William Paredes

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High-level design for a cross-platform game on the Palm OS 5 and Pocket PC 2002 handheld platforms; Ported Qove Studios' MetaExperience game engine from PC

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     Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, 8/1996 to 5/2001

    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Master of Entertainment Technology.


     Languages APIs/Libraries Databases Platforms

     ? C/C++ (MS Visual C++, UNIX) ? DirectX/OpenGL ? Oracle ? PlayStation 2 (SN)

    ? Python, JavaScript, VBScript, MEL ? ATL, MFC ? SQL Server ? Xbox

    ? Assembly (MIPS, ARM, Intel x86) ? ADO, ODBC ? Access ? Game Boy Advance

    ? Java (JDK 1.3, JBuilder, J++) ? ASP ? mySQL ? Intel

    ? Visual Basic ? Maya API

    ? SQL, PL/SQL, Transact-SQL ? JNI


    Employment History

     Rockstar San Diego Carlsbad, CA 5/2003 to Present

     Game Engine/Tools Programmer

     ? Part of a team that designed & implemented a Maya plug-in to export art assets for all game


    ? Wrote several Python scripts to automate Visual Studio.NET batch building of projects and post build

    results to a central database.

    ? Responsible for weekly game engine tests to ensure compatibility with all game projects.

     Qove Studios Mclean, VA 2/2002 to 5/2003

     Chief Technology Officer/Cofounder

     ? High-level design for a cross-platform game on the Palm OS 5 and Pocket PC 2002 handheld platforms

    ? Ported Qove Studios’ MetaExperience game engine from PC to PlayStation 2

    ? Managed a team of two artists and a programmer in development of PlayStation 2 demo of a puzzle

    game, using Qove Studios’ MetaExperience game engine

    ? Designed & implemented a tile-based game engine for Game Boy Advance with physics

    ? Managed a team of two programmers and one artist in the implementation of a Game Boy Advance

    demo, presented to publishers in December 2002

    ? Designed & implemented Qove Studios’ MetaExperience game engine, using Intrinsic Alchemy for

    graphics, Havok’s physics engine, SoundMAX for sound support, and the Python scripting engine

    ? Evaluated various graphics, physics, sound, and scripting technologies for use in a game engine

    ? Participated in demos/meetings with over 13 publishers

    ? Helped create long-term strategy for technology within the studio

    ? Worked with CEO and CXO to formulate short-term tactical technology plans

     ASE Edge Pittsburgh, PA 6/2001 to 8/2002

     Senior Research & Development Programmer

     ? Created a tool to allow client-side submission of data to servers in a compressed, encrypted package

    ? Added functionality to an existing FTP COM object in C++/ATL/MFC

    ? Designed & implemented TCP connection manager component in VB ActiveX

    ? Created a C++ Adobe Acrobat plugin to modify PDFs, with a COM interface created in ATL

    ? Designed & implemented a database-driven distributed system to process files in a mixture of VB and

    C++, with several COM objects and ActiveX controls

    ? Created HL7 interfaces for receipt and processing of medical informatics data, using

    iNTERFACEWARE’s Chameleon toolkit and MSMQ/Queued Components

    ? Wrote a VB parser/data logger for GPS information in NMEA 0183 format

     Angel Studios Carlsbad, CA 5/2000 to 5/2001

     Software Developer

     ? Designed & implemented a scripting language virtual machine for the Angel Game Engine, for use in

    AI, game logic, front-end interface, in-game menus, and other locations

    ? Wrote the front-end menu system for Smuggler’s Run (PS2) and additional code for Midnight Club

    (PS2) and Test Drive Off-Road: Wide Open (PS2 and Xbox)

    ? Designed & implemented a flexible, extensible plug-in structure for an existing script engine

     Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute Pittsburgh, PA 9/1999 to 1/2000

     Software Developer

     ? Used COM objects exposed by MS Office to automate Outlook and PowerPoint using Carnegie Mellon’s

    Language Technologies Institute’s Sphinx Speech-to-Text package

     Microsoft Research Redmond, WA 6/1999 to 8/1999

     Virtual Worlds Group (now Social Computing Group): Software Development Engineer Intern

     ? Designed & implemented a new COM Automation interface for an existing program

    ? Worked with a team of visual designers and usability researchers to create a product prototype for

    communications and collaboration between product development and research groups

    ? Implemented prototype using DHTML to create a windowing environment within the Active Desktop

    ? Each “window” design is dynamically loaded from a template, allowing end users to personalize their


     IntraACTIVE, Inc. (now Bantu) Washington, DC 5/1997 to 8/1999

     Software Developer

     ? Prototyped a system tray app enabling a web application to interface with the Windows shell

    ? Prototyped VB COM objects for business logic layer in an ASP application

    ? Developed several web applications, including an e-commerce package and project/task

    management system, and various client websites, using combinations of Oracle, SQL Server, ASP,

    Cold Fusion, and PL/SQL

    ? Created an authentication DLL for O’Reilly Website using MFC ODBC

     W & J Computer Works Woodbridge, VA 12/1997 to 1/1998


     ? Programmed a DLL using MFC ODBC to connect to and modify an Oracle database

    Interdisciplinary Team Projects

     Jam-O-World 1/2001 to 5/2001

     ? Interactive museum exhibit, on display at Zeum ( in San Francisco

    ? Exhibit designed for the “Cone” at Zeum, a 40 foot wide by 30 foot high inverted-cone-shaped space

    ? Visual output from PIII 1GHz computer on 4 GeForce 2-driven projectors, front-projected at various

    locations throughout the Cone, audio output is spatialized (3D) sound

    ? Experiences designed for 4 players, however, groups of up to 30 were engaged by the games

    ? Designed Java object-oriented software architecture for experiences

    ? Implemented sound output through DirectSound, inputs through DirectInput and MIDI, with JNI

    bridging C++ and Java

    ? Contributed to design of gameplay and visual experience for both HipHop and Circle Maze

    ? Implemented core game logic using Python for HipHop experience

    ? Assisted in user-testing of target audience members (8-18 year-old children)

    ? Project Website: Tunescape 10/2000 to 12/2000 ? Prototypes of music search interfaces given an underlying automatic music categorization system

    ? Contributed to design process of several prototypes

    ? Implemented pitch-sensing prototype that converts notes the user sings or hums into pitches for use

    by a search engine to retrieve songs with melodies similar to that input by the user

    ? Prototype used Java (J++) with COM components written in C++ for DirectSound input

     CyberSecurity 8/2000 to 10/2000 ? Network Administrator training game

    ? Designed & implemented initial software architecture

    ? Used Macromedia Director, with actions scripted in Python, using pythoncom to wrap custom COM

    objects as well as ADO

    ? Wrote initial game design document

    ? Project Website: Crowd Control 3/2000 to 5/2000 ? Large-audience interactive experience

    ? Implemented computer vision algorithms using a video capture device and camcorder as input ? Pole Position experience audience members could lean left or right to control a race car, projected

    on a movie theater screen

    ? Missile Command experience audience members tossed a beach ball in the air to intercept incoming

    missiles with the beach ball’s shadow

    ? Vision code implemented as C++ extension to Python script engine, connected to Alice for output ? 400+ person audience experienced both projects at the ETC Building Virtual Worlds show, May 2000 Delorean 1/2000 to 3/2000 ? Low-attention music selection interface for use in cars

    ? Developed as a way to select MP3s from a large library of music onboard a DMC Delorean ? Used spatialized 3D audio via DirectSound implemented as a COM object controlled by Python scripts

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