04/07--11/09

    Wearing multiple hats I provided IT support to Engineering, Professional Services, Customer Support, Marketing, Sales and to the IT Applications group. That support included Linux/UNIX system administration, SAN/NAS storage

    administration and project management/implementation.

     Senior IT Engineer Blue Lane Technologies, Cupertino, CA 03/0411/06

As Senior IT Engineer at Blue Lane technologies I was responsible for providing all levels of IT support in

    an early stage startup. In addition to the newly acquired skills I also updated, reinforced and sharpened

    skills previously performed and mentioned throughout this resume. Those tasks include user account

    management, installing and configuring Linux servers and desktops, trouble shooting and diagnosing system

    and network problems.

     Senior UNIX Administrator Sonics Inc, Mountain View, CA 04/01--09/02

As Senior UNIX Administrator at Sonics I utilized my IT experiences gained from various EDA environments, and

    acquired new skills, to provide 24/7 system and network support for the SOCworks IT infrastructure and the Sonics corporate website. SOCworks, a division of Sonics, provides web accessible application services using semiconductor design tools developed by Sonics. That infrastructure consisted of a combination of VALinux, Dell and Sun hardware running a VALinux modified version of RedHat 6.2, RedHat 7.1, and Solaris 8. It supported the Zope application server

    and the Apache Web Server. Areas of support included security, basic System Administration, Network Engineering, Sys Admin lab setup and scripting. Other duties included, purchase selections, trade show setup and documentation. Areas of support included the following:

     Security Implemented a VPN using PPP over SSH. Setup configured and maintained firewalls, modified and tested firewall rulesets using ipchains. Hardened Systems. Modified to remove vulnerabilities. Implemented security quick hits recommended by a third party security auditor. Installed and configured SSH on Linux and Solaris systems. Performed preliminary forensics and prepared a system image for third party analysis. To stay abreast of vulnerabilities I subscribed to security alert email lists such as CERT, Sun, Debian and RedHat and fixed vulnerabilities as required. At the time of the layoff I was completing a proposal to implement a new security system that included the use of a firewall appliance and a security monitoring and notification system. The monitoring system was to include vulnerability scanners with network and host intrusion detection systems. The preliminary selection of tools for the security system was the SonicWALL Pro, Nessus, Tripwire and Snort.

     Basic System Administration Performed standard system administration tasks for Solaris and Linux systems. This included backups and restores, adding and removing user accounts, upgrading operating systems and application software. It also involved maintaining the email system and required generating and modifying sendmail and postfix configuration files. I was also responsible for monitoring system usage, troubleshooting user problems and configuring systems to access printers and samba shares.

     Network Engineering Setup a complete development network at the colocation site to mirror the production network. That project included network architecture design, DNS configuration, netmask calculations for subnetting and resolving routing issues. The VPN mentioned above also required setting up custom routing tables.

     Scripting Developed scripts to monitor system and FLEXlm license usage, copy files to the corporate network from the colocation site, inventory remote systems, rotate weblogs and transfer them for analysis, and update report links. Created a sophisticated collection of scripts to rapidly configure systems automatically as finish tasks for JumpStart. I developed scripts to monitor disk and swap space usage and issue alerts when specified threshold were exceeded.

Admin lab Network

    Designed a small System Administration lab network used for testing and prototyping. The network included a VALinux server dual bootable using Grub into OpenBSD 2.9 or Linux 7.3 with Vmware, and a Sun Blade running Solaris 8.

     Purchasing Evaluated and selected products, interfaced with vendors and generated purchase justifications and requisitions.


     Generated online web accessible IT documentation using HTML and the Zope application server. That

    documentation included functional and design specifications, procedures and diagrams.

Trade Show Setup

    Designed and setup a network for the 2002 Design Automation Conference. Systems included Sun E450, E4500 Sun Rays, PCs and wireless access using 802.11b. Installed EDA tools and FLEXlm.


    Authored a document analyzing the current state of Corporate IT and made recommendations for improvement. Provided Sonics corporate IT with mentorship and advice on interfacing with vendors, product evaluation and selection criteria. Supplied input on strategic and technical issues. Acted in a backup support capacity.

     Senior IT Administrator Empowertel Networks, Milpitas, CA 09/00--02/01

    Configured a Cisco 4006 switch for VTP and VLANS. Set ports for VLAN membership on a Cisco 6509 switch. Developed, implemented and fully documented a complete backup system using Legato Networker 6.0.1 to backup 2 terabytes of data. The documentation included a formal project plan, prepared with Microsoft Project, a Functional Specification and a Design Specification. Implemented the Load Sharing Facility (LSF) so engineering jobs could be batched efficiently. I implemented JumpStart by configuring the Boot, Install and Profile server and wrote begin and finish scripts to automate and standardize installs. Employed JumpStart to automatically install Solaris 7.0 on 30 systems. Configured a Sun Storage array. Developed a proposal for IT Lab modifications including a VISIO drawing and cost summary complete with vendor quotes. Used Solstice Disksuite to Mirror system disk. Mentored junior System Administrators. Continued the support I provided as a contractor.

     Manager, Information Technology Rise Technology Company, Santa Clara, CA 07/97-


    Managed the Information Technology Dept responsible for a heterogeneous network of Windows NT systems for corporate administration and Sun Solaris systems supporting a fast paced environment of engineers engaged in microprocessor development using a complex combination of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools. Worked with vendors to acquire computer and network equipment. Produced the first IT capital budget. Managed the growth of the IT infrastructure from 25 to over 100 nodes. Directed the move into a new building and managed all facilities issues. Developed and directed the implementation of a new network architecture that included the latest Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems and Network Appliance equipment running over a state of the art gigabyte certified cabling infrastructure.

     Manager Customer Service Engineering HAL Computer Systems, Campbell, CA 02/96--07/97

    Managed Customer Support Engineers responsible for providing direct Customer support for the Fujitsu HALstation, a 64-bit workstation running a 64-bit port of Solaris 2.X. I managed the Problem Duplication Lab where customer problems were duplicated and analyzed. Used Apache to developed a prototype Web site including forms, search engines and security features. Prepared the annual budget, and worked closely with purchasing and accounting to manage capital assets. Additional duties included working with MIS on all database design issues relating to the Customer incident tracking system.

     Manager, Information Technology Quickturn Design Systems, Mountain View, CA 06/89-


    Created and managed the Information Technology Department responsible for supporting UNIX workstations, networks and the entire Information Technology Infrastructure. That infrastructure consisted primarily of Sun workstations with some HP 725s and RS6000s, which supported EDA tool development for IC design verification. The network started at 30 nodes and grew to over 300 during my tenure. I managed the combination of separate complex networks resulting from a two-company merger.

     Manager, Computer Services Waferscale Integration (WSI) Fremont, CA


    Provided a full range of computer services supporting WSI's Customers and ICCAD development Engineers. In the additional capacity of MIS Manager and with minimal training supported the MAXCIM financial system during the crucial period of year-end close and audit.

     System Administrator Gould/AMI, Santa Clara, CA 06/83--06/85

Provided computer systems technical support to SW Engineers in an ICCAD development environment.

     Computer Operator Quadrex, Campbell, CA 01/81--05/83

Held full responsibility for operating the data center during the evening shift.

    References: Furnished upon request.

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