How Much Did The Painting Cost 3 Lesson Listening Comprehension

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How Much Did The Painting Cost 3 Lesson Listening Comprehension

    How Much Did The


     Painting Cost?

    Listening Comprehension


     根據所聽到的內容,選出句中出現的單字。 每題 CD: 105

     B 1. (A) name (B) novel (C) number (D) notebook

     D 2. (A) pants (B) party (C) planning (D) painting

     C 3. (A) animal (B) actor (C) artist (D) American

     D 4. (A) study (B) stay (C) speak (D) steal

     A 5. (A) fight (B) fly (C) find (D) finish

    聽力內容: 3. Who’s the famous artist?

    1. Which novel is the best of the year? 4. It’s wrong to steal.

    2. How much did you pay for the painting? 5. Did you fight with your brother again this morning?

     根據所聽到的內容,比對圖片,填入正確的答案。 每題 CD: 115

    B C C


    1. How much does it cost to wash a car?

    (A) It costs 50 dollars. 5. Where did Mary visit (B) It costs 100 dollars. yesterday afternoon? (C) It costs 150 dollars. (A) She visited a 2. How long did it take Lisa to do her museum. homework? (B) She visited an (A) It took her one hour and twenty aquarium. minutes. (C) She visited an art (B) It took her two hours and thirty A center. B minutes. (C) It took her two hours and forty

    4. What are Jason and Eric talking about? minutes.

    (A) Theyre talking about the painting on the desk. 3. What is Mr. Chen famous for? (B) Theyre talking about the china on the table. (A) Hes famous for his art works.

    (C) Theyre talking about the drawing on the wall. (B) Hes famous for his songs.

    (C) Hes famous for his novels.

    16 Workbook Four

     根據所聽到的內容,選擇最佳的回應。 CD: 12 每題5

     A 1. (A) It took me about two weeks.

    (B) Its convenient to have a web page.

    (C) Making the web page is difficult.

    聽力內容: B 2. (A) I enjoy reading novels. 1. How long did it take you to make the web page?

    2. How much did it cost you to buy the novel? (B) It cost me 250 dollars.

    3. How much did you pay for the museum ticket? (C) I didnt finish reading it. 4. What are the crowds over there doing?

    5. Look! I bought ten copies of the Mona Lisa painting in Paris.

     B 3. (A) Its a great museum.

    (B) I spent 300 dollars.

    (C) The museum is in Paris.

     C 4. (A) Lets fight through them.

    (B) The police are coming.

    (C) Theyre dancing.

     A 5. (A) Ten copies? No kidding.

    (B) Paris is a beautiful city.

    (C) Da Vinci painted it.

     根據所聽到的對話內容,選擇正確的答案。 每題 CD: 135

     C 1. (A) He finished drawing it yesterday.

    (B) It took him the whole week.

    (C) He spent five days drawing it.

     A 2. (A) A scientist and artist.

    (B) A famous painting.

    (C) An interesting book.

    Lesson Three 17

     B 3. (A) The china is from China.

    (B) He saw beautiful china there.

    (C) The art center is in France.

     A 4. (A) It was a great trip.

    (B) It took her two months.

    (C) It cost her 40,000 dollars.

     C 5. (A) He couldnt find his cellphone anywhere.

    (B) He lost his cellphone in the art center.

    (C) Someone stole his cellphone in the art center.


    1. Boy: Look at this picture on the wall. I just finished drawing it yesterday.

    Girl: It looks great. How long did it take you to draw it?

    Boy: About five days.

    Q: How long did the boy spend drawing the picture?

    2. Boy: I just read a book about Da Vinci. It’s so interesting.

    Girl: Da Vinci? Isn’t he a great scientist? Boy: Yes. He’s also an artist. He painted the Mona Lisa.

    Q: Who are the boy and the girl talking about?

    3. Girl: Did you see anything special in the new art center yesterday?

    Boy: Yes. I saw a lot of beautiful china there.

    Girl: Are they from China?

    Boy: No. They’re from France.

    Q: What did the boy see in the art center?

    4. Boy: How was your trip to Paris?

    Girl: It was great. But it cost more than 50,000 dollars to visit there for ten days.

    Boy: That’s a lot.

    Girl: I know. But everything there is expensive.

    Q: How did the girl say about her trip to Paris?

    5. Boy: I’m so sad. I couldn’t find my new cellphone anywhere.

    Girl: When did you last use it?

    Boy: In the art center this morning.

    Girl: Maybe someone stole your cellphone there.

    Q: What did the girl think about the boy’s cellphone?

18 Workbook Four

    Writing and Reading


     根據提示填入適當的單字 每題 3

    1. Lisa (d) decided to join the music club next year.

2. It is very (e) expensive to buy a good piece of china, so Mr. Wang never buys any


    3. We waited and waited, and Mary (f) finally arrived at 9:00.

4. There were (a) almost 100 people at the party that night.

5. Mike (s) sold his old car for 60,000 dollars.

    6. Lisa, (s) someone called you, but I didnt get his name.

     根據文意選出正確的答案 每題 2

    th B 1. Leonardo da Vinci the Mona Lisa in the early 16 century.

    (A) wrote (B) painted (C) copied (D) built

     A 2. Its raining hard out. Please stay the room.

    (A) inside (B) about (C) before (D) along

     C 3. Many spend hours enjoying paintings inside the museum.

    (A) crowds (B) kings

    (C) visitors (D) novels

     D 4. My shoes were really . They cost only NT$200.

    (A) wonderful (B) important

    (C) strange (D) cheap

    Lesson Three 19

     B 5. The police stood in of the crowd and asked them to be quiet.

    (A) copy (B) front (C) pair (D) century

     選出最適當的答案完成對話 每題 3

     B 1. Amy: This piece of china looks really beautiful.

    Fiona: More than 10,000 dollars.

    (A) How long did it take? (B) How much did it cost?

    (C) Where did you buy it? (D) Why did you buy it?

     C 2. Andy: I read ten comic books yesterday.

    Steven: Ten comic books? That was a lot.

    (A) Who did it? (B) You bet.

    (C) No kidding! (D) Here you are.

     A 3. Mary: Why didnt you come to my birthday party yesterday, Lisa?

     Lisa: I had to help my mom at home.


    (A) I see. (B) Youre right.

    (C) Let me help you. (D) Lets go.

     D 4. Mike: Did it take you a long time to enjoy all the paintings inside the art center?

    Kevin: Yes.

    (A) The art center is next to the aquarium.

    (B) They spent two years building it.

    (C) Some famous artists painted them.

    (D) I spent six hours looking around.

    20 Workbook Four

     根據句意,選填動詞,並做適當變化。 每題 3

     take cost spend pay

1. It cost James 2,000 dollars to have a nice dinner yesterday.

    2. It took Peter three days to read the novel last week.

    3. Coco spent two hours studying English last night.

    4. Marys parents paid for her to study in Japan.

    5. How much did Jenny spend buying the painting?

    6. How much does Cindy pay for her piano lesson every week?

    7. How much does it cost Paul to take the MRT to school every day?

    8. How long did it take Nora to write the book?

     看圖詳答問題 每題 4

    Q: How much time did Mimi spend reading the novel?

    A: She spent three days reading the novel.

    Q: How long does it take Sophie to walk to school every


    A: It takes her twenty minutes to walk to school every


    Lesson Three 21

    Q: How much did it cost Mrs. Chen to buy three pairs of


    A: It cost her one hundred dollars to buy three pairs of socks.

    Q: How much does Eric have to pay for the trip to France?

    A: He has to pay 29,000 dollars for the trip to France.

     翻譯 每題 5

    1. 我花了五千元買這個瓷器。(用cost

    It cost me five thousand dollars to buy this piece of china.

2. 那個名畫家花了多少時間完成這幅畫?

    How long did it take the famous artist to paint this painting?

3. 陳先生花了多少錢買這棟新房子?(用cost

    How much did it cost Mr. Chen to buy this new house?

4. 警方終於找到了Mona Lisa這幅畫並將它帶回。

    The police finally found the painting, the Mona Lisa, and brought it back.

    22 Workbook Four

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