2003 springdoc - City of Maumee, Ohio

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2003 springdoc - City of Maumee, Ohio



    From the Mayor’s Desk In this Issue:

    From the Mayor’s Desk 01 I am pleased to report that 2003 will be Safety City Program 02 an exciting time for the City of Emergency Checklist 02 Maumee. Several key projects are Pet Care Reminders 03 underway that will help add to the quality of life we Loud Car Stereos 03

    STEP Grant 04 all enjoy as residents of this great community. Parking Issues 04 Construction on the Maumee Indoor Theater Safety Tips for Children 04 renovation project is slated for spring. Rolf Park has Underage Drinking Laws 04 been purchased from the Maumee Board of Prom Safety 05

    School Resource Officer 05 Education and preliminary planning for a community

    Yard Waste Disposal Info 05 pool is underway. And, many areas of the city will Lucas County Drop-offs 06 receive enhancement and beautification. Rules and Regulations for Solid Waste Collection 06 The New Year also brings administrative staff Collection Map 07

    Recycling Info - Maumee 08 changes to the City of Maumee. In the Finance Unlimited Item Collection 08 Department, David Hazard has been promoted to Chipable Yard Waste Collection 08 Director of Finance /Municipal Clerk, Linda Wilker Household Hazardous Waste 08 has been appointed as Assistant Director of Finance Storm Water Regulations 09 and Michael Rizzo has been selected as Road Construction Plans 09

    City Park Upgrades 09 Commissioner of Taxation. In addition, Kirk D. Kern Fire Prevention Bureau 09 has been chosen as Maumee’s first Commissioner of EMS 10 Community Development. Congratulations to them Bureau of Firefighting 10 all! Building & Zoning News 10

    Utility Billing News 11

    City Income Tax News 11 Although 2003 has started with bitter cold Important City Phone #’s 11 temperatures, I anticipate a promising spring with Important Dates and Holiday many great projects in bloom. Best regards in the Schedule 12 New Year! Red Cross Blood Drives 12


    Tim Wagener

    Timothy L. Wagener, Mayor


2003 Safety City Program

    The Maumee Police Division, in conjunction with the ? Instruct household members to turn on the radio Maumee Board of Education, will host the Safety City for emergency information Program. The program is designed for children who will ? Pick one out-of-state and one local friend or be entering Kindergarten in the fall of 2003. The Safety relative for family members to call if separated by City program is a two-week course consisting of ten daily disaster (it is often easier to call out-of-state than sessions. within the affected area) ? Teach children how to make long distance During the program, the children will interact with teachers, telephone calls police officers, firemen, school bus drivers and other ? Pick two meeting places: 1) a place near your community resource people, who will explain their function, home in case of a fire; 2) a place outside your equipment, and how children can best assist them. neighborhood in case you cannot return home after a disaster Dates for the program will be June 16Take a Basic First Aid and CPR Class ththth? Keep family records in a water and fire proof -27, and July 7-thcontainer 18, 2003. Applications will be available after March 1, Prepare a Disaster Supplies Kit 2003 and can be picked up at the Maumee Police Station. ? Assemble supplies you might need in an evacuation. Store them in an easy-to-carry

    container, such as a backpack or duffle bag Emergency Preparedness Checklist Include: The next time disaster strikes, you may not have much time ? A supply of water (one gallon per person per day). to act. Prepare now for a sudden emergency. Learn how to Store water in sealed, unbreakable containers. protect yourself and cope with disaster by planning ahead. Identify the storage date and replace every six This checklist will help you get started. Discuss these ideas months. with your family, and then prepare an emergency plan. ? A supply of non-perishable packaged or canned Post the plan where everyone will see it on the food and a non-electric can opener refrigerator or bulletin board. For additional information ? A change of clothing, rain gear, and sturdy shoes about how to prepare for hazards in your community, ? Blankets or sleeping bags contact your local emergency management or civil defense ? A first aid kit and prescription medications office and your American Red Cross chapter. ? An extra pair of glasses ? Call your emergency management office of ? A battery-powered radio, flashlight and plenty of American Red Cross Chapter extra batteries ? Find out which disasters could occur in your area ? Credit cards and cash ? Ask how to prepare for each disaster ? An extra set of car keys ? Ask how you would be warned of an emergency ? A list of family physicians ? Learn your community’s evacuation routes ? A list of important family information; the style ? Ask about special assistance for elderly or and serial number of medical devices, such as disabled persons pacemakers Also… ? Special items for infants, elderly or disabled ? Ask your workplace about emergency plans family members ? Learn about emergency plans for your children’s Escape Plan - In a fire or other emergency, you may need school or day care center to evacuate your house, apartment, or mobile home on a Create an Emergency Plan… moment’s notice. You should be ready to get out fast. ? Meet with household members. Discuss with Develop an escape plan by drawing a floor plan of your children the dangers of fire, severe weather, residence. Using a black or blue pen, show the location of earthquakes, and other emergencies doors, windows, stairways, and large furniture. Indicate the ? Discuss how to respond to each disaster that could location of emergency supplies (Disaster Supplies Kit), fire occur extinguishers, smoke detectors, collapsible ladders, first aid ? Discuss what to do about power outages and kits, and utility shut off points. Next, use a colored pen to personal injuries draw a broken line charting at least two escape routes from ? Draw a floor plan of your home. Mark two escape each room. Finally, mark a place outside of the home routes from each room where household members should meet in case of fire. Be ? Learn how to turn off the water, gas and electricity sure to include important points outside such as garages, at main switches patios, stairways, elevators, driveways, and porches. If ? Post emergency telephone numbers near your home has more than two floors, use an additional telephones sheet of paper. Practice emergency evacuation drills with ? Teach children how and when to call 911, police, all household members at least two times each year. and fire


    ? Keep a whistle in each bedroom to awaken Home Hazard Hunt

    ? In a disaster, ordinary items in the home can cause household members in case of fire

    injury and damage. Anything that can move, fall, ? Check electrical outlets, do not overload them

    break or cause a fire is a potential hazard ? Purchase a fire extinguisher (5 lb., A-B-C type) Pet Care Reminders ? Repair defective electrical wiring and leaky gas ? Have a collapsible ladder on each upper floor of Being a responsible pet owner requires: connections your house 1. License your pets ? Fasten shelves securely ? Consider installing home sprinklers 2. Vaccinate for rabies and other diseases ? Place large, heavy objects on lower shelves 3. Provide required veterinarian care regularly ? Hang pictures and mirrors away from beds 4. Never let them stray ? Brace overhead light fixtures 5. Pick up feces when walking ? Secure water heater, strap to wall studs 6. Don’t let them bark excessively ? Repair cracks in ceilings or foundations 7. Spay and neuter to prevent unwanted litters ? Store weed killers, pesticides, and flammable 8. Provide water, food and shelter products away from heat sources ? Place oily polishing rags or waste in covered Each year, owners are unintentionally cruel to their pets. metal cans What starts as a fun trip in the car may be the last one. ? Clean and repair chimneys, flue pipes, vent Temperatures soar inside vehicles in the hot summer days. connectors and gas vents Even on mild days, the heat inside the vehicle can increase If You Need to Evacuate rapidly. Temperatures inside parked cars can reach 175 ? Listen to a battery-powered radio for the location degrees. Opening windows to try and cool the car down of emergency shelters does not often work and the temperature can still reach 125 ? Follow instructions of local officials degrees within ten minutes. Opened windows may allow ? Wear protective clothing and sturdy shoes your pets to crawl through, run away, or bite someone. ? Take your disaster supplies kit ? Lock your home The Maumee Animal Control Officer and Maumee Police ? Use travel routes specified by local officials Division would like all dog walkers to be aware of section If You Are Sure you Have Time 927.02 of the municipal code. This section prohibits an ? Shut off water, gas and electricity, if instructed to owner from permitting an animal to deposit excrement on do so public or private property. Whoever violates this section is ? Let others know when you left and where you are guilty of a minor misdemeanor for the first offense and a going misdemeanor of the 4? Make arrangements for pets; animals are not

    allowed in public shelters thPrepare an Emergency Car Kit degree thereafter ($250 fine/30 ? Battery powered radio and extra batteries days). We are pleased to see an increasing number of ? Flashlight and extra batteries caring dog owners armed with plastic bags and scoops. ? Blanket Let’s all respect our neighbor’s property. ? Booster cables ? Fire extinguisher (5 lb, A-B-C type)

    ? First aid kit and manual Loud Car Stereo Ordinance ? Bottled water and non-perishable high energy The Maumee Police Division would like to remind all foods, such as granola bars, raisins and peanut drivers of the loud car stereo ordinance passed in 1998. butter This ordinance is enforced on a daily basis. For the sake of ? Maps other motorists and our fellow residents, let’s turn it down. ? Shovel ? Tire repair kit and pump The ordinance prohibits the operation of any sound ? Flares amplification system from within a vehicle so that the Fire Safety sound is plainly audible at a distance of fifty or more feet ? Plan two escape routes out of each room from the vehicle. Sound Amplification system means any ? Teach family members to stay low to the ground radio, cassette player, CD player, or other electronic device. when escaping from a fire Words or phrases need not be discernible and bass ? Teach family members never to open doors that reverberations are included. The law applies when the are hot. In a fire, feel the bottom of the door with vehicle is stopped, standing, parked or moving on a street, the palm of your hand. If it is hot, do not open the highway, alley, parking lot, or private driveway. Any door. Find another way out. 3? Install smoke detectors. Clean and test them once

    a month

    ? Change batteries at least once a year

    STEP Grant

    ? If someone tries to grab you, kick, punch and yell: The Maumee Police Division received a Selective Traffic NO! I Don’t Know You! You aren’t my Mom Enforcement Program (STEP) Grant for Federal Fiscal violation of ordinance 331.45 could be charged with a or Dad! Year 2003 (October 1, 2002 September 30, 2003). minor misdemeanor. ? If the person is in a car, stay as far away from the Approximately $14,000 is available for overtime car as you can. Go into a store or turn around, and enforcement. Included in this figure is money to purchase walk or run in the opposite direction. a new, more compact and lightweight laser. Enforcement is

    ? NEVER accept a ride from someone you don’t scheduled to begin in April and will continue through

    know. NEVER get into a car with someone you September. Enforcement efforts will be concentrated on

    don’t know. Sometimes people use tricks like the entire length of US 20 as it runs through the City of

    saying your mom is hurt or they lost their dog or Maumee, with officers running radar/laser on both Conant

    Street and Reynolds Road. kitten to try to get you to go with them. DO


    ? Stay alert. If you think someone if following you,

    cross the street and go into a store. Tell a police The Issue of Parking officer or a mother with a child. Don’t try to hide

     go to where you know you can find other people. Per Section 351.17 of the Maumee Codified Ordinance, it is illegal to park your vehicle in the street for longer than Parents (Stay vigilant in protecting your child.) eighteen hours without moving it. “No person shall park a ? Keep tabs on your children know where they are vehicle at any place on any street in the City for a period of and who they are with. time longer than eighteen hours, including Sundays and ? Don’t lose sight of your child in public places, holidays.” Often this ordinance is not rigorously enforced especially when very crowded. because an officer may not realize the car has not been ? Keep windows open when kids are outside. moved. However, it is still the law and an officer may

    ? Make sure your child understands a STRANGER ticket your vehicle. Other common violations you should is not just a mean-looking person. A STRANGER take note of are:

    can be normal looking, even nice. ? You cannot park over a sidewalk or crosswalk Underage Drinking Laws ? You cannot park in front of another’s driveway. Every year, countless teenagers and underage people hurt ? It is illegal to park within 10 feet of a fire hydrant. themselves and others by being under the influence of ? You may not park within 30 feet of a stop sign. alcohol. We hear the horror stories every year regarding ? When parking along a curb, you cannot be more youth that are killed in DUI accidents, teens getting than 12 inches from the curb. intoxicated and falling from the back of pick up trucks, ? It is unlawful to leave your vehicle running and young people who attempt dangerous “stunts” under the unattended in a public place. bravado of alcohol, and on and on… With the prom and graduation seasons upon us, we all need to do our part to

    see that the youth of Maumee stay safe. The following are

    things we should all be aware of:

    WHAT EVERY PARENT SHOULD KNOW: Safety Tips for Children Grades ? As a parent, you cannot give alcohol to your

    teen’s friends under the age of 21 under any K-5 circumstances. Not even in your own home with After being cooped up all winter, young children cannot get their parent’s permission. outside soon enough when warmer weather hits. “Stranger ? You cannot knowingly allow a person under the danger” is always a concern for parents and police and it’s age of 21 (other than your own child) to remain in a good idea to go over safety tips with your children as they your home or on your property if said person is get ready to spend more time outdoors. Please practice the consuming or possessing alcohol. following and go over them with your children frequently. ? It is illegal to supply a place for underage people

    to consume alcohol. IF YOU BREAK THE LAW: Preventing Abduction (Practice and discuss these tips ? You can face a maximum sentence of six months with your children.) in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. ? Don’t play in deserted areas – such as empty ? Others may seek legal action against you if you playgrounds, parks, construction sites or dumps. supply alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 and ? Stay with your mom or dad in public places or use they, in turn, hurt themselves, someone else, or the buddy system. Play, walk, bike and skate with damage property. a friend.


    provide a place for teens to drink, as it’s not only a bad

    idea, it’s illegal. Supplying alcohol to minors exposes ? Officers may confiscate any alcohol, money, or parents to prosecution and lawsuits. It is important to property used in the commission of this offense. support each other, to communicate with other parents and THINGS YOU CAN DO AS PARENTS: to provide a consistent message and a responsible example ? Refuse to supply alcohol to any underage person for teens. Another concern during prom season is the in your home or on your property. drinking, vandalism and noise by teens whose parents or ? Be at home if your teen is having a party. As a older siblings reserve motel rooms. Area motels have been homeowner, you are responsible for what happens notified of prom dates and vow to be extra vigilant. LET’S School Resource Officer in your home. STRIVE FOR A SAFE PROM SEASON! In August 2002, the Maumee Police Division and the ? Make sure that alcohol is not brought to your Maumee Board of Education jointly agreed to place a home or property by your child’s friends. School Resource Officer (SRO) at Gateway Middle School ? Talk to other parents about not providing alcohol and Maumee High School. The goal is to provide a at other events your child will be attending. resource to students and teachers, and to work closely with ? Create alcohol free opportunities and activities in the Administration on law enforcement issues. Duties your home so teens will feel welcomed. include security and safety, working with faculty and ? If you have information regarding an underage administration regarding law enforcement, and classroom party involving alcohol, call the Maumee Police at instruction in the areas of law related education, safety 419-897-7000. There is also an anonymous toll programs, alcohol and drug prevention, and violence and free hotline at 1-877-4-MINORS. crime prevention. CHANGES IN THE LAW

    The Ohio Revised Code, Section 4301.69, prohibits an

    “underage person” (a person under the age of 21) from Yard Waste Disposal knowingly possessing or consuming any beer or

    intoxicating liquor, in any public place, unless the underage Information. person is accompanied by a parent, spouse who is not an

    Waste Management brown yard waste bags are available underage person, or legal guardian, or unless the beer or

    for purchase at The Andersons, Foodtown and The Pharm intoxicating liquor is given by a physician in the regular

    in Maumee and must have the green Waste Management line of the physician’s practice or given for established

    seal on the side of the bag. Generic bags will not be picked religious purposes. A violation of this prohibition is a

    up by Waste Management. misdemeanor of the first degree.

    The following materials will be collected in the brown Section 4301.69 (E) prohibits an underage person from

    Waste Management yard waste bags or when a Waste knowingly ordering, paying for, sharing the cost of,

    Management brown bag is attached to the material: grass attempting to purchase, possessing, or consuming any beer

    (bagged), leaves (bagged), garden waste and tree limbs or intoxicating liquor, in any public or private place. The

    (bundled and tied in 4’ lengths, no more than 2’ in diameter, law has been changed to include prohibiting an underage

    and weigh no more than 40 pounds). person from knowingly being under the influence of any

     beer or intoxicating liquor in any public place. This means

    Collection occurs on Wednesdays for Monday and an officer can charge for a violation in his presence even if

    Wednesday garbage routes and Tuesdays for Tuesday and the location that the consumption took place in is unknown.

    Thursday garbage routes. The 2003 yard waste collection He need only prove that the underage person is “under the

    schedule is as follows: influence” of any beer or intoxicating liquor.

     Prom Safety

    March, 2003 Every other week collection (March 4-5 Parents should discuss prom night plans with their kids and and 18-19). stress the importance of safe, fun and sober activities and April through October, 2003 Every week collection driving. Speeding, alcohol use, multiple passengers and starting April 1 through October 29. driving after midnight represent the deadliest combinations November, 2003 Every other week collection and are primary causes for car crashes. Limit the number November 11-12 and 25-26. of passengers your teen is allowed to transport, insist that your teen and all passengers wear their seat belts, and do Residents may also contract for an unlimited monthly not allow your teen to drive after 1:00 a.m. If service directly with Waste Management by calling them at transportation is required after that, make alternate 419-666-5507. arrangements.

    Encourage alcohol free after prom activities at your school. 5Parents should be parents and not “best friends”. Don’t

Limitations on Number of Containers/ Items: The limit

    upon the number of containers or items collected as part of

    the basic service shall be three (3). The contractor will Yard Waste Drop-Off Facilities: Yard waste drop-off collect additional items only if they have the official service at the Public Service Yard, 214 Illinois Avenue is “orange tag” authorizing the additional service. The also available. Acceptable items are limited to “chipable “orange tags” are marked with the logo of Waste materials” (tree and brush trimmings). NO grass, garden Management of Northwest Ohio, Inc., and are available for cuttings, leaves, etc., or other materials that are not readily purchase at The Andersons, Foodtown, and The Pharm in chipable. This drop-off area is located inside the fenced-in Maumee. area of the Public Service Yard and open every Saturday Container Requirements/Location: Container require- Lucas County Drop-offs beginning April 5 November 8, 2003. The hours will ments are metal or hard plastic regulation “refuse” Residents must present a valid Lucas County drivers’ be from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The facility is staffed by containers of substantial water tight construction with tight license to drop off materials free of charge. Commercial City employees. Maumee citizens must show proof of fitting lids or approved commercial paper or plastic bags of haulers, landscapers, and lawn care companies may also residency to leave materials. at least a minimum of 1.5 mils thickness and sealed. Paper drop materials off, but will be charged a fee. These disposable containers are to be wet strength, kraft paper or facilities will not accept tires, newspaper, junk mail, office equal, and are also to be securely sealed or tied. The size paper, cardboard, or other recyclables. For recycling shall not exceed thirty-five (35) gallons and shall not weigh information, call the Lucas County Solid Waste more than fifty (50) pounds. Paper and plastic store bags, Management District at 419-213-6477 or Keep baskets, barrels, tubs, cans, drums and cardboard cartons Toledo/Lucas County Beautiful, Inc. at 419-213-6455. are not to be used for containers or placed for collection. Acceptable items include: branches, Christmas trees, Handles must be provided on each side of the container for shrubbery, wood chips, grass clippings, leaves and tree carrying purposes. Containers with ragged or sharp edges trunks (less than 10 inches in diameter). Call ahead for or any defect potentially dangerous to collection personnel hours. must be repaired or replaced. ? Clean Wood Recycling, Inc. 6505 W. Bancroft St, Toledo 419-843-9663 All approved containers and material must be placed off ? Kurtz Brothers Regional Compost Facility the pavement within six (6) feet of the edge of pavement, 5315 Stickney Ave, Toledo 419-727-7856 properly line, or alleyway on the date of collection. All items must be placed by 7:00 a.m. on the day of collection.

    Empty containers shall be returned to premises by the

    residents the day of collection. The contractor is

    responsible for placing containers back on the curb along Rules & Regulations for Solid the pavement or alleyway and cleaning up spillage caused

    by its employees. Where possible, all misses shall be Waste Collection collected the same day. Refuse: The word “refuse” as used herein shall mean and Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners, include: all perishable waste, including vegetable and fruit Dehumidifiers: New federal regulations place limitations waste, animal manure (securely bagged), household wastes, upon the disposal of items containing freon. Therefore, clothing, old appliances, water heaters, furniture, these items will not be collected on the normal garbage day, mattresses, carpeting (cut in 4’ lengths, rolled and tied), but will be collected separately once per month on the third dismantled swing sets (cut in 4’ lengths, rolled and tied, Wednesday of each month. Arrangement for this collection with concrete bases removed). The word “refuse” shall not must be made by notifying the Department of Public mean and shall not include: lumber; building and Service at 419-897-7150 by the Monday prior to the third remodeling materials; tires; stones; rocks or dirt; steel or Wednesday. iron; motor oil; pesticide containers; paint, paint thinner, or Disabled Residents Carry-Outs: Carry-out and carry-other paint products; automobile parts; tree stumps or other back service will be provided to residents who meet the forms of yard waste; or dead animals. City’s requirements for disabled or handicapped service, Recyclables: Please see separate recycling regulations for and are approved for this type of service. The service does procedures. not include yard waste materials. On designated “disabled Collection Service: Refuse will be collected once per carry-outs”, collectors will not enter garages or dwellings week from every single-family dwelling, two-, three-, or or enter enclosed premises when the gate is locked or if a four-family dwellings, condominiums and townhouses (all pet is loose upon the premises. as defined by Maumee Code) provided that (1) a refuse Special Service: Residents desiring special service beyond receptacle(s) is kept thereon, (2) said dwelling is not the contract requirements may contract privately with serviced by a private refuse collection service, and (3) the Waste Management of Northwest Ohio, Inc., for such Director of Public Service approves of same with the service. standards of the Public Service Department. Collections shall be made between the hours of 7:00 a.m.- 7:00 p.m. 6

Handy Guide to the Recycling

    Program of the City of Maumee

    Recyclable Items:

    1. Aluminum and bi-metal beverage cans

    2. Plastics, currently only #1 and #2 plastics are Waste Management will be providing a spring unlimited recyclable. item collection. Residents will be able to put an unlimited 3. Newsprint and magazines bundled in a brown number of refuse items out for collection as follows: paper grocery bag or tied. 4. Corrugated cardboard and single layer cardboard ? MONDAY garbage route March 31, 2003. flattened, no larger than 3’x 3’. ? TUESDAY garbage route April 1, 2003 5. Glass containers bottles and jars of clear, brown ? WEDNESDAY route - April 9, 2003 or green glass, unbroken. ? THURSDAY route - April 10, 2003 6. Tin and steel cans labels removed. Recycling Pick-Up: NO freon containing items, household hazardous waste, or 1. Your recyclables will be picked up on the same yard waste will be collected as part of this unlimited item day as your regular trash pick-up. collection. 2. Recycling pick-up is done at the street, not in Refuse includes the following: All perishable wasate, alleys. including vegetables and fruit wastes, animal manure 3. A blue plastic bin is available for your recyclables (securely bagged); household waste; clothing; old from the City. If your bin is lost, stolen, or broken, appliances; water heaters; furniture, mattresses; carpeting you may pick up a free replacement bin at the (rolled in four foot (4’) lengths, no thicker than two feet (2’) Service Department, 400 Conant St., 2in diameter and tied); dismantled swing sets (must be cut

    into four foot (4’) lengths and bundled with the concrete nd floor. bases removed). 4. You may co-mingle glass, plastic and metals in the Refuse shall not mean and shall not include: Yard waste bin. (grass clippings, weeds, garden waste, tree and brush 5. Place newspapers and magazines in a separate trimmings, tree stumps); lumber; building and remodeling grocery bag alongside your blue bin. materials; tires; stones; rocks; dirt; steel; iron; motor oil; Recycling Hints: pesticide containers; paint, paint thinner; automobile parts; 1. Flatten plastic and metal containers to save room Spring 2003 Chipable Yard tree stumps or dead animals. in the bin. 2. Rinse all containers. Remove lids from glass and Waste Material Collection. plastic containers and discard. The City of Maumee will be providing its spring chipable 3. Remove labels from metal cans. It isn’t necessary yard waste material collection. This collection is for to remove them from plastic or glass. chipable material only, no yard waste bags or nonchipable 4. Do not break glass containers. Broken glass and material (leaves, grass, garden waste, weeds, etc.) will be window glass are not recyclable. collected as part of this program. The chipable material 5. Newsprint should be kept dry. Wet newspapers must be bundled and tied in four foot (4’) lengths, no more are not recyclable. than two feet (2’) in diameter and weigh no more than forty 6. Recycling reduces the amount of normal refuse (40) pounds. The following are the weeks the material will and doesn’t count against your limit of refuse be collected. The material should be put out to the street. containers, so recycle as much as possible. 7. Shop for items that come in recyclable containers. ? MONDAY garbage route March 31-April 4 The best way to reduce solid waste is to avoid ? TUESDAY garbage route April 7-11 creating it in the first place. ? WEDNESDAY garbage route April 14-18 Items the City does not recycle at the present time ? THURSDAY garbage route April 21-25 (please put these items in your regular refuse collection):

    1. Styrofoam plastic (egg cartons, meat trays,

    fruit/vegetable packaging).

    2. Waxed paper milk and juice containers.

    3. Plastic bottles from vehicle oil.

    Household Hazardous Waste 4. Wire coat hangers, diapers, plastic with numbers

    3,4,5,6,7, and 8.


    For more information: 419-897-7150 To get rid of household hazardous waste, Lucas County

    residents should call the Lucas County Solid Waste

    Management District at 419-213-6477. Workers will pre-

    register the resident’s material and schedule a time and

    place to drop the material off. Household hazardous waste Unlimited Item Collection is described as paint; paint-related items, such as brush

    cleaners, turpentine, and mineral spirits; pesticides; 7

    New Storm Water Regulations Fairfield Park: Two new items were added last fall, and Beginning in March 2003, the City of Maumee must three items will be added this summer. In 2002, the city comply with Phase II Storm Water Regulations as insecticides and herbicides; chemical cleaners; and auto constructed a 1/3 mile paved walking trail and a 75’ x 150’ promulgated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. fluids such as gasoline and motor oil. inline / ice skating rink. This spring, the completion of the The regulations require municipalities in urban areas to skateboard / inline skate park will be completed along with develop strategies to control the quality of storm water, a new 20’ x 30’ open-sided shelter. New playground which is discharged into streams and rivers. The strategies equipment will be added, funded through a Community must be fully implemented by December 2007. Development Block Grant.

     Ford Field Park: This park will see the installation of new These strategies must be compiled into a Storm Water playground equipment, funded through a Community Management Plan. The Plan must include methods to Development Block Grant with installation to commence provide education on storm water runoff, detect and Fire Prevention Bureau sometime in mid to late summer. eliminate illicit discharges, control construction site runoff, Home Fire Safety Inspections - The Maumee Fire both during and after construction and reduce pollutant Prevention Bureau has a host of services provided to runoff from streets and municipal operations. businesses and citizens. The majority of time is spent conducting business inspections, butFuture newsletters will contain articles on the progress of adequate time is the city’s Storm Water Management Plan and what we are always made available to help our residents. We offer free doing to reduce storm water pollution. Additionally, there home fire safety inspections, wherein we will inform you of will be suggestions that homeowners can take to reduce items that may cause a fire, or are potentially dangerous to storm water pollution. your home. Inspectors will review your home for such hazards as improperly stored flammable or combustible

    liquids, discuss the use of extension cords, and safe heating

    equipment and water heater needs, just to name a few. Free Road Construction Plans fire and life safety informational pamphlets are available. Scheduled road work for the 2003 construction season will If you would like a FREE fire safety inspection of your include William Street and Dussel Drive. Reconstruction home, please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 419-of William Street between River Road and Ford Street 897-7052 or 7053. should begin this spring and be competed by the second week in August. Dussel Drive will be milled and asphalt SMOKE DETECTORS - A smoke detector is a life saving overlaid from Ford Street to the I-475 bridge. This project feature that is required in all residential dwellings within should be completed by mid-June. The streets of June, the City of Maumee. Your life depends upon these Junior, Cranbrook and the 1200 block of Craig Road are inexpensive devices!! A smoke detector should be located scheduled for storm sewer improvements this construction on every habitable level of your home. For added season. A preventive road maintenance program will also protection, there should be a smoke detector installed be implemented on various streets and roads later this inside every bedroom, and then outside the room as well. summer. Crawl spaces and attics, which are not frequented, would not have to have the detectors.

    Two of the most frequent problems uncovered after a Maumee City Parks Upgrades residential fire is that the home’s smoke detector was not

    operating, or there was no detector installed. Some of the Monclova Park: Playground equipment will be installed reasons heard: “We took the battery out to use in a radio or this spring. The equipment was purchased and arrived late toy”, “The detector kept going off when I was cooking, so I in the summer of 2002. Installation is about 70% complete. took the battery out”, or “It kept chirping every couple of The total cost of the equipment was $90,000. The City minutes, so we disconnected it.” was successful in being granted a Nature Works Grant to cover approximately $67,000 of the cost. If a fire occurs, these minor inconveniences could cause an injury or even a fatality. Smoke detectors need to be present, with the batteries in place, and working properly. Anderson Park: Two new items were completed in late Fire and smoke don’t care how old you are, where you live, 2002 and are ready for use. A 1/3-mile paved walking trail or what you are doing…it will even overtake you in your was completed, and a new fenced-in tennis court. New sleep. Install smoke detectors and keep them maintained. park benches have been purchased and will be placed Smoke detectors are your “silent watchmen”; they are around the park this spring. present when you are not even aware. However, they have


    Menifee and Mr. Dan Hengle. We admire their dedication to

    this profession and wish them well in their new endeavor. to be maintained to keep you safe. Here are some of the Currently, the Maumee Fire Division has six openings for items you need to know about smoke detector maintenance: Volunteer Firefighter/EMT’s. So, if you have any interest in being a part of this progressive, highly rewarding service ? Smoke detectors should be tested each month. Division of Building & Zoning to your community, please call the Maumee Fire Division ? The battery(s) in smoke detectors should be Spring and summer are the busiest seasons for the Division at 419-897-7055.changed when you move the clocks forward or of Building and Zoning Inspection. When scheduling backward. home improvement projects, be sure to submit the ? Smoke detectors over 10 years of age should be necessary site and construction documents for issuance of replaced. (Upgrade, or even add additional the required permits prior to commencing with construction. detectors for your protection!) Once permits have been secured, be sure to call twenty-? Detectors should be cleaned periodically. four hours in advance to schedule the required inspections Vacuum or dust them off; a build-up of dust or for prompt service. If scheduling allows, same day film may impede the performance. inspections will be provided for your convenience. To expedite inspection requests, check to ensure that the work As mentioned earlier, smoke detectors are required in requested for inspection is complete and that the approved residences. If you reside in a rental property, the property building plans and permit cards are available on site for the owner is responsible for installing the detector(s). In most inspector’s signature. Premature inspection requests not instances, the tenant is responsible for maintaining the only delay your project, but delay other Maumee detectors. If you own your home and cannot afford a residential projects due to time loss from re-inspection smoke detector, the Maumee Fire Prevention Bureau can services. Let’s be considerate and efficient. provide and install adequate detectors for you…AT NO EMS CHARGE. Please contact the Maumee Fire Prevention With good weather on the way, recreational vehicles and Bureau for assistance. We would like to welcome the following new personnel to trailers begin to appear throughout the city. Recreational the Fire Division, Jim Mueller EMT-P, Justin Butler EMT, vehicles and trailers shall not be parked in front of the front Mike Vaughn EMT, Dan Hengle EMT, Jason Menifee EMT, building line of any residence or dwelling and shall not be and Lance Tunison EMT. We also would like to congratulate connected to any utilities or used for living or Mr. Dan Williams on obtaining his Paramedic Certification housekeeping purposes. The recreational vehicles and recently. trailers must be parked on a concrete or asphalt surface. If you live on a corner lot, remember that you have two A big welcome back to Paramedic Connie Durham who required front yard setbacks. recently returned to work from maternity leave after delivering a beautiful baby girl, Abagail, on July 31, 2002. Spring and summer are the ideal time to have garage sales. Congratulations to Connie and husband Joel! Remember that there are no fees for private garage sale permits and they are available at the Inspection counter, We would also like to congratulate Firefighter/Paramedic Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Signs of any Brian Mascareno on his appointment to the Toledo Fire type other than traffic signage should never be placed Department. We know he will do a great job there as he has in the right of way. These signs include real estate, done here for us.garage sales, estate sales and single items for sale signage.

    The right of way is an area owned by the city to maintain the streets and infrastructure. Please do not place signage in the area between the curb and sidewalk or attach to any

    poles or trees in this area. Clean, litter free right of ways Bureau of Firefighting improve the appearance and quality of living in the city. Total training hours attended by the Maumee Firefighters in 2002 were 3,220. Upcoming training for the Division Residents that reside in the Architectural District must includes a Firefighter I class; this class will gain our appear before the Architectural Board of Review before firefighters 120 hours toward the 240 hour Professional commencing with any exterior work to their homes or Firefighter Certification. The Fire Division responded to businesses. These meetings are held the second 119 general alarms and 317 silent alarms, which is an 8% Wednesday of every month at 4:00 pm in council chambers. increase over last year. We are still actively applying for The completed application and all required information state grants to increase funds for training and equipment must be submitted to the inspection office seven days prior purchases. to the scheduled meeting. This meeting date is concurrent

    The Safety Department has added several new volunteer

    Firefighters to our Division in the past 7 months: Mr. Jim 9Mueller, Mr. Lance Tunison, Mr. Justin Butler, Mr. Jason

    personnel do not obtain readings regularly. Regular

    readings assure that excessive usage and leaks are noted at

    least quarterly. The cost is $40 (or $15 if the owner installs

    the City provided wire). with the Administrative Board of Review. The Administrative Board is available for those who are Final Readings. When you move or sell your property, a seeking relief from the zoning code requirements pertaining final reading is required to remove your name from the to setback or lot area hardships. The meeting and due dates account. The inside meter must be read by the Water are the same as that of the Architectural Committee. Division Meter Reader to start an account for the new owner or resident; also, make sure that your forwarding For building owners and residents of the Uptown District, address is reported to the Billing Office. meetings will be held the first Wednesday of each month at City Income Tax 4:00 pm to request any exterior changes to the structures Another tax season is upon us. 2002 city income tax returns including signage. The completed application and required should have been mailed to you. Returns are due or must information must be submitted seven days prior to the be postmarked, on or before April 15, 2003. All Maumee regularly scheduled meeting. residents with income, regardless where earned, are Water/Utility Billing News required to file a return. Part year residents file only on that Contact the Division of Building and Zoning Inspection at Sign up for Automated Bill Payment. Make it portion of income earned or received as our resident. 419-897-7075 with any questions, complaints or concerns. convenient to pay your water/sewer bill. Autopay is now Residents working in another city who travel as part of available. Pick up an application from our office or call us their job may be entitled to a refund from that city. and we will mail you one. Applications are also available at all local banks. Just fill out the application, mail it in Forms may be obtained at our office on the second floor of and it takes about six weeks for processing. 400 Conant Street, or at our website or by calling 419-897-7120. Page 2 of the booklet has both Please inspect your outside readergeneral information and specific instructions, including . Make sure there are information on filing for an extension. If you have no broken wires outside or in. Also, please make sure that additional questions, call or email us at your meter readings match inside and out.

    Swimming Pools and Irrigation. Did you know that

    sewer charges are based on water usage? If you have a

    meter installed to record the water used for irrigation or a Important City Phone Numbers

    swimming pool, that usage will be excluded from sewer All EMERGENCIES 911 charges. In lieu of metered usage, the City allows a once a Administrator 419-897-7100 year “pool credit” for filling or topping-off a pool. In order Community Development 419-897-7100 to qualify for a “pool credit” you must read the meter Court 419-897-7130 before you start your pool fill and after the pool fill is Fire Station (non-emergency) 419-897-7057 completed, and call in your readings. There will be no Garbage/recycling collection 419-897-7150 exceptions!!! If you call with no meter readings, you do Inspection/zoning 419-897-7075 not get your pool fill credit. Please call those readings in to Mayor 419-897-7100 the Utility Billing Office at 419-897-7125. Police (non-emergency) 419-897-7040 Prosecutor 419-897-7085 Remote Registers for Water Meters. Residents 65 years Service Department 419-897-7150 or older who own and occupy a residence are eligible for Tax Division 419-897-7120 free installation of an outside remote register. If your water Water bills/service 419-897-7125 meter does not have a remote register, you should consider

    installing one. Remote registers are required for any new customer and at any service location where Water Division


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