List of Participants, Global Humanitarian Platform, 11-12 - Global

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List of Participants, Global Humanitarian Platform, 11-12 - Global


    11-12 July 2007

    Geneva, Switzerland

    List of Participants


    Mr. Benoît Miribel

    International Coordinator for Strategy and Development, ACF ACF - Action Contre la International Network 1 Faim

    Mr. Thomas Gonnet

    Director of Operations ACF France ACT International - Action Mr. John Nduna 2 by Churches Together Director

    Mr. Ramesh Singh 3 ActionAid International Chief Executive

    AHA - Africa Dr. Dawit Zawde 4 Humanitarian Action President and CEO

    AIDMI - All India Disaster Mr. Deepesh Sinha 5 Mitigation Institute Director, Global Initiatives

    Mr. Howard Bell

    Acting Secretary General

    6 CARE International

    Mr. Jonathan Mitchell

    Emergency Director

    CHA - Consortium of Mr. Firzan Hashim 7 Humanitarian Agencies - Deputy Executive Director Sri Lanka

    Mr. Tom Arnold 8 Concern Worldwide Chief Executive

    Mr. Manfred Hochwald

    Deputy Secretary General and Director Programmes and

    Deutsche Welthungerhilfe Projects 9 / German Agro Action Ms. Annette Wulf

    Quality Management/Public Funding

    Mr. David Harcharik

    Deputy Director General FAO - Food and

    10 Agriculture Organization Mr. Richard China of the United Nations Chief, Rehabilitation and Humanitarian Policies Unit, Emergency

    Operations and Rehabilitation Division

    Mr. Angelo Gnaedinger ICRC - International Director-General 11 Committee of the Red Ms. Johanna Grombach Cross Personal Advisor to the Director-General


Mr. Thomas Getman ICVA - International Chair, ICVA Executive Committee 12 Council of Voluntary Ms. Manisha Thomas Agencies Acting Coordinator

    Mr. Markku Niskala

    IFRC - International Secretary General Federation of Red Cross 13 Mr. Robert Mister and Red Crescent

    Coordinator, Inter-Agency Cooperation and External Relations Societies

    and Communications Department Ms. Nancy A. Aossey

    President and CEO IMC - International 14 Medical Corps Ms. Mary Pack

    Vice-President for Domestic and International Affairs

    Mr. Sam Worthington

    President and CEO 15 InterAction

    Mr. Charles MacCormack President, Save the Children US Mr. Brunson McKinley

    Director General IOM - International 16 Mr. Michael Pillinger Organization for Migration Senior Emergency Coordinator, Emergency and Post Crisis


    IRC - International Dr. George Rupp 17 Rescue Committee President

    Dr. Hany El Banna


    18 Islamic Relief Worldwide

    Mr. Mehdi Ben Mrad

    International Affairs Officer

    Lutheran World Mr. Eberhard Hitzler 19 Federation Director of Department for World Service

    Dr. Pierre Micheletti

    President MDM - Médecins du 20 Monde Ms. Sybille Gumucio

    Public Health Advisor

    Ms. Nancy Lindborg 21 Mercy Corps President

    Mr. Jens Mjaugedal

    Director of International Programmes Department NRC - Norwegian 22 Refugee Council Mr. Paul Nesse

    Resident Representative in Geneva

    Mr. John Holmes OCHA - United Nations ERC / OCHA Office for the 23 Coordination of Mr. Kasidis Rochanakorn Humanitarian Affairs Director OCHA Geneva


Office of the Special Prof. Walter Kälin Representative of the Special Representative of the Secretary General on the Human

    Secretary General on the Rights of Internally Displaced Persons 24 Human Rights of

    Ms. Claudine Haenni Internally Displaced

    Advisor Persons

    OHCHR - Office of the

    United Nations High Ms. Maria Francisca Ize-Charrin 25 Commissioner for Human Director of Operations, Programmes & Research Division


    Ms. Barbara Stocking 26 Oxfam International Director, Oxfam GB

    Ms. Jasmine Whitbread

    Chief Executive of Save the Children UK Save the Children 27 Alliance Ms. Amelia Bookstein

    Head of Humanitarian Policy SCHR - Steering Ms. Eva von Oelreich 28 Committee for Executive Secretary Humanitarian Response

    Ms. Kathleen Cravero

    Assistant Administrator and Director of the Bureau for Crisis

    Prevention and Recovery (BCPR) UNDP - United Nations 29 Development Programme Ms. Maura Lynch

    Interagency Coordinator

    Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery (BCPR)

    Ms. Thoraya Ahmed Obaid

    Executive Director UNFPA - United Nations 30 Population Fund Mr. Saturnin Epie Dr. Henia Dakkak Special Assistant to the Deputy Technical Specialist Executive Director

    Mr. Antonio Guterres

    UNHCR - United Nations High Commissioner

    31 High Commissioner for

    Mr. Nick van Praag Refugees

    Director, Division of External Relations

    Ms. Ann M. Veneman

    Executive Director UNICEF - United Nation's 32 Children's Fund Ms. Pierrette Vu Thi

    Deputy Director, Office of Emergency Programmes (EMOPS)

    Mr. Paul Grossrieder VOICE - Voluntary President Organisations in 33 Cooperation in Ms. Kathrin Schick Emergencies Director

    Ms. Josette Sheeran

    Executive Director WFP - United Nations 34 World Food Programme Mr. Allan Jury

    Director of External Relations Division


Dr. Margaret Chan

    Director-General WHO - World Health 35 Organization Dr. Ala Alwan Ms. Tanja Ellen Sleeuwenhoek

    Assistant Director General, Technical Officer, Department

    WHO/Health Action in Crises of Health Action in Crises

    Mr. Dean Hirsch

    President and CEO 36 World Vision International Mr. Lars Gustavsson

    VP Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs


    No. COUNTRY REPRESENTATIVE AND ORGANISATION Rev. Forbes Matonga 1 Zimbabwe Christian Care

    Dr. Festo P. Kavishe 2 Zimbabwe UNICEF Country Representative

    Mr. Luis Fernando Trujillo 3 El Salvador Caritas National Director


    Mr. Antonio Donini

     1 Guest Speaker Senior Researcher,

    Feinstein International Center, Tufts University Ms. Elizabeth G. Ferris

    Senior Fellow and Co-Director, 2 Facilitator Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement Brookings Institution


    Mr. James K. Bishop 1 InterAction Vice President, Director for Humanitarian Policy & Practice

    Ms. Marina Throne-Holst 2 OCHA Special Assistant to the Director OCHA Geneva


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