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    Secretary Li,

    Im sorry to apply for ten days leave from the Aug. 23rd to sept, 3rd instant. As I have to leave with the time is urgent. My father now in the hospital is badly ill. I have to go to see him and take care of him for a few days. You know Im the only child in my family. Of course I will show you the telegram about my fathers illness which is received from my mother to support my application.

    As concern as the missed lessons during my absence, I promise I will do my best to catch them on after I come back to the campus. Wish for your allowance.

    Yours respectfully

    Li Ming

    二、Life in the future

    Life in the future will be very different from life today. Between then and now many changes will take place , With the rapid development of hi-tech, our life will change a lot in many ways in the future.

    In the future, we won't have to change many clothes every day. We will wear a kind of special clothes. We can be warm when we feel cold and be cool when we feel hot. They will have many beautiful colours. We can change the colour we like anytime.

    Most of the people will live longer than people live now. Computers will be much smaller and more useful, and there will be at least one in every home. And computer studies will be one of the important subjects in schools then.

    In the future, there are more and more kinds of food we can choose. They will be much more delicious than now. They will not be expensive. We can buy them with little money. Isn't it wonderful?

    In the future, all of us will live in beautiful houses. It can move anywhere. When we want to change the place we live, it will take us quickly without any trouble.

    In the future, we won't have to go to work by bus or bike. Everyone will have a small but useful plane, we can go anywhere we like by plane. How great will be !

    In the future, maybe each family will have a robot. Our mother won't be busy at housework, they won't be tired. When we feel bad, we won't have to go to hospital to see a doctor. The teachers won't need to go to school to work because they can teach students through World Wide Web.


    Life in the future will be much more wonderful than now, I think it will come true.


    Happiness is the most precious thing in the world, which can be obtained in different ways.

    There is something in the world. It has no shape, no color and no weight. It can’t be seen or touched. But everyone wants it very much. People try to get it in many ways. Some people think money means it, so they try to make more money; some people believe that knowledge can bring it to them, so they study very hard; some other people find only good health can make themselves get it, so they take part in all kinds of sports and games.

    From my point of view, being in a good mood anytime and anywhere is the first thing for those who want to be happy. There is an old saying going like this, "happy is he who is content." I can't agree with it any more. I still remember a story my mother told me when I was a child. A millionaire tried every means to seek after pleasure but to feel unhappy. It's not unique, but has its counterpart that poor men to whose name not having a thing always feel happy. Why are they so different? The answer is that the rich is being thinking how he can gain more while the poor is satisfied with what he owns at hand-health, freedom, love and so on.

    Furthermore, love makes great difference to happiness. If you have love in your heart, you will have happiness in your life. Love consists of two parts, one is to love others, and the other is to be loved by others. Lei Feng set a good example for all of us. He served the people wholeheartedly until the last minute of his life. He regarded serving the people as the happiest thing. There are numbers of similar inspirational stories to be found. In addition, being loved by others can also lead you to happiness. Courage from your parents when frustrated, care from your lover when ill, help from your friends when in trouble… all of these will make you the happiest person

    in the world.

    The last but not least is to act happily. Putting on a happy face and thinking interesting things are helpful to trigger happy feelings.

    Now I know what happiness is. It means kindness, love and unselfishness. Above all, only bringing happiness to others can make yourself happy.

四、Three problems of China's education

    With the development of the society, education is becoming more and more important for our life in recent years. Which education is good for our children? It's an important question.

    Some people think, the students should follow the educators' rules. We should study everything they think good for us, for example, we should learn Chinese, English, Maths, Polities and so on. And when the term is ending, we have to pass the final tests.

    But I think, we can learn everything we want to. To improve abilities, like reflect on everything by ourselves or have a good relationship with others. It's good for our to work, to deal with everything happened in our life. When we are interested in something, we will try our best to do it, we will learn much from it. So I think we need practice.

    China's education, the most serious and fundamental problems are the following three: Exam-oriented education reduces the quality of students; too many and too difficult subject waste of educational resources; Industrialization of Education increased the cost of education.

    Exam-oriented education is a big problem for China's education. Schools pay more attention to the score of students rather than the ability of students because of the Joint Entrance. Exam-oriented education leads schools teaching students same as factories produce products. Students spend a lot of time learn new knowledge and answer questions every day, rest of the time they always used to entertainment to relieve stress.

    Too many and too difficult subjects is another problem for Chinese Education. Students need to spend a lot of effort learn the knowledge that He will not have the opportunity to use in his life. A notable example is China has implemented universal English education

    Industrialization of Education has let more Chinese people have access to education, but now they become a problem for Chinese Education. They make the school think more about how to expand their visibility and how to make moneyrather than how to educate the best students. Education in China if want out of the situation now, Chinas government should do the following: first, the college entrance examination should be abolished, replaced by colleges and universities self-enrollment; second, reduce the burden on students; third, cancel the Education Industry and Principal Responsibility, to implement free education system. In education reform, we can learn from the experience of other countries. I am studying in Singapore now, Singapore's education system against the exam-oriented education and more emphasis on student ability, it is a good role model for Chinas education


    Deng Xiaoping said that education is the foundation, it should face the modernizationthe world and the

    future. In my opinion, no good education, no future. Starting from today is not too late, act now, our future will be better.






    Night comes, and the silence holds. There is a feeling about this season that is in no othera sense of

    snugness, security and solitude. It is good to be out in the bracing cold, which cleans the mind and invigorates the heart. It is equally good to come in and feel the warmth wrap around the body like a soft fluffy blanket. Fire is a first-rate companion. The coffee is full-bodied and fragrant; shadows dance on the walls and the world outside my windows is very still. I am more than content to begin and end a day like this amid all the calm clarity of wintered earth.





    Amongst a multiplicity of other topics, we took occasion to talk of a different characters of the several nations of Europe; when one of the gentlemen, cocking his hat, and assuming such an air of importance as if he had possessed all the merit of the English nation in his own person, declared that the Dutch were a parcel of avaricious wretches; the French a set of flattering sycophants; that the Germans were drunken sots, and beastly gluttons; and the Spaniards proud, haughty, and surly tyrants; but that in bravery, generosity, clemency, and in every other virtue, the English excelled all the world.

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