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    Unit11 What time do you go to school?


    Step??leading in

    Sing an English Song

    Lucy and I

    I go to school at six. I go to school at six. Lucy goes to school at eight.

    I go to school at six.

    I go home at four. I go home at four. Lucy goes home at three, at three.

    I go home at four.

    I go to bed at nine. I go to bed at nine. Lucy goes to bed at ten. I go to

    bed at nine.

    Step??Review the drills according to the pictures. ?show the pictures?

    T?What time do you do morning exercises(

    S?I ……

    T?When do you watch TV(


    T?Work in pairs using the drills?

     What time do you ? or When do you?

    (转换角色)?What time / when does she / he ?

    Step ??Read the letter

    T?Do you have a pen-friend.

S?Yes, I do.

    T?Where is he ( she )?

    S?He / She is in .

    T?Do you often write to each other. Do you know his / her life ? S?Yes, I do.

    T?If you have a pen-friend from another country. You will know more about his / her school life. Heres a letter from Jane to Mona. Now please read this letter and finish 3a. Ask and answer in pairs like this?

     A?What does he do at 6:15 ?

     B?He at

     B?What time does he do homework ?

     A?He at

    Step ??practice?

    T?Toms friend, Jiang Min also wants to know something about his morning. Can you help Tom, write a letter to Jiang Min. Let students read 3b and complete the letter. ( finish 3b)

    2Read the letter together. Now, can you write a letter? Remember:write „„Dear”at the left top of the letter and write down some words,like „„Love, Best wishes, Yours, Sincerelyat the righr bottom

    of the letter to show your friendly feelings.建议与说明

    ?Practice writing a letter.

    T:Think it over for two minutes and write a letter to your own pen

pal.Tell him something about your daily life.

    Dear Tony,

    Do you want to know about my morning?Well,I


    I______ _at______. I_______at______.As for(

    )weekends, I ______on______.On______, I

    usually______. Please write soon.

     Best wishes,

     Wang Lin

    T: I will ask two more students to read their letters;the others can enjoy their letters . At last,well choose the best letter.Who can read your letter aloud to us?

    (Two students read their letters. Award a prize to their work.) Step ??pairwork

    T?As a famous movie star, his life must be very very busy. Imagine you are a famous movie star think over activities on weekends then fill in the chart .then ask somebody to report your idea.

     _______s activities

    Sunday Saturday

    8:00 run.

    8:30 eat breakfast.


Step ??Make a survey?

    T?Now, lets make a survery and find out what you do on weekends.

    You can work in groups of four. Fill in the chart. If you do it. Please draw a

    ? smiling face. If you dont do it, draw a ? crying face.

    ?In each group, each student has a chart in his hand. The four students

    take turns to ask each other and fill in the chart.?

    Weekend Survery

     S1 S2 S3 S4

    Do you sleep late? ? ?

    Do you meet friend?

    Do you go to movies?

    Do you draw pictures?

    Do you play tennis?

    Do you listen to music?


    T?Who can give us a report?

    S?I can. In our group. I sleep late. S2 doesnt sleep late. S3 doesnt sleep late and S4 sleeps late ……

    ( The teacher asks four more students to report . ) Step ??Practice

    Weekend Survey



    What time do you get up?

What time do you eat breakfast?

    Let the students walk around the class and ask their classmates the questions. Instruct them to write the answerson their. Survery charts. Step ?? Homework

    1Write down your daily life in your diary.

    2Write a letter to your friend. Tell him sth. About your daily life. Step ??Just for Fun


    1Ask two students to read the conversation in the three frames. 2If necessary, explain the two people are in different parts of the world. 教学反思




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