Inventory and Monitoring Action Plan

By Pauline Rivera,2014-03-26 16:11
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Use the Inventory and Monitoring Framework and IMIT Action Plan as a reference For Current Activities/Status check the IMIT Website: wwwfsfedus/emc/iim

    Inventory and Monitoring Issue Team

    July 18, 2000

    IM Framework Principles:

    ; Work within an overarching Purpose and Business Requirements. ; Embrace a multi-scale, ecological and social and economic system framework. ; Collaborate across ownerships and governments for sharing and acquiring data. ; Communicate and provide accountability.

    ; Organize to efficiently coordinate, integrate, and manage inventories and

    monitoring with adequate skills.

    ; Set Protocols for consistent, efficient, and effective inventories and monitoring.

    Progress since November 1999:

; Inventory and Monitoring Framework (January 5, 2000)

    ; Region’s Survey of Inventories and Findings (November 1, 1999)

    ; Charter for Issue Team (March 21, 2000)

    ; IMIT Action Plan (April 18, 2000)

    Actions Underway in the next six months:

; Develop Purpose and Objectives statement (Action 1A)

    ; Develop Business Requirements Analysis Process (Action 1B)

    ; Identify/resolve Information Policy and Technology Barriers (Action 3C) ; Form a Communication Strategy (Action 4A)

    ; Establish IM Budget Advisory Group (Action 5B)

    ; Compile list of inventory and monitoring programs (Action 2C) ; Identify Region, Station, Area Program Leaders (5C)

    ; Write paper on ecological systems approach (Action 2A)

    ESCT Assistance Needed:

    1. Actively support the IMIT efforts, including providing individuals to participate

    in IMIT Work Groups.

    2. Use the Inventory and Monitoring Framework and IMIT Action Plan as a

    reference point when discussing Inventory and Monitoring items. Any new

    inventory and monitoring efforts should be evaluated to ensure they “fit” within

    the ESCT/IREMCG’s efforts.

    3. Identify other Agency or NGO representatives that could be involved in our

    efforts on either the IMIT or Work Groups.

    For Current Activities/Status check the IMIT Website:

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