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    Unit 7 The Birthday Party

    Topic 3 We had a wonderful party. ?.单项选择。!10分,

    ( )1.—Why didn’t Tom come to school?

    He _____ and hurt his leg.

    A.fell down B.fell off C.falls down D.fells off ( )2.Don’t play with fire. Please blow the candle _____. C.out D.on

    ( )3.We should ______ the truth all the time.

    A.speak B.say C.speak out D.tell

    ( )4.What happened _____ you last Sunday?

    I hurt myself with the knife.

    A.for B.of D.on

    ( )5.Tom, do you enjoy _____ pop music(流行音乐)?

    Yes, I do.

    A.listen to B.listening to C.listening D.listens to ( )6. Lily, it’s your turn _____ ballet. Put on your ballet shoes at once.

    OK. I’m coming.

    A.perform perform dancing ( )7. _____ , Bob?

    I missed the chair and fell down.

    A.How are you B.Is there anything wrong with you

    C.What’s matter with you D.What’s the matter with you

    ( )8.Lily _____ a lie yesterday. She wasn’t hurt at all.

    A.told B.tell C.tells D.say

    ( )9.The cake is so big. How did your mother make it?

    She made it _____ .

    A.with hand hand hands hand ( )10.What time _____ Lily go to the park yesterday?

    At about eight oclock.

    A.does C.did D.was


    根据对话的情景?从方框中选择适当的句子填在画线处?使对话完整通顺。其中有两项是多余的。 A: Hi, Linda. Glad to see you!

    B: Glad to see you, too.

    A: I didn’t see you yesterday. 11

    B: Oh. I went to a birthday party for my friend. A: 12

    B: It was Rose’s.

    A: Today is March 17th. Oh, I see. Her birthday is March 16th.

    B: You’re right.

    A: 13

    B: We sang, danced and played games at the party. A: Did you have a good time?


    B: Yes, we did. All of us were very happy. A: 14

    B: We had the party in the coffee bar(咖啡馆).

    A: 15 I will have my birthday party in a coffee bar next time.

    A. Whose birthday party was it?

    B. How did you celebrate her birthday?

    C. That’s wonderful.

    D. When was her birthday?

    E. Would you like to come?

    F. Where did you have the party?

    G. Where did you go?


    When you go to a birthday party in England or the U.S.A. you can bring a small 16 . Flowers are always nice or you may 17 a bottle of wine()if you know what the family

     18 . You should arrive (到达) on time 19 five to ten minutes late. Dont 20 there early. If you get there more than (多于) fifteen minutes 21 , you should call and 22 the host (男主人) and the hostess(主人).

    When you dont know 23 to use the fork (叉子), the knife or the spoon (汤匙), just watch others and learn from them. You can also ask someone next to you. You must thank the host and hostess 24 the meal, or send a card or a thank-you note the 25 day. It is a polite (有礼貌的) way.

    ( )16.A.card B.present C.doll D.cake

    ( )17.A.bring B.take C.have D.get

    ( ) B.eats C.drink D.drinks

    ( )19.A.and B.but C.or

    ( )20.A.gets C.get to D.get

    ( )21.A.late B.early C.later D.after

    ( )22.A.told B.tells C.telling D.tell

    ( ) B.what C.why D.when

    ( )24.A.of C.for D.about

    ( )25.A.last B.tomorrow D.later

    ?. 阅读理解。!30分,


    Bob is eleven years old. One day, his friend Jenny said to him, Im going to have a birthday party on

    Saturday. Bob, can you come?

    Bob asked his mother, and his mother said, Yes, you can go. On Saturday afternoon, his mother said to him

    again, Now, Bob, when you go to the party, you must be polite(礼貌的), and dont ask for food and wait until () someone gives it to you.

    All right, mom. Bob answered, and he went to Jennys house by bike.

    There were many children at the party. They played together for a moment, and then Jennys mother gave them some food, but she forgot Bob and didnt give him any. He waited politely for a long time, and then he took

    up his plate and said loudly, Does anyone want a nice clean plate?

    ( )26.How old is Bob?

    A.Ten. B.Nine. C.We don’t know. D.Eleven.

    ( )27.When was the birthday party held (举行)?


    A.Saturday. B.Sunday. C.Friday. D.Monday.

    ( )28.How did Bob go to Jenny’s house?

    A.On foot. B.By taxi. C.On his bike. D.By boat. ( )29.Whose birthday is it?

    A.Bob’s. B.Bob’s mother’s.

    C.Jenny’s mother’s. D.Jenny’s.

    ( )30.Why didn’t Jenny’s mother give Bob any food?

    A.Because she didn’t know Bob.

    B.Because she didn’t want to give him any food.

    C.Because she forgot him.

    D.We don’t know.


    It was Bettys birthday, December 6th. She received(接收) a letter from her uncle. Dear Betty, he wrote in his letter, Happy birthday! Im sending you some hens(母鸡). They will arrive(到达) the day after tomorrow. I hope youll like them. Uncle Tony. December 5th.

    Betty was very happy. She likes eating eggs and chicken. I can keep the hens for their eggs or eat them. She


    When the hens arrived, they were in a box. Betty was very pleased (高兴). She took the box off the truck and began to carry it into her garden, but the box of hens was so heavy that she dropped (掉落) it.

    The box fell on the ground and broke(摔坏). The hens all ran out. They ran here and there. Betty spent hours

    trying to find them.

    A few days later, her uncle came. He asked, Did the hens arrive safely(安全地)? Yes, but I dropped the box. It broke open and the hens ran everywhere. It took me the whole(整个) morning to look for them. Betty said.

    Did you find them all? asked her uncle. I hope so, Betty answered, but I only caught (抓到) eleven of them.

    Thats interesting. I only sent you six. her uncle said with a smile.

    ( )31.What did Betty receive from her uncle as a birthday present?

    A.Hens. B.A box. C.A letter. D.A card.

    ( )32.When did Betty receive the hens?

    A.On December 7th. B.On December 8th.

    C.On December 5th. D.On December 6th.

    ( )33.Where were the hens when they arrived?

    A.On the truck. B.On the ground. C.In the garden. D.In a box. ( )34.Why did the hens run everywhere?

    A.Because they were afraid(害怕) of Betty.

    B.Because they were hungry(饥饿) and looked for food.

    C.Because the box was broken.

    D.We don’t know.

    ( )35.How many hens did Betty’s uncle give her?

    A.11 B.6 C.5 D.17


    Rose was born on February 29th, 1994. By 2000, her parents had 6 birthday parties for her. But most of them

    were on February 28th. One day, she knew that only February 29th was her real(真实的) birthday. It comes every four years, so she didn’t want to have birthday parties on February 28th any more. After that, she had only one


party. That was in the year 2004. On that day her grandparents, all her uncles, aunts and cousins got together to

    celebrate her birthday. She got so many presents. She thinks it’s much more interesting to have a birthday party

    every four years.


    36.When is Rose’s birthday?

    ____________________________________________________ 37.How many birthday parties did Rose have by 2005? ____________________________________________________ 38.Does Rose’s birthday party come every 3 years?

    ____________________________________________________ 39.When did she have the last birthday party? ____________________________________________________ 40.Why does Rose want to have her birthday party on February 29th?


    第三部分 写作;25分;



    41.Did you see the _____ (有魔力的) trick performance (表演) last night? Its interesting. 42.If you blow the candles out in one _____(气息), your wish will come true (实现).

    43. _____ (每人) had a good time at Lucys birthday party.

    44.Jim made a _____ (无声的) wish, and then he blew out the candles. 45.Why did you tell a _____ (谎言) to me?


    46.Who _____ (blow) out the candles last night?

    Ann did.

    47.I never heard such a _____ (fun) story. 48.Jim fell down yesterday, but he didn’t hurt _____ (him).

    49.He can _____ (recite) many Chinese poems. 50.We all _____ (have) a good time at Janes birthday party yesterday. ?.句型转换。!5分,

    51.I did my homework at home yesterday.(改为否定句) I _____ _____ my homework at home yesterday.

    52.Lucy recited a Chinese poem at her birthday party. (改为一般疑问句)

    _____ Lucy _____ a Chinese poem at her birthday party?

    53.Did you enjoy yourselves at the party?(改为同义句) Did you _____ _____ _____ _____ at the party?

    54.I came back home at 9:30 last night. (对画线部分提问)

    _____ _____ did you come back home last night?

    55.Lucy and Lily sang English songs and performed ballet at the party.(对画线部分提问)

    _____ _____ Lucy and Lily _____ at the party? ?.书面表达。!10分,根据中文提示写一篇5060个单词的短文。

    提示?今天你参加了Lucy 的生日聚会?大家给她带去了很多礼物?Lucy 很喜欢。生日聚会上有一块大蛋糕?上面有十三支点燃的蜡烛。Lucy 许了愿之后?大家一口气把蜡烛吹灭了。大家在聚会上进行了表演?你表演了中国功夫?Ellen 跳了舞?Susan 唱了英文歌?大家玩得很开心。


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