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| Page 1 of 7 BRADY HOUSEKNECHT CHI CAGO, I L | 973. 768. 7017 | BRADYHOUSE@GMAI L. COM | BRADYHOUSEKNECHT. COM PROFILE Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist (MCTS) with extensive database and financial services experience. Has led and participated on software testing and developments teams, supporting both ..




    Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist (MCTS) with extensive database and financial services experience. Has led and participated on software testing and developments teams, supporting both midrange and large-scale application development and enhancement initiatives. Adept at delivering timely solutions based on limited knowledge and analysis. His reporting and presentation skills are evidenced in the leadership of various development and quality assurance initiatives, generation of thorough project plans and status reports, and the development and delivery of training in both QA and Development best practices.


    IIS, BEA Web Logic (Solaris/Unix), Apache Tomcat WEB SERVER TECHNOLOGY

    SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, MS Access DATABASE TECHNOLOGY

    Languages: ASP.NET (C# / VB), JavaScript, SQL, LANGUAGES & DEVELOPMENT TOOLS


    VBA, JSP(J2E), Shell (ksh/csh/sh), Autosys (JIL), Ant

    Development Tools: Visual Studio 2005 (CLR 2.0 / .NET

    2.0), Visual Studio 2003 (CLR 1.1/.NET 1.1), PL/SQL

    Developer, DBArtisan, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Savvion

    Process Modeler, Rational Rose, Adobe Flex

    Testing Tools: Rational Enterprise (ClearQuest, Requisite

    Pro, ClearCase) Endevor, Proterm, Mercury Interactive

    (QuickTest Pro, TestDirector, Quality Center)

    Version Control Tools: Telelogic Synergy 6.5, WinCVS,

    Visual SourceSafe, Rational ClearCase

    Job Scheduling Tools: Autosys, Tivoli Maestro

    Eagle PACE Pricing Center (8.0), Saviion COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE

    Rational Unified Process (RUP), Software Development METHODOLOGIES & STANDARDS

    Lifecycle (SDLC), Object-Oriented Programming

    /Development (OOP/D)

    > Application Development and Testing SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTISE & OTHER

    SKILLS > Enterprise Batch Cycle Design and Implementation

    > Eagle PACE 9.0 Installation, Configuration, and



    EMC Business Consulting Group 08/2004-PRESENT

    Recent Project Work:

    Application Developer (MetLife, Morristown NJ | 10/2008-12/2008)

    Environment: C#, .NET Framework 2.0, SQL Server 2005

    Developed a custom Windows-based application for manual pricing of securities with missing or stale prices, which provided users with the ability to: (1) add explanation for securities having prices deemed out of tolerance; (2)

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apply fair value levels and fair value comments (FAS 157 Compliance) to all securities held by the internal trading

desk; (3) add new securities received on a specific effective date.

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    > Using .NET One-Click Deployment technology developed the Phase 1 release of the application. The initial release

    leveraged a standard Microsoft Data Grid View controls to achieve an Excel-like interface for modifying and adding

    securities to the backend database and provided the user with a facility to import and export changes using Microsoft

    Excel Spreadsheets.

    > Designed and configured all database components necessary to support the application. This included 24 tables, 25

    stored procedures, 11 views and 2 triggers. All components were developed and implemented using SQL Server 2005. > Maintained a repository of migration scripts, which were defined for each component and used by the infrastructure

    team to promote component between environments.

    > Assisted in the design of the extraction process used to synchronize the application’s backend database with the

    Enterprise PACE-based Pricing system. This process was then folded into the Enterprise batch cycle using Tivoli

    Maestro network-based job management software.

Eagle PACE Developer (MetLife, Morristown NJ | 6/2008-9/2008)

     Environment: Eagle PACE 8.0, Windows Server 2003 / IIS, SQL Server 2005

    Working in a staff augmentation capacity functioned as a lead developer in an initiative to implement Eagle PACE Pricing Center as a strategic, centralized pricing facility for all securities held by the internal trading desk. This implementation was a IIS implementation using Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

    > Developed, configured and documented the following PACE components:

    o Price Exporters used to submit pricing request files to LPC, S&P, StatPro, and IDC

    o Entity Importer used to load Entity Information for new securities.

    o Entity Exporter used to extract Entity Information for migration between PACE systems.

    o Foreign Exchange Rate Importer used to load Foreign Exchange Rate Data received from FTID.

    o Foreign Exchange Rate Exporter used to extract Foreign Exchange Rate Data from the PACE Database for

    downstream systems.

    o Specialized Pricing Center Event Importer and Exporter used to promote pricing center events between


    > Designed and implemented a specialized Perl based PACE Database adapter that was used to trigger and control PACE

    based processes as part of the enterprise batch cycle using Tivoli Maestro network-based job management software.

    The adapter exposed both Pricing Center and Message Center Events.

    > Trained full time MetLife IT staff members in how to maintain and extended the preliminary Eagle Pricing Center

    Components that were implemented by EMC team members.

ASP.NET Application Developer (Morgan Stanley, NYC | 1/2008-4/2008)

    Environment: C#, ASP.NET, .NET Framework 1.1

    Member of a development team tasked with the design and implementation of a web-based tool for modeling and applying a new pricing structure to existing brokerage account clients.

    > Working from screen designs developed by a professional graphics artist, developed an initial HTML based UI

    prototype to simulate the users experience.

    o This prototype, which was maintained throughout the project, was used to model the applications

    asynchronous features using static XML files in place of Server returned database requests. > Leveraging JavaScript and XML HTTP Request Technology (AJAX) designed a highly interactive, web-

    based ―MDI‖ type environment for—

    > Navigating large amounts of data using limited server side processing in a load balanced, multi-server


    > Passing user driven selections to an Adobe Flex based calculation and modeling engine. > Returning the results generated by the engine (2) to the server to be used in update of the associated

    backend database records selected by the user (1).

    > Worked with the customer Infrastructure team to properly configure IIS in order to insure the integrity and

    performance of the application in a load balanced, multi-server environment.

ASP.NET Application Developer (Morgan Stanley, NYC | 9/2007-12/2007)

    Environment: C#, ASP.NET, .NET Framework 1.1

    Functioning as a member of a two person application development team designed and implemented a specialized web based reporting tool for use by Financial Advisors as part of a National Sales Campaign.

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    > Working off screen designs developed by an offsite graphics artist, developed an initial HTML based UI prototype to

    simulate the users experience as well as the applications navigational features.

    > Leveraging C# ASP.NET technology designed the server side components to support the Reporting Interface. > Worked with the customer Infrastructure team to properly configure IIS in order to ensure the integrity and

    performance of the site.

J2E Application Developer (State Street Princeton, NJ | 08/2006-09/2007)

    Environment: Unix, Java (1.5.x), Perl (5.8.x), Autosys

    Functioning as a member of the technical team collaborated in the development of a batch cycle used for overnight straight through processing of data across various enterprise systems.

    > Assisted in the development and design of a java based component for leveraging the Java Excel API to generate

    Excel Based Financial Data Extract Comparison reports.

    > Assisted in the design, configuration and integration testing of Java based database extract jobs in mixed platform


    > Assisted in the configuration and documentation of the Batch Cycle Job Stream, consisting of more then 1000 jobs and

    job boxes, which resulted in a final runbook document of more than 500 pages

    > Developed procedures and scripts to automate those procedures in order to provide an on-demand process whereby the

    data analysis team could load individual files without running actual Cycle Jobs to enterprise DB systems during the

    BUAT and CUAT phases of the project.

    > Developed procedures and an automated solution for promoting Autosys job configuration (or JIL scripts) between

    different environments.

    > Developed procedures and automated tools for monitoring the job stream and batch cycle during overnight and

    extended test runs.

    > Debugged, and developed PERL, KSH, SH, CSH, and BAT scripts as well as TSQL / SQL-based components in order

    support, maintain, and finally implement the overnight batch cycle.

    > Promoted modules and configuration files between environments, using Rational ClearCase / ClearQuest for all

    members of the technical team.

Eagle PACE Developer (Western Asset Management Pasadena, CA | 1/2006-8/2006)

    Environment: Eagle PACE 6.0, Unix, Oracle (10g), Perl (1.5.x), Windows Server 2003 / IIS

    As part of an 8 month on site engagement which extended from January through August of 2006, served as the lead application developer on an initiative to implement Eagle PACE Pricing Center as a strategic, centralized pricing facility for all securities held by the organization.

    > Led the development, configuration, integration testing, and final end-to-end testing of all external FTP components

    and database modules necessary to automate the round-trip processes to request and download priced security data

    from Bloomberg, FTID, Lehman's Live, JP Morgan Chase, and Bear Stearns along with Exchange Rate data from IDC

    and TIP Factor Data from Bloomberg to a centralized EAGLE PACE Pricing Center System. Realization of this

    deliverable included

    o Development and configuration 23 Eagle PACE Exporter, 12 Eagle PACE Uploader components along with the

    back end database components used to support each of these components

    o Design and development a korn shell scripts configurable via the Eagle PACE web front end that could be used to

    automate the FTP upload and download of files from FTID, Lehman's Live, JP Morgan Chase, Bear Stearns and


    o Development of SQL necessary to configure the Eagle PACE Data Exchanger in order to upload and download

    Request and Price Files from Bloomberg

    o Development of Jil scripts necessary to configure 35 Autosys jobs used automate FTP upload and dowload

    processes across 3 daily cycles

    o Development SQL necessary to configure 100 PACE Schedule Events and 35 Event Packages necessary to

    automate internal PACE Engine processes across 3 Daily Cycles and evening Cycle.

    o Customization of the out of the box PACE Perl based pre-processing script in order to support and handle all

    downloaded pricing files

    o Development and configuration of all Pace Advanced Report Dll modules necessary to support PACE Web

    Accessible Daily Pricing Control Reports for missing price, stale price, price variation, and best price > Detailed a 150 page manual documenting all procedures necessary to install, migrate, and troubleshoot the developed

    source to PACE interfaces, Eagle PACE engines and reports to production.

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    > Designed and developed a Apache Ant XML script based component to automate the initial implementation process as

    well as the deployment of any subsequent enhancements or target component fixes.

ASP Development (TIAA-CREF Charlotte, NC | 2005)

    Environment: ASP, Windows Server 2000 / IIS, Oracle (10g)

    Assisted in the on site implementation of an ASP interface for an Oracle based Application Portfolio Database System.

    > Worked directly with DBA to understand and resolve defects in the initial implementation of the solution including

    o Debugging existing SQL queries Stored Procedures, Packages and Functions

    o Replacing Redundant SQL queries with Stored Procedures

    o Troubleshooting Database Schema issues

    > Added Java script and VB Script based enhancements to improve the client side UI and input data


    > Added CSS tags to HTML to streamline the presentation layer as well as its future maintenance by the

    client’s development team

    > Led Testing UAT validation of system prior to implementation

    > Worked with the customer Infrastructure team to properly configure IIS to insure the integrity and

    performance of the site.

J2E Web Development (EMC Business Consulting Group East Brunswick, NJ | 2005)

    Environment: JSP(1.2), Apache Struts (1.3), Oracle (10g), Unix, Apache (2.0)

    In an extended RAD session, led a development team building out a web-based ―Enterprise Compliance

    Framework" for compliance risk management.

    > Designed, developed and implemented new JSP web pages supporting new Savvion business processes and executive

    dashboard prototype

    > Developed and implemented initial Savvion Workflow process model Templates

    > Configured Savvion Process Manager

    > Documented progress and procedures used and coauthored a developer's guide

    > Reported daily status

Aetna Health Insurance, Blue Bell, PA


    Software Quality Assurance Analyst

    Environment: Rational Suite for Windows (1999 Rel)

    Trained, supervised, and coordinated a multi-functional team of software testing analysts consisting of both onshore and offshore personnel for a Fortune 500 health insurance company.

    > Developed 150-page best practices manual for training program and served as instructor for first Quality Assurance-geared

    Rational Tool training course

    > Collaborated in the system, integration, and end-to-end testing of various mainframe-based development projects, utilizing

    the Rational Tool Suite (Rational RequisitePro, Test Manager, Rose) to create deliverables and establish traceability across

    entire project lifecycle

    > Tracked defects; and analyzed system reliability and testing completeness for various projects, using Rational ClearQuest > Provided production support for ASP-based budget estimating tool

    > Collaborated in Regression Testing for several mainframe based development projects, using Proterm to develop automated

    testing components

    Associated Press, Cranbury, NJ


    System Integration Analyst

    Environment: WinRunner (6.0 SP2), ASP, SQL Server 2000, Windows 2000 Server / IIS

    Provided QC support for Web and client/server-based application development and enhancement projects, using Mercury Interactive Automated Tool Suite (WinRunner) for a global leader in News and Media.

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    > Created and implemented a VB Web server monitoring application that utilized automated regression scripts developed

    using Mercury Interactive Quick Test to monitor Web applications from outside company firewall [This utility was

    employed on Web-based applications systems while the data center staff was trained on manual monitoring procedures]

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    > Configured and managed testing environments for QA testing team including installation and configuration of COM

    components on Windows 2000 servers


    Southport Shutter & Blind Company, Southport, NC 01/2004 06/2008

    ASP.NET Developer & Web Master

    Environment: VB, ASP.NET, Windows Server 2003 / IIS, SQL Server 2002

    Working independently coordinated all facets of the initial design, construction, and implementation of the company’s domain. (Note This Company went out of business in 2008, and their site is no longer online. The wire frames for the domain are online @

    > Elicited requirements via interview sessions with Business Owner and staff

    > Leveraged ASP.NET in the development of:

    o ETL-type facility for loading digital images and content to a backend SQL Server Database. [This functionality

    was necessary in order to allow the business users the ability to populate the online portfolio and product catalog

    in a matter of minutes.]

    o Secure back-end portal, providing the business users with ability to update the images and content once loaded

    to the database

    o Front end Web-based components for extracting and rendering content uploaded to the backend database EDUCATION

    > Drexel University Coursework in Computer Science (1997-1999)

    > Virginia Tech Coursework in Computer Engineering (1994-1997)


    > MCTS Certification (2009)

    o Exam 70-536: Microsoft .NET Framework - Application Development Foundation

    o Exam 70-528: .NET Framework 2.0 Web Applications

    > Telelogic Synergy 6.5 Training Class (2008)

    > W3C HTML Certification (2008)

    > Accelerated Class in Java-based Object-Oriented Programming/Development (2005) > Savvion Business Process Management (2005)

    > DWL University DWL Customer Fundamentals (2005)

    > University of Connecticut Business School Coursework in Management (2003)

    > Rational University Rational Enterprise Suite of Development Tools (2002)

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