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We have firstly given a short SWOT analysis of Volkswagen's competitors. The second and final segment of this analysis, gives a list of recommendations for

Chrysler/ Volkswagen Submitted by: Amina, Huda, Khadija,and Rafia

    This is a short analysis of a marketing research on Chrysler and the Chrysler PT

    Cruiser Volkswagen’s competitors. We have firstly given a short SWOT analysis of

    Volkswagen’s competitors. The second and final segment of this analysis, gives a list

    of recommendations for Volkswagen based on the research on Chrysler cars and the

    Chrysler PT Cruiser.

SWOT Analysis on the Chrysler PT Cruiser:


    ? The Chrysler PT Cruiser is a 4 door car, therefore having the advantage of

    accommodating more passengers.

    ? PT Cruiser comes in both automatic and manual gear.

    ? The base engine displacement of the PT Cruiser is 2.4 liters, whereas for the

    Volkswagen Beetle has a displacement of 1.9 liters.

    ? The horsepower of a PT Cruiser is 220 hp @ 5100 rpm.

    ? In terms of safety, the PT Cruiser has Child Safety Locks designed into the car.

    ? Chrysler has offered many promotions and marketing campaigns of their

    products in the recent months.


    ? Even though the PT Cruiser is not as expensive as the Beetle, maintaining the

    car is difficult.

    ? They tend to target mostly expatriates, and even though they have a larger

    presence here in the Middle East, they still tend to advertise their products

    the way they advertise in the United States of America.

    ? You can not download online brochures of Chrysler’s products from their

    website you have to order them online.


    ? The PT Cruiser has an international presence and is slowly making its way into

    the Gulf Region.

    ? Chrysler has formed partnerships with the world renowned Daimler-Benz.


    ? Increasing competition in the car industry.

    ? The Beetle Volkswagen is the number one challenger of the Chrysler PT

    Cruiser, and are always competing in terms of marketing strategies.


To conclude this memo, lists of recommendations have been given below.

    Volkswagen should consider them in order to have different advantages over their

    competitors Chrysler. They have been derived after the research and analysis of

    Chrysler’s activities, products, marketing techniques etc.

    1. In a country like the United Arab Emirates, most young UAE nationals tend to

    ‘compete’ with society in owning fancy and ‘expensive’ cars. Most of those

    UAE nationals who can afford these cars usually have high incomes or don’t

    Submitted to: Katrina Waite 22nd November 2003

    Chrysler/ Volkswagen Submitted by: Amina, Huda, Khadija,and Rafia

    mind taking loans from banks in order to fulfill this need. According to the

    sales statistics of the Marketing Department of Volkswagen office in Dubai,

    most people that buy the Volkswagen Beetle are in fact UAE nationals or

    people with high incomes. In terms of pricing the Volkswagen Beetle is

    relatively more expensive than the Chrysler PT Cruiser. As a result most of

    the people that tend to buy the PT Cruiser are expatriates they acquire

    lower incomes and find loans a hassle. In addition to this, Chrysler offers

    good payments plans; 239 AED a week or 1,459 AED a month - until the

    payment is finished. What Volkswagen needs to do is target more expatriates

    since they make up most of the population in the UAE. Volkswagen can create

    better marketing campaigns to this segment of the market and offer the

    public better payment plans.

    2. Many young and trendy couples or young single parents tend to buy cars like

    the Volkswagen Beetle. In order to target more people with children, the car

    has to be designed in a way to ensure the safety of their children. Therefore

    having an updated and advertised version of the Volkswagen Beetle with Child

    Safety Locks would help in targeting this market.

    3. At the moment, the Volkswagen Beetle has been designed with automatic

    gear. Even though the Volkswagen Beetle is targeted towards the young and

    trendy market (who are most likely to have learnt to drive in automatic gear),

    Volkswagen should still consider having the option for their customers to be

    able to choose between manual gear and automatic gear. Furthermore most

    young male drivers prefer driving cars with manual gear.

    4. As mentioned earlier Chrysler tends to market their products more towards

    the American public. This should be seen as advantage to Volkswagen. They

    should market themselves in a way that makes their company seem more


    5. As mentioned earlier, even though Chrysler cars are not as expensive as

    Volkswagen cars, it is still much more expensive to maintain Chrysler cars.

    Spare parts and servicing is much more expensive for Chrysler cars. This

    should be seen as another opportunity for Volkswagen in order to target a

    larger market. The problem with Volkswagen is that they don’t advertise

    much about their maintenance. Therefore Volkswagen would have to work on


    6. Volkswagen should create greater marketing campaigns and form

    partnerships with companies in order to advertise their products and services

    to the public.

    Submitted to: Katrina Waite 22nd November 2003

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