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    Working in Community Service


    Many of today's young people are mainly concerned with prestigious careers, making money, and owning things. It seems we no longer teach the benefits of spending time and money to help the community, the country, or the world. Our country can strengthen these human values and improve the world by requiring young people to spend a year working in some type of community service. Do you agree or disagree? Write an essay no less than 350 words.

    Do you still remember Lei Feng and his shining merits as well as uncountable contribution he made to the community service? There is no doubt almost all of us are taught to learn from Lei Feng all along our growth, and I firmly believe that no one can deny ones esteem to our spiritual model. But today, in the brand new century, it seems incredibly hard to seek out a living Lei Feng, which is nothing less than an enormous pity. Under the circumstances, I insist it necessary to improve the current situation by requiring young people to work in community service.

    To begin with, I am convinced that enforcement measure is needed to build up moral criteria for the young. As is maintained by legalists, enforcement measure is an indispensable part not only to instruct people to distinguish right from wrong but also to require people to make contributions to the community, the country, or the world. As is known to us, healthy young adults

    are bound to serve in the army or community for certain years in Korea and Taiwan. Its not hard to discover these youngsters

    are equipped with increasing sense of responsibility as well as a stronger character of helping others after serving in the army or community. Drawing from experience of other districts, we can conclude that requiring young adults to work in community service would result to an immensely increasing number of warm-hearted people.

    On the other hand, the requirement is able to furnish a great deal of assistant to disadvantaged groups. In current situation in China, there exists a wide variety of people in need, such as a growing number of elderly singles, lovely but pitiful orphans, and the disabled incapable of attending to themselves. However, it will cost a great deal to employ sufficient people equipped with adequate skills and passion to attend to them in daily life. Meanwhile, most of young people are living an idle and carefree life and have overmuch energy. Its a great chance to make full

    use of surplus human resource, while provide a fulfilling and passionate experience for youngsters at the same time.

    As the British proverb goes, Present rose to others with

    remaining fragrance at hand. By requiring young people to spending some time in working in community service, not only can youngsters strengthen their values, but those badly off people will also receive the assistance needed. After all, if only the great agony never arises that an old lady fall down yet no one is willing to bend down to help her up!

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