Recommendation Education Georgia College

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Recommendation Education Georgia College

    Recommendation for

    Graduate Program

    John H. Lounsbury School

    of Education

Applicant: Please type or print all information requested in this box before submitting to a potential respondent

Applicant’s name: ________________________________________________ GCID_________________________

     Last First Middle

Other names Under Which

    Records may be Listed_______________________________________________________ Birthdate:__________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________

     Street City State Zip

I have applied to __________________________________________ for the _____________________________________ Indicate degree and program indicate term and year

    ; I waive* my right to review this letter of recommendation ; I do not waive* my right to review this letter of recommendation

    ____________________________________________________________ _____________________________ Signature of Applicant Date *In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, it is a student’s right to inspect and review confidential letters and statements unless the student expressly waives that right.

Respondent’s name (please print): ______________________________________________ Phone: _________________________

Position/Title: ________________________________________ Institution/Organization__________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________________ __________________________________

    Signature of respondent Date

    1. I have known the applicant as an ;undergraduate student ; graduate student ; other ___________________________

    2. I have known the applicant for a period of ___________ years and/or ___________ months.

    3. I have served as the applicant’s ; advisor ;teacher ; department chair ; employer ;other __________________________

Please continue on Page 2 or the reverse side of this application


    NAME: _____________________________________ GCID:_________________________________ DATE:________________________

To the respondent: In the rating scales below, please describe the Educator Candidate by checking the box that most nearly represents your

    evaluation of the characteristics/behavior under each category.

Applicants abilities and dispositions:

    I have observed this or similar characteristic(s)/behavior(s) in the applicant:

     No basis Seldom Occasionally Almost for (rarely) Often always judgment

    4. Collaborative Leadership

     Advocacy (Promote and defend a point of view)

     Ability to work with others

    5 Critical thinking

     Analysis and reflection

     Problem solving


    6. Sensitivity to Diversity

     Values people as individuals

     Respects individual differences

     Respects cultural differences

     Demonstrates a belief that all individuals can learn

    7. Professionalism

     Exhibits a professional work ethic

     Exhibits appropriate dress and demeanor

     Exhibits ethical behaviors

     Exhibits maturity and emotional stability

     Commitment to life-long learning

     Perseverance (follow through to completion)

    8. Communication

     Demonstrates effective oral communication

     Demonstrates effective written communication

    9. Other areas of particular strength or weakness:

    10. Recommendation:

    ; (a) I recommend the applicant without reservation as an excellent prospect.

    ; (b) I recommend the applicant with some reservation.

    ; (c) I cannot recommend the applicant for graduate work at this time.

     If you checked (b) or (c) please elaborate: _____________________________________



    11. Please comment further on the applicant’s qualifications for this program of study: we would appreciate your evaluation of this

    individual’s personal and/or professional qualities that would indicate success as a teacher. (Use an additional sheet of paper if needed.)



Please mail to: or fax to: (478) 445-1336

    Georgia College & State University

    Graduate Admissions or attached scanned document to:

    CBX 107

    Milledgeville, GA 31061


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