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    Foreign Teachers


Address: Xiamen University Zhangzhou Campus, Fujian, P.R.China,

    PC: 363105



Dear foreign colleagues:

    You are warmly welcome to become a new

    teacher of Our Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee


    For the convenience of your work and life during your stay here, we have prepared this

    guidebook with useful information for you. Please

    read it carefully and all of us working staff are happy

    to help you.

    Sincerely wish you a pleasant and successful stay in Our College!

     International Office

    Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College

     September, 2006


Table of Contents

Visa application and necessary residential documents

    Important things upon your arrival

    Upcoming events

    Our Zhangzhou Campus

    School bus and boat timetable

    Salary, E-card and currency exchange

    Tax of your income

    Teachers regulations

    Religion and religious life in China

    Campus Map


Visa application: Before coming to teach in our College

    1. If youre going to teach in our college from abroad , you should apply for a new Z

    visaWorking Visa and here below are documents you need to send us by email

    or fax at least two months earlier than your departure for Xiamen:

? Personal CV

    ? Copy of Passport Photopage (including your accompanying family members)

    ? Copy of Degree Diplomas

    ? At least one formal recommendation letters (Letters from Foreign Affairs Office of

    Chinese universities where you used to teach at are preferred.)

    ? Copy of signed working cotract

    ? Health Certificate (if you have one; not exactly necessary; you can also make one

    after you arrive Xiamen.)

    ? A photo (2 inch size, colored, no hat; if not by post, at least scanned by email)

    ? Please also tell us at which Chinese Embassy or Consulate you would like to

    apply for your visa and when you plan to arrive Xiamen.

We will apply for a Foreign Teachers Working Permit and a Visa Notice Form

    (Official Invitation Letter) from the government authorities and post them to you by

    EMS to your home address. Then you can go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate

    with these two documents to apply for your Z visa and come to Xiamen. If you have

    accompanying family members, they also need to apply for this visa.

2. If you move to Xiamen directly from other universities or schools in China and

    your current Z visa, Foreign Experts Certificate and Residence Permit are still

    valid for at least one month, you can extend them in Xiamen. If you cant come to

    Xiamen by yourself, you should post the following documents to us by EMS at

    least one month earlier than the expiration date:

? Personal CV

    ? Original Passport (which should include your current Z visa and residence permit;

    including your accompanying family members.) ? Foreign Experts Certificate (if not Original, at least a copy of all pages)

    ? Copy of Degree Diplomas

    ? At least one formal recommendation letters (Letters from Foreign Affairs Office

    of Chinese universities where you used to teach at are preferred)

    ? Signed working cotract

    ? Valid Health Certificate (necessary, should be issued from Exit & Entry

    Administration Bureau or the Disease Control and Prevention Center identified by

    the government; including your accompanying family members.)

    ? A letter from the Foreign Affairs Office of your current employer that certifies that

    your working contract with them has finished successfully.

    ? 4 photos (2 inch size, colored, no hat; including your accompanying family



We will extend your documents here in Xiamen and post them back to you by EMS

    about one month later. If you have accompanying family members, please also send

    us their original passport, valid health certificate and 4 photos.

    (Commonly we dont advise you to do so because: ?its a bit dangerous to post the

    passport by mail; ?sometimes the government won’t allow us to extend your

    residence permit if they found that you actually havent arrived Xiamen yet and it

    may cause us some trouble; ?the documents can only be extended for at most one year, which means that if you post them to us in June, it can only be extended to June

    of the next year which is commonly not long enough for your teaching period and we

    need to extend them again the next year. So if you have plan to go back to your home

    country during the vacation, we strongly advise you to apply for a new Z visa again


Necessary Residential Documents: After arriving in Xiamen

    1. Health Certificate

    (including your accompanying family members and they need to pay for


    During your first week in Xiamen, you need to go to Xiamen Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention (on Hubin South Road, beside Zhongshan

    Hospital/Xiamen Blood Center) to do a medical examination and then got a health

    certificate about 3-4 days later. It may be organized by the International office (if

    there are many new teachers going there together) or your assistant student will

    accompany you there (if only yourslef will go there at that time).You had better go

    there in the morning without eating breakfast and please don’t forget to bring your

    original passport and 2 photos with you.

    If you have accompanying family members, they also need to do the medical

    examination. Currently the health exam costs 170RMB for each person and you can

    get your own fare reimbursed in the International office later with the financial receipt.

    But your family members need to pay for themselves.

2. Foreign Experts’ Certificate

    (your accompanying family members wont have this certificate but their names and photos will be attached to your certificate, so they also need to submit the

    necessary documents)

Inside 15 days since your entry to China Mainland, we will help you to apply for a

    Foreign Experts Certificate from the Fujian Provincial Administration Bureau of

    Foreign Experts Affairs in Fuzhou City. Please give the following documents to the


International office in the designated time:

? Original Passport

    ? Health Certificate

    ? 2 photos (2 inch size, colored, no hat)

    ? Formal Contract (please come to the International office to sign it)

    The International office will help you to apply for the Foreign Experts Certificate

    and it costs at least10 days to get it back from Fuzhou authority.

3. Residence Permit for Foreigner

    (including your accompanying family members and they need to pay for


Inside 30 days since your entry to China, you need to apply for a Residence Permit

    to the Xiamen Municipal Exit & Entry Administration Bureau. Please give the

    following documents to the International office in the designated time:

? Original Passport

    ? Health Certificate

    ? 2 photos(2 inch size, colored, no hat)

    ? Foreign Experts Certificate

    ? Temporary Residence Register Form (one form for one person, your family

    members also need to make it.)(Note: New teacher can live in the Guesthouse of

    our Zhangzhou campus for at most one week upon arrival in Xiamen if there is

    vacant room available there. And by this time, you should have already rent your

    own apartment outside and have moved out of the Guesthouse. Please ask your

    landlord/landlady/house agent to accompany you to the local police station to

    make a Temporary Residence Register Form. The landlord should bring his

    Household Register Booklet and House Property Certificate. And you and your

    family members should bring your passports.)

The International office will help you to apply for the Residence Permit and it costs

    at least one week to get it back from the Exit & Entry Bureau.

    4. The above documents are very important for your legal stay in Xiamen and they are only valid for at most one year. So if you renew your contract with us in the next

    school year, you need to extend them before their expiration.

    Please bring your (and your family members) passport (with the Residence Permit),

    Foreign Experts Certificate, Health Certificate and 4 photos to the International office

    at least one month earlier than the expiration date. We will help you to extend them for one more year. Sometimes the government may require a new valid Health

    Certificate and in that case you need to do the medical examination again.


    NoteOnly Z visa is Working VisaF visa is visa for visiting scholarsL visa is for tourists. Z visa is valid for at most one year; F visa is for at most half a year; L

    visa is valid for at most three months. Foreign teachers should hold a Z visa so that

    they can work in China.

Important things to do upon your arrival

Here are some important things you should do after your arrival Please ask your

    assistant student to go with you.

    1. Please go to open a bank account in the CCB (China Construction Bank, should

    bring your passport) and offer the receipt of your applying for a bank card to the

    thInternational office. Later we will transfer your salary to this account on the 10

    of each month.

    2. Please offer 9 pictures to the International office (including your family members).

    The International office will use them to apply for your transportation Card (1

    picture), Health certificate (4 pictures) , Foreign Experts Certificate (2 pictures)

    and Foreigners Residence Permit (2 pictures).

    3. Please go to the Xiamen Certer for Disease Control and Prevention(厦门市疾病

    防疫控制中心,地址:湖滨南路中山医院/中心血站旁边)or Xiamen Entry-Exit

    Inspection and Quarantine Bureau(厦门市出入境检验检疫局, 地址:厦门市东

    渡路) to do a medical check (including your family members) and then offer the

    Health Certificate to the International office. Each one of you should bring your

    passport, 4 pictures and 170RMB.

    4. Please go to the International office to sign the formal contract.

    5. You can live in the Guesthouse of Zhangzhou campus for at most one week. In

    this weekyou need to find a private apartment outside by yourself.(Your assistant

    student will assist you if you need.) Once you rent itplease go to the local Police

    Station with your original passport to make a Registration Form of Temporary

    Residence for Aliens《暂住人口登记表》() and offer it to the International office .

    Please ask your apartment landlord/landlady/house agent to go with you with

    his/her Household Register Booklet and House Property Certificate (房产证和户

    口本) to make this form.

    st6. Please go to the E-card Office on the 1 floor of Songen Building to apply for your campus

    thE-card. (You should also go to the 19 floor in advance to take a standard digital picture for


    the E-card if you like to put your picture on it.)

Upcoming Events

    Fall Semester (September---January)

    1. Orientation

    2. Moon-cake Gambling Game at Mid-Autumn Festival

    stth3. National Day Holidays (Oct. 1-7) 4. Annual School Sports Game (one day, date to be decided)

    5. Christmas Dinner

    6. New Year Party among foreign staff (in late December or early January)

    7. Winter Vacation(commonly from mid Jaunary to mid February)

    Spring Semester (February---July)

    1. The Beginning of Spring Semester (commonly in late February or early March)

    th2. Anniversary of Xiamen University (April 6, morning off)

    3. Application for renewal of Contract (for the next school year, expecting your

    application in April)

    stth4. May Day Holidays (May 1-7)

    th5. Decision for your new contract (before June 30)

    6. Summer Vacation(commonly from late July to early September)

Our Campus

Our College is in the Xiamen University Zhangzhou Campus. It is situated on the

    ocean coast in Zhangzhou Development Zone(in Zhangzhou City, not in Xiamen

    City), facing the Main Campus of Xiamen University across Xiamen Bay with a

    distance of about 3.5 miles. Its built in 2003 and there are 7531 undergraduates living and studying there by September 2007.

    Many foreign teachers like living in Xiamen city. Our College has arranged school

    bus and school boat to take teachers there. And it takes about 1 hour to travel from


main campus of Xiamen University to Zhangzhou Campus by our school bus and boat,

    which run regularly during Monday to Friday. You need to bring your Transportation

    Card with you when you take the school bus and boat.

    There is a school hotel on Zhangzhou Campus and if you have classes in the

    morning and afternoon in the same day, you can have a rest in a hotel room at noon

    time. If you have late classes in the evening or have early classes(1stnd and 2 classes)

    in the morning the next day, you can sleep in a hotel room in the evening. Our college

    will forward your teaching schedule to the hotel beforehand and you only need to

    register at the hotel front desk with your Transportation Card when you require a rest


    XMU School Bus & Boat Timetable

    From Main Campus to Zhangzhou Campus

    (Monday to Friday, during the school calendar)

    Traffic Schedule from Main Campus to Zhangzhou Campus

    7:00 7:15 7:30 8:00 1/2 courses

    8:00 8:20 8:35 9:00 Administration Staff

    9:00 9:20 9:35 10:00 3/4 courses

    13:30 13:50 14:05 14:30 5/6 courses

    15:30 15:50 16:05 16:30 7/8 courses Note: at 14:10, there is a school bus to pick you up in front of the hotel and send you to the

    Teaching Buildings.

    Traffic Schedule from Zhangzhou Campus to Main Campus


    10:10 10:25 10:40 1/2 courses

    12:30 12:45 13:00 3/4courses

    16:25 16:40 16:55 5/6courses

    17:10 17:30 17:45 Administration Staff

    18:25 18:35 18:50 7/8 courses

    Class Timetable

    Morning Periods Afternoon Periods Evening Periods

    stthth1: 8:00---8:45 5: 14:30---15:15 9: 19:00---19:45

    ndthth2: 8:55---9:40 6: 15:25---16:10 10: 19:55---20:40

    rdthth3: 10:00---10:45 7: 16:30---17:15 11: 20:50---21:35

    thth4: 10:55---11:40 8: 17:25---18:10

     Sometimes, in case you miss the school boat because of some unexpected

    event, you can take the public ferry between Xiamen Tourist Port and Zhangzhou

    Port, which costs RMB 10yuan/person for each trip. At the end of every semester,

    you can fill the form of reimbursement and give it to the International office with

    these tickets.

    Public Ferry Timetable

    (Business Time: from 6:30 to 21:30, Monday to Sunday) Xiamen Tourist Port Zhangzhou Port

    ? First Voyage at 6:30, second Voyage at 7:00, and from 7:00 to 18:30 , there are a

    regular small boat in every 15 minutes, that is at --:15, --:30,--:45 and o'clock.


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