Node Management Architecture

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Node Management Architecture

    Node Management Architecture

    Version 2.0

    The Futures Laboratory

    Mathematics and Computer Science Division

    Argonne National Laboratory 1 Introduction

    Each Access Grid Node is made up of hardware and software resources that provide

    capabilities to the users. The goal of Access Grid Nodes is to provide shared capabilities among

    a group of co-located collaborators. These capabilities extend each individual user’s capabilities

    in a manner that supports cooperative work. Additionally, AGNs are designed to provide

    mechanisms for sharing the context of the local collaboration with other groups using AGNs. To

    do this distributed group collaboration, AGNs provides multiple simultaneous camera views, an

    echo-cancelled audio environment, a large format display, user management mechanisms and

    support for collaborative applications.

    An Access Grid Node typically comprises multiple machines each assigned a particular task,

    working together to provide the infrastructure of a group space for collaboration in a venue.

    Each machine in the node delivers a stream or streams to the venue. Streams are coordinated

    on a machine by a single process, a Node Daemon. Node Management knows the Node

    Daemons, thus tying the disparate parts into a manageable whole. Node Management has a

    network interface, making it accessible by different clients: local or remote, text or graphical.

    This document lists the requirements for Node Management, and then defines an

    architecture that satisfies these requirements


Node ManagementNode ManagementUINode Machines

2 Requirements

    2.1 Node Management configures a Node and its Services

    Node management will provide a simple interface for controlling the configuration of a node,

    including maintenance of the authorization policy, window layout, which services are installed,

    and how services are configured.

Access Grid Node Management Architecture 2.0 2

    2.2 Node Management is network accessible

    Node management functionality will be accessible through a well-defined network interface. This will enable development of varied clients, whether text- or GUI-based, local or remote.

    3 Architecture

    The architecture is discussed in terms of data elements and operations. 3.1 Resources

    3.1.1 Identification

    The Identification names and describes the Node for external parties.

    3.1.2 Authorization Policy

    The Authorization Policy is used to determine whether a user may associate with the node, and what operations that user may perform on the node.

    3.1.3 Users

    This is a list of the users currently associated with the node. 3.1.4 Node Services

    A Node Service provides a capability to a Node. Node Services must be configurable in Node Management. Therefore, Node Management must maintain a list of Node Services

    currently in the Node, and must know their locations to be able to communicate with them.

    Examples of a Node Service are the Audio Service or Video Service.

3.2 Operations

    3.2.1 Login

    A user associates with the node by logging in. If the user provides appropriate credentials, Node Management adds the user to its list of users.

    3.2.2 Modify the Authorization Policy

    Authorized users can modify the Authorization Policy.

    3.2.3 Add or Remove Node Services

    Authorized users can modify the node capabilities by adding or removing Node Services. Newly added services should not start automatically. Services that are removed will (of course)

    be stopped.

    3.2.4 Query Node Services

    These operations provide info about Node Services configured on a Node. 3.2.5 Query Node Service Configuration

    These operations allow authorized users to query the configuration of Node Services. 3.2.6 Configure Node Service

    Authorized users can configure the Node Services. This could include changing the location to which it delivers its stream, or lower-level configuration such as device parameters.

    3.2.7 Start or Stop Node Service

    These operations allow users to Start and Stop Node Services.

    This is a DRAFT document and a work in progress. Version: 6/13/2010

    Please send comments to

Access Grid Node Management Architecture 2.0 3

    3.2.8 Discovery of Capabilities

    Discovery reveals the resources available on a Node, which may consist of multiple

    machines. These resources can then be used to configure new Services on the node.

    This is a DRAFT document and a work in progress. Version: 6/13/2010

    Please send comments to

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