Cooperative Marketing Programs with AVAs

By Karen Powell,2014-01-20 22:02
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Cooperative Marketing Programs with AVAs

July 24, 2008

    Cooperative Marketing Programs with AVAs

The Sonoma County Winegrape Commission’s goal with this grant program is to partner with the AVAs

    to enhance the reputation and sales of Sonoma County’s winegrapes and wines in the U.S. and around the


The premises for this cooperative marketing funding program are: 1) The wine regions (AVAs) within

    Sonoma County are important points of differentiation for Sonoma County from other wine regions. 2)

    The proliferation of wine regions around the world means consumers need to identify smaller wine

    regions with a known larger area, i.e. Sonoma County. 3) The Commission’s consumer research clearly

    indicates that Sonoma County has much higher consumer recognition than any AVA within the county

    and 4) through repetition of the Sonoma County messaging with distinct messaging from our AVAs, the

    marketing impact for Sonoma County and its AVAs will be multiplied.

Based upon these premises, the Sonoma County Winegrape Commission (SCWC) will fund AVA

    marketing programs that embrace these premises and that extend the reach of marketing efforts to key

    media, trade gatekeepers and consumers in order to increase sales of wines over $20/bottle. SCWC

    expects that its core messaging will be incorporated into all AVA marketing programs along with the

    AVA messaging.

Note: This AVA matching funds program has been favorably received and now requests for grants

    are much greater than the funds available. Thus, more focused standards are necessary for grants

    to be funded.

Criteria for Commission matching funds:

    ? The marketing program must specifically promote Sonoma County using the SCWC core-

    messaging framework in addition to the individual AVA messages.

    ? The cooperative marketing proposal must have clearly stated outreach goals, re: media, trade

    and/or consumer.

    ? Priority will be given to programs that are new, or that significantly expand successful current

    programs, and focus on the target market segment that purchase wines over $20 per bottle.

    ? Only marketing programs that are in the interest of the winegrape growers will be funded.

    o What do you determine are the needs of the growers in your AVA?

    o How will this program benefit the growers?

    o How are the growers involved in the program?

    ? How will this grant benefit your marketing program:

    o How will it reach new “gatekeepers”, i.e. sommeliers, wine trade or key media who

    promote wines over $20/bottle?

    o How will it reach consumers who may increase purchases of wines from Sonoma County

    and its AVAs?

    ? Priority will be given to programs that include a media element or public relations program.

    ? Include projected number of targeted audience to be reached:

    o Media (news or feature stories on Sonoma County, its AVAs, its growers and wine)

    o Consumer (regular wine drinkers, household income over $60,000 and people that

    regularly purchase wines over $20)

    o Trade (individuals working in wholesale, retail or foodservice and/or hospitality

    industries that influence purchase of wines over $20) rd Party tastemakers (wine educator, sommelier program, etc) o 3

    ? Other considerations for funding cooperative marketing programs (for example)

    o Printed materials where SCWC messaging can be conveyed.

    o Media familiarity trips.

    ? Only AVA groups within Sonoma County will be funded.

    o Grants of $2,000 to a maximum of $20,000 will be awarded per year. This amount will

    be reviewed and possibly modified each year.

    o The amount granted will generally depend on the number of grape growers (acreage of

    independent growers) within the AVA.

    ? The AVA group must provide matching funds. The maximum Commission match is $1/$1.

    ? How will you measure the results of the program?

    Grant recipients must agree in writing to provide SCWC the following:

    ? Proofs of all print materials or advertisements for SCWC approval prior to printing.

    ? Copies of invoices from which SCWC will pay 50% of invoiced amounts to the maximum

    amount of the grant.

    ? Examples of materials or results produced for funded program.

    ? How did the grant add to effectiveness of the program?

    ? Report on results as they relate to the program/event goals.

    ? A presentation of results should be made to the commission Marketing Committee within 60 days

    after the event or program completion.

Proposals should be submitted to the Commission Marketing Committee by May 15 or November 1 of

    each year. Funding decisions will be made July 15 or January 15 of each year. A total of up to

    $140,000/yr (July 1 June 30) is currently budgeted to be distributed to the AVAs for cooperative marketing programs.

SCWC would like any input you have on how we can make this program more beneficial to the

    Commission and the AVAs. If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact Larry Levine at

    707-522-5863 or

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