Preoperation Stage

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Psychology short research paper

Donghui Liu

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    Psychology 1 A

    July 6, 2010

    The Preoperational Stage

     The preoperational is the second stage of Piaget’s cognitive development theory.

    Children in this stage of development are between the ages of two to seven years old ( (Myers,

    2004). The hallmark of the preoperational stage is sparse and logically inadequate mental

    operations. During this stage, the child learns to use and to represent objects by images, words,

    and drawings (Wikipedia, 2010). Language development is one of the hallmarks of this period. Piaget noted that children in this stage do not yet understand concrete logic, cannot mentally

    manipulate information, and are unable to take the point of view of other people, which he

    termed egocentrism (Cherry, 2010).

     During the preoperational stage, children also become increasingly adept at using

    symbols, as evidenced by the increase in playing and pretending (Cherry, 2010). As this stage the

    child cannot see or understand other people’s thoughts, and they feel people have the same

    thoughts or feelings along with them. Role playing also becomes important during the

    preoperational stage. Piaget used a number of creative and clever techniques to study the mental

    abilities of children. One of the famous techniques egocentrism involved using a three-

    dimensional display of a mountain scene (Cherry, 2010). Invariably, children almost always

    choose the scene showing their own view of the mountain scene (Cherry, 2010). Children are

    limited at doing certain things at that age and therefore a lot of imagination takes place.

     Children tend to become very curious and ask many questions which begin the use of

    primitive reasoning. There is an emergence in the interest of reasoning and wanting to know why

    things are the way they are. Piaget called it the intuitive sub stage because children realize they

    have a vast amount of knowledge but they are unaware of how they know it (Wikipedia, 2010).

    Children at the preoperational stage should be able to tell friends and family wild stories because

    the child at this stage of development has a broad imagination. This stage of development

    represents the greatest amount of equities growth throughout the lifespan.

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