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    Book report of Pride and Prejudice

     Pride and Prejudice was written by a famous British writer--Jane Austen, showing its

    opposition to the popular sentimental writing style of that time. It described the emotional entanglement between the proud hearted unmarried teen Darcy and the prejudiced little Miss Elizabeth, a rich single noble, so as Begley and Jean.

    The so-called pride in this book referred to the character weakness of teen Darcy who had a wealthy background, a high education, and a sharp sight; and the so-called prejudice referred to

    the emotion weakness of Elizabeth who had a middle background, a good education and a smart mind. Darcy and Elizabeth, one had a sharp sight, the other had a smart mind, meeting each other on a family dancing party, but not leaving a good impression on each other. Just as I have mentioned above, first impressions are half the battle, with the addition of women’s comments

    later on, causing the love and hatred between Darcy and Elizabeth. Elizabeth once talked to Darcy, both of us have a very similar temperament that we are dissociable, as mum as a mouse, and unwilling to start talking. Except that our words can electrify our listeners, like mottos that have glory and spread historically. Just because of the unity of thinking, they had been hampered in their marriage. While at the same time, they had a good marriage in the end due to it. If Elizabeth lived in modern time, she might be a feminist who cared about her sisters. It was her straightforward but impolite and naughty characters that attract Darcy. The more important thing was that she was good at and dare to say no to the people who had a higher social status than her. According to the novel, Elizabeth had intelligence, courage, foresight and good self-esteem. And she was good at thinking. Just because of these kinds of good characters, she made herself have independent ideas on love and made her and Darcy a good family.

    In this novel, according to the different treating methods of marriage of Bennetts five

    daughters, it reflected the authors opinion on marriage that its was wrong to get married simply

    for money, possessions and status; but its also foolish if leaving those factors outthought. Thus,

    she was not only object to getting married simply for money, but also object to treating marriage as trifling matter. She emphasized the importance of ideal marriage and considered the love between men and women as the footstone to make an ideal marriage.

    The heroine Elizabeth in this novel was born of small landlord family, loved by rich generation Darcy. And Darcy proposed to her regardless of the differences of family status and wealth, but refused by Elizabeth. Her misunderstandings and prejudices against him was a reason, but the main thing was his pride that made him disliked. Actually, Darcys pride was a reflection of status

    difference. As long as there was this kind of pride, he couldnt have common thoughts and

    feelings with Elizabeth, as well as an ideal marriage. But later on, Elizabeth observed Darcys a

    series of behaviors, especially his change of his former proud manner, eliminating her misunderstandings and prejudice against him, establishing a good marriage with him. Elizabeth’s

    different attitude towards Darcy’s proposing actually was a reflection of a females pursuit to

    independent personality and equal rights. And this was a progressive significance of the character Elizabeth.

    This novel was a vivid reflection of the conservative and blocking country life in Britain from late 18th century to early 19th century. Its social picture like writing style not only attracted a lot of readers of that time, but also gave readers of modern time the unique art enjoyment. The author,

    Jane Austen, was the first one to describe the ordinary life, being a connecting link between the preceding and the following of British history of fiction. Although the material in her novel was a bit narrow, and the story was quite flat, yet she did well in shaping sharp-cut characters in daily life. Regardless of Elizabeth and Darcy that was worth of being affirmative by the author or Waukegan and Collins that was satirized, were all vividly described. Meanwhile, the words of Jane Austen were well tinkered. She always used humorous and funny words to vivid the characteristics of people in the novel. And this kind of art creativity made her works fulfill their own unique features.

     Pride and Prejudice was the perfect combination of words and emotion. If we say that the Dream of Red Mansions is the gentlewoman of eastern culture, then Pride and Prejudice is the

    Anne of green gables” of western culture.

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